#81 Aaron Hernandez
 Pos: Tight End
NFL Team: ---
Injury: OK
 Experience: 3
College: Florida
Height: 73
Weight: 245
Born: 11/6/1989
 Year  Tm  Gm  Catch  Yds  TDs  Tgt  Rush  Yds  TDs  Fum 


Tight End Rank: #96All Players: #600
Hernandez couldn't stay healthy last season, missing six games, but produced well while playing. He had nearly 500 yards and five touchdowns in 10 games. He had five of 10 games with more than 50 yards. Hernandez got plenty of consistent chances in the Patriots pass-first offense. The Patriots utilize the tight end position as much as any team in the league, which bodes well for Hernandez. He should get plenty of targets this season, especially with Wes Welker not in the mix. Hernandez creates mismatches for the opposition because he is a top athlete and pass catcher at the tight end position. He can makes plays downfield because of his top speed and athleticism for the position. Hernandez did have offseason shoulder surgery, which is a concern if you consider his injury history, but he is expected to be ready for training camp.
Hernandez is in a heap of trouble and has a lot more to worry about than football. He isn't going to see a football field for a long, long time.

comments about Aaron Hernandez


Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson said his office has filed a complaint to charge free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) with assault and battery for his involvement in a jail altercation in February. Hodgson said the other inmate involved in the altercation will not be charged with a crime.
Source: KFFL.com
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) reportedly attacked another inmate at Bristol County Jail Tuesday, Feb. 25, and Hernandez 'beat the guy up pretty good.'
Fantasy Impact: It seems he is adjusting to prison life pretty well.
Source: KFFL.com
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft indicated the team may ask the NFL for some salary cap relief because they assumed $7.5 million in dead money for 2014 after releasing TE Aaron Hernandez. The team could ask for relief because of the extreme circumstances involving Hernandez's release.
Source: KFFL.com
Police are investigating free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) to determine if he was the shooter in a 2012 double murder.
Source: KFFL.com
A search warrant indicates the police believe free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) was in an SUV that was involved in a double homicide in 2012. The police received a tip that the double homicide and the murder of Odin Lloyd were connected. The police have towed a silver SUV they believe was involved in the double homicide from a Hernandez family home. Prosecutors in the case have not filed charges against anyone at this time, but Hernandez is the target of the investigation.
Source: KFFL.com
Prosecutors say the girlfriend of former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez lied to a grand jury nearly 30 times, including saying she could not recall where she left a large box Hernandez allegedly told her to dispose of. Hernandez has pleaded not guilty in the killing of Odin Lloyd and is being held without bail.
Source: KFFL.com
Miami Dolphins C Mike Pouncey was served with a grand jury subpoena by Massachusetts State Police Sunday, Oct. 27, after the Week 8 game against the New England Patriots. The subpoena involves TE Aaron Hernandez, and police are focusing on Hernandez's potential involvement in interstate gun trafficking, according to a source. A grand jury subpoena does not mean Pouncey has been charged with a crime, but law enforcement officials regard Pouncey as a material witness who could potential advance their case against Hernandez. The two players were teammates at the University of Florida.
Source: KFFL.com
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) is scheduled to be arraigned on a first degree murder charge Thursday, Sept. 6.
Source: KFFL.com
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) was seen in a video with two men at a Boston club in 2012 who were killed hours later. Police were searching for a gray SUV that was believed to be linked to the killings, and a car similar to the description was found when authorities were looking for evidence in the murder of Odin Lloyd.
Source: KFFL.com
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) is seeking to delay a Florida lawsuit until the murder charge against him is resolved. His lawyers filed a postponement request Tuesday, Sept. 3, in federal court. Alexander Bradley is claiming that Hernandez shot him in the face after an argument at a strip club in February, and he's seeking $100,000 in damages.
Source: KFFL.com

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