Chiefs' Hillis reacts tersely to Browns' Thomas

By DAVE SKRETTA - AP Sports Writer
    2012-12-06 15:13

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis responded tersely to comments by former teammate Joe Thomas, likening him to a ``crazy ex-girlfriend'' who won't move on.

Thomas, the Browns' offensive tackle, said Wednesday that Hillis didn't always play hard during his time in Cleveland. He referred to Hillis as ``toxic'' and accused him of putting his contract situation ahead of the team.

The Chiefs visit the Browns on Sunday.

Hillis responded Thursday by saying, ``Joe Thomas, he can have his opinions all he wants. It's kind of like a crazy ex-girlfriend, you know? It's been over a year. Get on with it.''

Hillis said it's easy for Thomas to rip others for seeking a new contract when ``you get paid $100 million by one team.''