#27 Ray Rice
 Pos: Running Back
Injury: Questionable
Injury Type: thigh
 Experience: 7
College: Rutgers
Height: 68
Weight: 212
Born: 1/22/1987
 Year  Tm  Gm  Rush  Yds  TDs  Fum  Catch  Yds  TDs  Tgt 


Running Back Rank: #23All Players: #47
Rice had his lowest totals since his rookie year but still produced well, getting 1,621 yards and 10 total touchdowns. So even in a down year for his standards, Rice was among the best backs in the game, averaging more than 100 total yards per game. Rice has four straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons and at least 1,600 total yards in all of those years. He remains a consistent force in the Ravens' offense. Bernard Pierce did come on strong at the end of the year, though, so he could be a bigger factor in the running game, which could cut into Rice's workload some this season. But overall, it probably isn't a bad thing for Rice, who should be a little more fresh throughout the season. Either way, expect Rice to get plenty of work as the No. 1 back for the Ravens. Rice is a good between the tackles runner for his size, but has game-breaking speed and great moves in the open field. He has very good vision and does a good job of setting up his blocks. And he is much improved in short-yardage situations, which is a huge plus for fantasy teams.
Rice remains a top-10 back but it wouldn't surprise to see him post similar numbers to last season. Pierce is emerging in the offense and could take some goal-line work from Rice, which is a concern for fantasy teams. Rice will still post big yardage totals, though, and be a consistent weekly option for fantasy teams. Expect 1,700 or so yards and 10 touchdowns.

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Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice and Janay Palmer were married Friday, March 28, one day after Rice was indicted by a grand jury on third-degree aggravated assault for allegedly hitting Palmer and knocking her unconscious, according to league sources. The ceremony had been planned for several weeks. Palmer was also charged with simple assault, but the complaint against her has been dismissed.
Source: KFFL.com
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice was indicted on third-degree aggravated assault charges Thursday, March 27, for last month's incident at an Atlantic City casino. The charge carries a three- to five-year prison term.
Fantasy Impact: Not good. Rice could really be in a heap of trouble. Stay tuned.
Source: KFFL.com
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league will allow the legal process to play out and 'let the facts dictate' Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice's fate on the heels of his arrest last month for simple assault at a casino. The league continues to monitor Rice's legal situation, but there is no timetable on a possible suspension.
Source: KFFL.com
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice has reportedly lost 15 pounds this offseason and wants to get to 205 pounds for next season. Rice finished this season at 225 pounds, which is the heaviest he has been since entering the league.
Fantasy Impact: This is good news for Rice, who looked sluggish at times last season. He needs to get his explosion back.
Source: KFFL.com
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice and his fiancee plan to attend a couples seminar, according to head coach John Harbaugh. Rice and his fiancee were both arrested last month and charged with simple assault.
Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh said there is nothing to suggest RB Ray Rice would not be with the team in 2014, after getting arrested over the weekend for an altercation with his fiancee. 'Not that I'm aware of. I haven't seen anything that would remotely make me think that.'
The governor of Maryland has said he is disappointed in Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice after his recent off the field incident. 'I don't know that it has anything to do with being a fan or not being a fan,' governor Martin O'Malley said. 'I think you always feel a tremendous amount of disappointment whenever someone finds himself in a situation involving this sort of domestic violence.'
Source: KFFL.com
Updating a previous report, Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice allegedly struck his fiancee and knocked her unconscious at an Atlantic City casino, according to a complaint filed by police. The case has been referred to county prosecutors for review.
Fantasy Impact: This keeps getting worse. He could face league discipline from this one.
Source: KFFL.com
The NFL will review Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice's arrest for simple assault-domestic violence under their personal conduct policy. Rice could be fined or suspended under the policy.
Source: KFFL.com
Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice is still in the team's plans after being arrested and charged in an altercation over the weekend.
Fantasy Impact: His arrest isn't a huge concern just yet but that could change.
Source: KFFL.com

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