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The quarterback position continues to be very deep for fantasy teams. It might be the deepest every for fantasy teams this season with so many guys capable of posting top-five scoring numbers. Either way, having a top quarterback can be a big-time difference maker for fantasy teams. Teams that had Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers made a lot of noise last season as both players posted a ton of points.

You can still wait on a quarterback and get a quality option such as Tony Romo, but getting an elite option will cost you a pick in the first three or four rounds of your draft. And with the way things played out the few seasons, getting one of those top guys isn't a bad idea these days for fantasy teams. We are in a pass-first NFL.

But you will also want to know your scoring system. Every league is different. Some leagues favor quarterbacks a little more while others try to devalue the position some by making passing touchdowns worth less as well as penalizing more for interceptions. So you'll want to know your scoring inside and out before deciding when to take a quarterback.

Running Backs:

When it comes to fantasy, the running back position is a top priority. And this will be the case even more this season. The top five or so backs really stand out over the other options. These guys will go fast come draft day, and teams having them will have an advantage over their opponents. There just aren't that many elite backs any more, especially with more teams using a two-back approach or throwing on nearly every down.

But there are other options out there with potential after those top guys are gone. Who is the Alfred Morris of this season? Lamar Miller is one guy capable of posting big numbers. He is the favorite to start in Miami and should be playing in a much better offense. Another guy to watch is David Wilson, who will get his chance to start for the Giants. New York has produced some solid fantasy backs throughout the years. So there are options out there after those top guys are gone. Don't give up hope if you don't get an early-round pick.

Wide Receivers:

The receiver position is a lot more coveted these days, mainly because so many leagues are points per reception (PPR). This makes getting someone like Calvin Johnson a big plus for fantasy teams. Top receivers have even more value in PPR leagues. If you don't get an elite option in a PPR league, you aren't likely winning your league.

And we have some quality top options. There are about 10 or so elite fantasy receivers - guys capable of leading the league in scoring. After the top guys, though, we have a lot of similar options, which is why many wait on receivers after the elite guys are gone. It is another reason teams load up on No. 1 receivers early. You can use different strategies at the receiver spot and have success both ways.

Just like at running back, teams are looking for the next surprise. Who will be Randall Cobb in 2013? There are some breakout candidates. T.Y. Hilton seemed to just scratch the surface last season and should take his game to another level in the Colts pass-first offense. Josh Gordon is a talented player that should emerge as the No. 1 receiver in a better Browns passing game. And Torrey Smith hasn't really put it together to date but if he is ever going to do it, we think this is the year. He has less to compete with for targets and Joe Flacco is taking his game to a new level. So there are options out there that could break through. It would be good to target one, get one on your team and hope for the best.

Tight Ends:

It is becoming more and more evident that the tight end position isn't overlooked these days. Just look at the last few seasons with Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham posting huge numbers, point totals as high as any position. These are players that can carry a team to the playoffs. Needless to say, a top No. 1 tight end that produces similar to an elite receiver can be a huge plus for fantasy teams.

There are about five or so tight ends capable of having a monster season this year. If you want one of those guys, act quickly. You'll likely have to use a pick in the first five rounds.

But there remains a lot of talent after those top options. Guys like Dennis Pitta, Jared Cook and Owen Daniels can be had fairly late in drafts but still produce solid starting tight end numbers for fantasy teams. All guys seem setup for solid seasons and are good reasons why some fantasy teams wait on a tight end while loading up on other positions.


We mention it every season, but the key to finding a successful fantasy kicker is drafting a kicker that is on a team that wins games. Of the 11 kickers that finished with 120 or more points last season, all but two played on team with a .500 or better record. There will be an occasional kicker that breaks this rule, but for the most part, the best kickers play on the best teams. They are giving them more opportunities to score, making their point totals among the best in the league.

And please don't be the guy that takes a kicker in the fifth round of your draft. The point deferential from week to week between the top kicker and the 10th rated guy is minimal. We aren't saying to totally discount the position, but use some discretion. Every point does matter, but having your core team in place before taking a kicker is a good idea come draft day.

