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Def / STs:

The big thing with the defense/special teams position is knowing your rules. Some leagues really reward defenses for sacks, turnovers and points allowed while others just give points for touchdowns scored by your defense/special teams. This is quite a different approach, so before ranking or picking a defense during your draft, know what your league favors. Your rules will dictate the value the position in your league.

With that said, the Broncos are our top selection this season after a Super Bowl winning season and most of those key guys returning in 2016. But after them, we have several solid choices. The Panthers, Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks should have solid seasons and are capable of finishing near the top of most leagues in defense/special teams scoring.

And there are a couple different approaches to taking a defense. If you want to use a mid-round pick on a defense/special teams, take the Broncos or Panthers or whoever you have rated high. But if you want to wait until the later rounds, grab two defenses you think you can platoon based on matchups. This is a good strategy to use if you want to wait a while before taking a defense and use that mid-round pick on another position. Getting two teams like the Chiefs and Vikings could do just as well as taking the Seahawks with a higher pick. It is just something to think about heading into your draft. Platoon options can work well with this position.

Updated: 05/12/16
 #1  Seattle Seahawks$3  SeattleBye: 5 
 #2  Denver Broncos$3  DenverBye: 11 
 #3  Houston Texans$2  HoustonBye: 9 
 #4  Carolina Panthers$2  CarolinaBye: 7 
 #5  Los Angeles Rams$2  Los AngelesBye: 8 
 #6  Arizona Cardinals$2  ArizonaBye: 9 
 #7  Buffalo Bills$2  BuffaloBye: 10 
 #8  New England Patriots$1  New EnglandBye: 9 
 #9  New York Jets$1  New York JetsBye: 11 
 #10  Kansas City Chiefs$1  Kansas CityBye: 5 
 #11  Miami Dolphins$1  MiamiBye: 8 
 #12  Cincinnati Bengals$1  CincinnatiBye: 9 
 #13  Green Bay Packers$1  Green BayBye: 4 
 #14  Minnesota Vikings MinnesotaBye: 6 
 #15  Philadelphia Eagles PhiladelphiaBye: 4 
 #16  Pittsburgh Steelers PittsburghBye: 8 
 #17  Detroit Lions DetroitBye: 10 
 #18  Cleveland Browns ClevelandBye: 13 
 #19  Dallas Cowboys DallasBye: 7 
 #20  Baltimore Ravens BaltimoreBye: 8 
 #21  Jacksonville Jaguars JacksonvilleBye: 5 
 #22  San Francisco 49ers San FranciscoBye: 8 
 #23  Indianapolis Colts IndianapolisBye: 10 
 #24  Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa BayBye: 6 
 #25  Atlanta Falcons AtlantaBye: 11 
 #26  Chicago Bears ChicagoBye: 9 
 #27  New Orleans Saints New OrleansBye: 5 
 #28  New York Giants New York GiantsBye: 8 
 #29  Washington Redskins WashingtonBye: 9 
 #30  San Diego Chargers San DiegoBye: 11 
 #31  Oakland Raiders OaklandBye: 10 
 #32  Tennessee Titans TennesseeBye: 13 

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