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We mention it every season, but the key to finding a successful fantasy kicker is drafting a kicker that is on a team that wins games. Of the 10 kickers that finished with 130 or more points last season, all but one played on team with a .500 or better record. There will be an occasional kicker that breaks this rule, but for the most part, the best kickers play on the best teams. They are giving them more opportunities to score, making their point totals among the best in the league.

And please don't be the guy that takes a kicker in the fifth round of your draft. The point deferential from week to week between the top kicker and the 10th rated guy is minimal. We aren't saying to totally discount the position, but use some discretion. Every point does matter, but having your core team in place before taking a kicker is a good idea come draft day.

You also know that some teams will surprise and a kicker's production will be rewarded. Last season, Nick Novak was the big surprise at kicker. He was third in the league in scoring, but went undrafted in many leagues because the Chargers weren't a team on everyone's radar last season. Keep that in mind when thinking about taking a kicker in the early rounds of your draft. Let someone else use a mid-round pick on Stephen Gostkowski while you solidify the rest of your roster.

Updated: 03/04/15


  #1  S. Gostkowski$2 NWE10
  #2  Dan Bailey$2 DAL11
  #3  Justin Tucker$2 BAL11
  #4  S. Hauschka$1 SEA4
  #5  Mason Crosby$2 GNB9
  #6  Matt Bryant$1 ATL9
  #7  Nick Novak$1 SDG10
  #8  A. Vinatieri$1 IND10
  #9  Caleb SturgisMIA5
  #10  Cody ParkeyPHI7
  #11  Phil Dawson$2 SFO8
  #12  Blair WalshMIN10
  #13  Dan CarpenterBUF9
  #14  Graham GanoCAR12
  #15  Shayne GrahamNOR6
  #16  Kai ForbathWAS10
  #17  Robbie GouldCHI9
  #18  Shaun SuishamPIT12
  #19  Mike NugentCIN4
  #20  Greg Zuerlein$1 STL4
  #21  Josh BrownNYG8
  #22  Cairo SantosKAN6
  #23  Randy BullockHOU10
  #24  Nick FolkNYJ11
  #25  Matt PraterDET9
  #26  S. JanikowskiOAK5
  #27  P. MurrayTAM7
  #28  Josh ScobeeJAC11
  #29  C. CatanzaroARI4
  #30  Ryan SuccopTEN9
  #31  Jay FeelyCHI9
  #32  Connor BarthDEN4
  #33  D. HopkinsNOR6
  #34  Zach HockerMIA5
  #35  G. HartleyCLE4
  #36  B. McManusDEN4
  #37  Nate Freese---
  #38  Billy Cundiff---

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