Bengals QB Dalton more like a leader in 3rd season

By JOE KAY - AP Sports Writer
    2013-06-12 13:18

CINCINNATI (AP) - Coach Marvin Lewis walked past Andy Dalton in the hallway during a break in minicamp this week and noticed something different.

He saw a lot more confidence in his quarterback's eyes, which he took to be a very good sign.

How well the Bengals fare this season will have a lot to do with how much Dalton grows in his third season. He helped the Bengals get to the postseason as a wild card each of his first two years but had dismal performances in two playoff losses to Houston.

Dalton says he feels more comfortable this year. He's got more freedom to direct things at the line of scrimmage, and he's spending time making sure his teammates are doing everything correctly.