You also know that some teams will surprise and a kicker's production will be rewarded. Last season, Blair Walsh was the big surprise at kicker. He was fourth in the league in scoring, but went undrafted in many leagues because the Vikings weren't a team on everyone's radar last season. Keep that in mind when thinking about taking a kicker in the early rounds of your draft. Let someone else use a mid-round pick on Stephen Gostkowski while you solidify the rest of your roster.

Def / STs:

The big thing with the defense/special teams position is knowing your rules. Some leagues really reward defenses for sacks, turnovers and points allowed while others just give points for touchdowns scored by your defense/special teams. This is quite a different approach, so before ranking or picking a defense during your draft, know what your league favors. Your rules will dictate the value the position in your league.

With that said, the 49ers are our top selection this season after a second straight monster season and most of those key guys returning in 2013. But after them, we have several solid choices. The Broncos, Seahawks, Bears and Steelers should have solid seasons and are capable of finishing near the top of most leagues in defense/special teams scoring.

And there are a couple different approaches to taking a defense. If you want to use a mid-round pick on a defense/special teams, take the 49ers or Steelers or whoever you have rated high. But if you want to wait until the later rounds, grab two defenses you think you can platoon based on matchups. This is a good strategy to use if you want to wait a while before taking a defense and use that mid-round pick on another position. Getting two teams like the Rams and Redskins could do just as well as taking the 49ers with a higher pick. It is just something to think about heading into your draft. Platoon options can work well with this position.

