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    Mile High Celebrates Holidaze & 3rd AFOL Title

    By Beantown Middle Fingers Fri Dec 30 12:52am ET

    Ho Ho Ho Down To The Base Face
    2010, 2012 & 2016. 3 Titles. The Mile High OC earned the trophy. Time to party baybee!!! Hurtin' 4 A Squirtin'.
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    Beantown Middle Fingers
    Sat Dec 31 2:02pm ET
    Thanks Mile High. What's true about life often is it's not what yo know, it's who you know. I've never been a good networker, which is a nice term for someone that uses people only when you need them. if I got a jump on the job search earlier, I might not have put myself in this position. i'll be in Winter Haven, 54 minutes from Tampa. I'll sleep in my car and motels to get started. once it appears that i'll make the cut, remain there, i'll look into renting a room. living like a male gypsy. Too bad the Red Sox stopped spring training there in 1993 to Fort Myers. I'll be in a heavily monitored cubical anyways even if they were still in town. I'll will be careful traveling and when mailing. oil and cartridges are easier to store and hide. flower is the aroma-fied challenger. the adventure continues. I don't have to be any particular place so who knows where i'll land following the gig. Florida passed medical cannabis. it'll likely be later in the year when dispensaries open. The Vape pens helped me get through my first tour of duty with State Farm lol. i'll keep y'all posted. GO HUSKYS!!!
    Mile High Orange Crush
    Sat Dec 31 3:24am ET
    Damn man, that sucks! I guess no luck finding a full time gig in Cali or Colorado? With your resume I can't believe you can't find something closer! What part of fla will you be staying? Since it's very temporary they going hook you up with a hotel or something? I know Fla just passsed medical marijuana if I'm not mistaken, not sure for what issues or when it starts?

    I really enjoy the Chronicles of Drew, as you let us in a very busy and exciting life! They really good do a good Netflix or HBO show and it would have tons of followers,

    Be careful with the shipping, I Hear bad things can happen. Our country is so fucked up when you can have marijuana but Walk a foot over a neighboring state line you can go to jail for a long time. I can't believe the whole country isn't one way or another on the issue. I guess it technically is, but we all know they alllow the states to make their own laws on it. Hell where all those fuckers work in Washington DC it's legal! Wtf lol

    Time for the government to make it legal across the board. They can take billions of dollars out of the cartels and thugs. Also they can Free up the polices efforts , free the people for petty marijuana charges that are rotting in jail and waste our tax money. They can then really focus on the hard stuff like herion and other drugs that kill.

    Too bad the Big Phams are really runnnig the show
    Beantown Middle Fingers
    Fri Dec 30 11:04pm ET
    Hey folks, it's your good buddy Drew here. As you know, I live a weird non-mainstream uncommon life. As part of my continuing mid life crisis (7 years and cunting), back XMAS 2013, I moved to the Pacific Northwest/Seattle area for a new life. In 2014, I only worked two months as temp for a medical malpractice claim company. I earned a whopping $5k that year. In 2015 I was a temp for State Farm and had to work 6 day 60 hour weeks. Sucked horsecock, no life. I earned $101k that year. After 3 months in 2016, the SF gig concluded. I collected Washington unemployment, got very high, banged lots of chicks, consumed lots of drugs and saw lots of shows. I earned $25k in 2016. Well I've run out of money. It's my own fault. I've partied like a rock star and really don't regret any of it. I don't have any family or kids. I've had trouble getting another job out here. But I did land another well paying temp gig with State Farm in Florida. 6 month temp gig that could extend like the one out here in Washington. My original WA assignment was 5 months and it lasted 15 months. You never know with these deals. I could show up and someone may not like my face and send me back. I did fall for the 23 year old that lives with me and her 6 month old kitten/cat/pussy. I'm going to keep my apartment in Washington state and LeeAnna will live there. I plan to fly back to Seattle in late March for the Starfucker show and G Love & Special Sauce shows back to back nights, bang LeeAnna a bunch and send myself (allegedly) CO2 cartridges, wax, oils, capsules, flower (the wonderful world of weed). So that's what's up in BREAKING DREWS...I love the west and really don't wanna leave. I've had a fantastic 3 years out here. I plan to return. I depart 1/2/17 for a 1/11/17 start date. And if this gig works out, I'll have enough money to return as Jim Mora Jr. for a 20th season and continue to make fun of myself and everyone with light entertainment & comedy. Happy Drew Year Errrbody! I mean New Year. tee hee hee
    Mile High Orange Crush
    Fri Dec 30 1:54am ET
    Thanks Kevin and Drew! That picture looks like 1998 MHOC lol!
    Tusken Raiders
    Thu Dec 29 7:29pm ET
    Congrats to Mile high, and thanks for keeping the trophy in Atlanta! Losing it to the North would be like the Braves losing the Wolrd Series to Canadians in 93!
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    ReleasedThe North Wins AgainSammy Watkins WR BUFThu Dec 22 3:09am ET
    AcquiredThe North Wins AgainCameron Meredith WR CHIThu Dec 22 3:09am ET
    ReleasedThe North Wins AgainMinnesota Vikings D/ST MINThu Dec 22 3:09am ET
    AcquiredThe North Wins AgainGreen Bay Packers D/ST GNBThu Dec 22 3:09am ET
    AcquiredMile High Orange CrushDion Lewis RB NWEWed Dec 21 3:10am ET
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  • Fantasy Playoff Week 2Scoreboard
    Dirty Donkys (8-6)132.68
    Darth Swine Death Stars (9-5)77.92F
    Tusken Raiders (6-8)117.96
    Buttsburgh Steel Curtain (8-6)125.76F
    Boss Hoggs (6-8)72.26
    Beantown Middle Fingers (4-10)188.22
    Westside Wookies (4-10)173.74F
    The North Wins Again (8-6)79.52
    Mile High Orange Crush (10-4)109.56F
  • Player Notes
    Danny Amendola Feb 20 9:13am ET

    New England Patriots WR Danny Amendola is receptive to a pay cut in order to stay with the team.

