#81 Aaron Hernandez
 Pos: Tight End
NFL Team: ---
Injury: OK
 Experience: 3
College: Florida
Height: 73
Weight: 245
Born: 11/6/1989
 Year  Tm  Gm  Pts  Catch  Yds  TDs  Tgt  Rush  Yds  TDs  Fum 


Tight End Rank: #240All Players: #1615
Hernandez couldn't stay healthy last season, missing six games, but produced well while playing. He had nearly 500 yards and five touchdowns in 10 games. He had five of 10 games with more than 50 yards. Hernandez got plenty of consistent chances in the Patriots pass-first offense. The Patriots utilize the tight end position as much as any team in the league, which bodes well for Hernandez. He should get plenty of targets this season, especially with Wes Welker not in the mix. Hernandez creates mismatches for the opposition because he is a top athlete and pass catcher at the tight end position. He can makes plays downfield because of his top speed and athleticism for the position. Hernandez did have offseason shoulder surgery, which is a concern if you consider his injury history, but he is expected to be ready for training camp.
Hernandez is in a heap of trouble and has a lot more to worry about than football. He isn't going to see a football field for a long, long time.

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Former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was found guilty of first-degree murder Wednesday, April 15, in the slaying of Odin Lloyd. He's facing a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
The New England Patriots are willing to give the lawyers for free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) 317 pages of information that they have asked for but do not want to give up scouting reports on him. Judge Ramond Veary said he believes the scouting reports are relevant to the case. Andrew Phelan, attorney for the Patriots, has given Hernandez's lawyers the option to review the psychological assessment on Hernandez in his office. Another hearing will take place July 22 to determine if the team will have to give up their scouting reports to Hernandez's defense team.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) had a tentative trial date of May 28, 2015, for the drive-by shootings of two men.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Lawyers for free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) are questioning the validity of a search warrant used at Hernandez's home. Hernandez was in court again Wednesday, June 18, and his defense questioned a state trooper involved in the 2013 search of Hernandez's home as part of the investigation into the killing of Odin Lloyd. Police were looking for GPS evidence, but the actual search warrant doesn't mention GPS evidence.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Free agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) is having trouble paying the attorneys representing him on murder charges.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) allegedly gunned down two men in their car last year after one of them accidentally bumped into Hernandez at a Boston nightclub, spilling a drink, according to prosecutors.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) has pleaded not guilty on seven charges he is facing for the murder of two people in 2012.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Free-agent TE Aaron Hernandez (Patriots) is scheduled to be in court Wednesday, May 28, to be arraigned on murder charges stemming from the murders of two men in Boston in 2012. Hernandez was allegedly in a SUV that pulled up next to the victims' car and opened fire on the vehicle.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Updating a previous report, former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez was allegedly the gunman during a 2012 double slaying in Boston, according to prosecutors. It was previously reported that Hernandez may have been the driver of the SUV involved in the murders.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports
Former New England Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez has been indicted for alleged involvement in a 2012 double murder in Boston. Police believe Hernandez was driving the SUV involved in the incident.
Fantasy Impact: He is going to be in jail for a long, long time.
Source: USA TODAY Fantasy Sports

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