Updated: 04/04/14

Top 200

  #1  A. Peterson (RB)MIN5
  #2  J. Charles (RB)KAN10
  #3  LeSean McCoy (RB)PHI12
  #4  Matt Forte (RB)CHI8
  #5  C. Johnson (WR)DET9
  #6  M. Lynch (RB)SEA12
  #7  Eddie Lacy (RB)GNB4
  #8  Doug Martin (RB)TAM5
  #9  Julio Jones (WR)ATL6
  #10  Montee Ball (RB)DEN9
  #11  Josh Gordon (WR)CLE10
Injury Concern #12  Le'Veon Bell (RB)PIT5
  #13  P. Manning (QB)DEN9
  #14  D. Thomas (WR)DEN9
  #15  Dez Bryant (WR)DAL11
  #16  D. Murray (RB)DAL11
  #17  Jimmy Graham (TE)NOR7
  #18  B. Marshall (WR)CHI8
  #19  Drew Brees (QB)NOR7
Injury Concern #20  Arian Foster (RB)HOU8
  #21  A.J. Green (WR)CIN12
  #22  Antonio Brown (WR)PIT5
  #23  Alfred Morris (RB)WAS5
  #24  G. Bernard (RB)CIN12
  #25  A. Jeffery (WR)CHI8
  #26  Chris Johnson (RB)NYJ10
  #27  Keenan Allen (WR)SDG8
  #28  C.J. Spiller (RB)BUF12
  #29  Pierre Garcon (WR)WAS5
  #30  Aaron Rodgers (QB)GNB4
Sleeper #31  Zac Stacy (RB)STL11
  #32  K. Moreno (RB)MIA6
Injury Concern #33  M. Jones-Drew (RB)OAK7
  #34  Reggie Bush (RB)DET9
  #35  M. Stafford (QB)DET9
  #36  V. Jackson (WR)TAM5
  #37  D. Jackson (WR)WAS5
  #38  Ryan Mathews (RB)SDG8
  #39  Cam Newton (QB)CAR4
  #40  A. Ellington (RB)ARI9
  #41  L. Fitzgerald (WR)ARI9
  #42  Andrew Luck (QB)IND8
  #43  Julius Thomas (TE)DEN9
Sleeper #44  Nick Foles (QB)PHI12
  #45  Victor Cruz (WR)NYG9
  #46  S. Jackson (RB)ATL6
  #47  Eric Decker (WR)NYJ10
Injury Concern #48  R. Gronkowski (TE)NWE10
  #49  Ray Rice (RB)BAL8
  #50  Philip Rivers (QB)SDG8
  #51  Andy Dalton (QB)CIN12
  #52  Andre Johnson (WR)HOU8
  #53  Frank Gore (RB)SFO9
  #54  Matt Ryan (QB)ATL6
  #55  Roddy White (WR)ATL6
Hot #56  T Y Hilton (WR)IND8
  #57  Tom Brady (QB)NWE10
  #58  R. Griffin III (QB)WAS5
  #59  Lamar Miller (RB)MIA6
Injury Concern #60  Jordy Nelson (WR)GNB4
  #61  Joique Bell (RB)DET9
Injury Concern #62  M. Crabtree (WR)SFO9
  #63  Tony Romo (QB)DAL11
  #64  Vernon Davis (TE)SFO9
  #65  D. McFadden (RB)OAK7
  #66  Wes Welker (WR)DEN9
  #67  L. Blount (RB)PIT5
Hot #68  Randall Cobb (WR)GNB4
Sleeper #69  J. Cameron (TE)CLE10
  #70  Jay Cutler (QB)CHI8
  #71  R. Wilson (QB)SEA12
Hot #72  C. Kaepernick (QB)SFO9
Hot #73  Shane Vereen (RB)NWE10
  #74  Jason Witten (TE)DAL11
  #75  M. Colston (WR)NOR7
  #76  Torrey Smith (WR)BAL8
  #77  K. Wright (WR)TEN8
  #78  Ben Tate (RB)CLE10
  #79  Greg Olsen (TE)CAR4
  #80  Mike Wallace (WR)MIA6
Sleeper #81  R. Tannehill (QB)MIA6
  #82  Charles Clay (TE)MIA6
  #83  J. Edelman (WR)NWE10
  #84  M. Bennett (TE)CHI8
Sleeper #85  Michael Floyd (WR)ARI9
  #86  Antonio Gates (TE)SDG8
  #87  D. Sproles (RB)PHI12
Injury Concern #88  Percy Harvin (WR)SEA12
  #89  Jordan Reed (TE)WAS5
  #90  Sammy Watkins (WR)---
Hot #91  David Wilson (RB)NYG9
Injury Concern #92  Dennis Pitta (TE)BAL8
  #93  Zach Ertz (TE)PHI12
  #94  D. Williams (RB)CAR4
Cold #95  B. Roethlisberger (QB)PIT5
  #96  Pierre Thomas (RB)NOR7
  #97  Joe Flacco (QB)BAL8
  #98  Eli Manning (QB)NYG9
  #99  J. Finley (TE)GNB4
  #100  Mike Tolbert (RB)CAR4
  #101  Stevan Ridley (RB)NWE10
  #102  Anquan Boldin (WR)SFO9
  #103  Golden Tate (WR)DET9
  #104  Jared Cook (TE)STL11
  #105  R. Mendenhall (RB)ARI9