    Branden Albert Feb 20 8:43am ET

    Miami Dolphins OT Branden Albert is visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars Monday, Feb. 20, to help facilitate a trade involving TE Julius Thomas. The trade would likely happen if both players agree to new deals. Thomas may need to take a small pay cut, and Albert could receive a bonus.

    Latavius Murray Feb 19 9:13pm ET

    Oakland Raiders impending free-agent RB Latavius Murray will have interest from multiple teams, according to ESPN's Adam Caplan, and Caplan believes the market for Murray could make it difficult for Oakland to re-sign him.

    Sean Payton Feb 19 8:03pm ET

    New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton said adding a pass-rusher is a 'must' this offseason, either in free agency or via the 2017 NFL Draft.

    Tony Romo Feb 19 7:33pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is open to restructuring his contract in order to facilitate a trade to a contender.

    Branden Albert Feb 19 7:23pm ET

    Miami Dolphins OT Branden Albert could be traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for TE Julius Thomas, according to league sources, and Albert said he wouldn't 'ruffle feathers' if he was traded.

    Kenyan Drake Feb 19 4:53pm ET

    Miami Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake could be used a third-down back next season with RB Jay Ajayi as the starting running back.

    DeSean Jackson Feb 19 3:53pm ET

    Washington Redskins impending free-agent WR DeSean Jackson is expected to receive strong interest once free agency begins because he is still only of the fastest receivers in the NFL even though he is 30 years old.

    Jimmy Garoppolo Feb 19 3:43pm ET

    New England Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo appears to be the top target for Cleveland Browns this offseason, in the opinion of The Cleveland Plain Dealer's Mary Kay Cabot. The Browns could consider quarterbacks like Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo and Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent QB Mike Glennon if they are not able to acquire Garoppolo.

    Dont'a Hightower Feb 19 3:23pm ET

    New England Patriots impending free-agent LB Dont'a Hightower may be more likely to receive the transition tag than the franchise tag if the Patriots decide to use a tag on him, in the opinion of's Mike Reiss. Hightower would receive around $11 million if he receives the transition tag and the Patriots would have the first right of refusal if another team signed him. The franchise tag would be worth between $14.5 million and $15 million, which may be too rich for the Patriots.

    Russell Okung Feb 19 3:03pm ET

    Denver Broncos OT Russell Okung is expected to be released this offseason, but the Broncos could look to re-sign him if they want him back. The Broncos have until March 13 to decide on his option. Okung would be under contract for four more years and receive $21 million in guaranteed money if the option is exercised.

    Senquez Golson Feb 19 2:33pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert indicated the team is not sure if they will be able to count on CB Senquez Golson (shoulder, foot) in 2017 since he has missed his first two seasons because of injury. Colbert said he is not sure if Golson lost any speed because of the foot injury he dealt with during his rookie season. The Steelers will not hesitate to select a cornerback in the 2017 NFL draft even if Golson is healthy.

    William Gay Feb 19 2:33pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers CB William Gay could be released this offseason since he is scheduled to count $2.63 million in 2017 and is 32 years old. He served as the team's nickel back this past season, but the team may want to look for an upgrade at the position.

    Giovani Bernard Feb 19 11:33am ET

    Cincinnati Bengals RB Giovani Bernard (knee) is making solid progress in his recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and could avoid landing on the PUP list, according to Geoff Hobson of However, Hobson believes there is still a possibility that he could miss the first game or two of the 2017 regular season.

    Connor Barwin Feb 19 11:23am ET

    Several teams have expressed interest in trading for Philadelphia Eagles LB Connor Barwin, according to multiple sources. He has two years remaining on his current contract and is slated to make $7.75 million in 2017, with a salary cap hit of $8.35 million.

    Adrian Peterson Feb 19 10:43am ET

    The New York Giants have not expressed interest in acquiring Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, even though the 32-year-old veteran has hinted that he wouldn't mind playing for the team if he doesn't return to the Vikings.

    Jacob Tamme Feb 19 10:33am ET

    The San Francisco 49ers could be interested in impending free-agent TE Jacob Tamme if he doesn't re-sign with the Atlanta Falcons, according to multiple sources.

    Jadeveon Clowney Feb 18 10:33pm ET

    Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett is going to 'completely torch' the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine, according to Daniel Jeremiah of the NFL Network, and Jeremiah said the expectation is for Garrett's workout to rival that of Houston Texans LB Jadeveon Clowney's 2014 appearance.

    A.J. McCarron Feb 18 10:33pm ET

    Cincinnati Bengals QB AJ McCarron is a better trade target than New England Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo, according to one NFL executive. 'If I had to choose one, I would go after McCarron,' the executive said. 'Ideally, you get him for a late second- or early third-round pick.

    Teddy Bridgewater Feb 18 9:53pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater (knee) is 'grinding' and doing all types of drills as part of his rehab from his knee injury, according to WR Charles Johnson.

    Fantasy Spin: He has a long road back but seems to be progressing pretty well in his lengthy rehab.

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