Hot #106  C. Shorts III (WR)JAC9
  #107  James Jones (WR)OAK7
  #108  Luke Willson (TE)SEA12
  #109  Greg Jennings (WR)MIN5
  #110  D. Walker (TE)TEN8
  #111  T. Wright (TE)TAM5
Sleeper #112  Tavon Austin (WR)STL11
  #113  B. Green-Ellis (RB)CIN12
  #114  Kyle Rudolph (TE)MIN5
  #115  Owen Daniels (TE)BAL8
  #116  Fred Jackson (RB)BUF12
  #117  S. Chandler (TE)BUF12
Injury Concern #118  Jeremy Maclin (WR)PHI12
  #119  Hakeem Nicks (WR)IND8
  #120  B. Hartline (WR)MIA6
  #121  C. Patterson (WR)MIN5
Sleeper #122  Carson Palmer (QB)ARI9
  #123  Riley Cooper (WR)PHI12
  #124  Rueben Randle (WR)NYG9
Hot #125  B. Pierce (RB)BAL8
  #126  Steve Smith (WR)BAL8
  #127  Mike Williams (WR)BUF12
  #128  Steve Johnson (WR)BUF12
  #129  B. Pettigrew (TE)DET9
  #130  Miles Austin (WR)DAL11
  #131  Lance Moore (WR)PIT5
  #132  Tyler Eifert (TE)CIN12
  #133  Dwayne Bowe (WR)KAN10
  #134  Coby Fleener (TE)IND8
  #135  J. Blackmon (WR)JAC9
  #136  Mark Ingram (RB)NOR7
  #137  Aaron Dobson (WR)NWE10
  #138  Brent Celek (TE)PHI12
  #139  K. Thompkins (WR)NWE10
  #140  Chris Ivory (RB)NYJ10
  #141  Marvin Jones (WR)CIN12
  #142  S. Seahawks (Def)SEA12
  #143  D. Hopkins (WR)HOU8
  #144  S. 49ers (Def)SFO9
  #145  Kenny Britt (WR)STL11
  #146  D. Amendola (WR)NWE10
  #147  M. Lewis (TE)JAC9
  #148  C. Panthers (Def)CAR4
  #149  K. Chiefs (Def)KAN10
  #150  Joseph Fauria (TE)DET9
  #151  Shonn Greene (RB)TEN8
  #152  D. Broncos (Def)DEN9
  #153  M. Leshoure (RB)DET9
  #154  Heath Miller (TE)PIT5
  #155  Reggie Wayne (WR)IND8
  #156  Matt Prater (K)DEN9
  #157  Isaac Redman (RB)PIT5
  #158  Chris Givens (WR)STL11
  #159  S. Rams (Def)STL11
Sleeper #160  Sam Bradford (QB)STL11
  #161  E. Sanders (WR)DEN9
Cold #162  J. Gresham (TE)CIN12
  #163  S. Gostkowski (K)NWE10
  #164  Bilal Powell (RB)NYJ10
  #165  Mychal Rivera (TE)OAK7
  #166  N. Patriots (Def)NWE10
  #167  D. Woodhead (RB)SDG8
  #168  Dwayne Allen (TE)IND8
  #169  Justin Tucker (K)BAL8
  #170  Donald Brown (RB)SDG8
  #171  D. Moore (WR)OAK7
  #172  J. Rodgers (RB)ATL6
  #173  Zach Miller (TE)SEA12
Injury Concern #174  T. Richardson (RB)IND8
  #175  James Starks (RB)GNB4
  #176  Mike Evans (WR)---
Sleeper #177  Rob Housler (TE)ARI9
  #178  M. Wheaton (WR)PIT5
Injury Concern #179  J. Stewart (RB)CAR4
  #180  Harry Douglas (WR)ATL6
  #181  C. Bengals (Def)CIN12
  #182  Bryce Brown (RB)PHI12
  #183  J. Cumberland (TE)NYJ10
Sleeper #184  Ryan Broyles (WR)DET9
  #185  G. Graham (TE)HOU8
  #186  Chicago Bears (Def)CHI8
  #187  Gavin Escobar (TE)DAL11
  #188  S. Hauschka (K)SEA12
Cold #189  Jacob Tamme (TE)DEN9
  #190  S. Bailey (WR)STL11
  #191  Brandon Myers (TE)TAM5
  #192  Ted Ginn Jr. (WR)ARI9
  #193  Travis Kelce (TE)KAN10
  #194  D. Rogers (WR)IND8
  #195  Greg Little (WR)CLE10
  #196  Stephen Hill (WR)NYJ10
  #197  Toby Gerhart (RB)JAC9
Injury Concern #198  Andre Brown (RB)HOU8
Hot #199  Phil Dawson (K)SFO9
  #200  K. Hunter (RB)SFO9

»  Hot -- Moving Up in the Player Rankings.
»  Cold -- Moving Down in the Player Rankings.
»  Injury Concern.
»  Sleeper.
» Auction values based on std 12-team scoring league with $100 cap.
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