Lights go out on Ravens during postgame interview

    2013-10-06 17:19

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) - The lights went out on the Baltimore Ravens again Sunday, this time in their postgame interview room.

Coach John Harbaugh was talking about his team's 26-23 victory at Miami when quarterback Joe Flacco - waiting to speak next - leaned against a switch and inadvertently turned the lights off.

``I was thinking, `deja vu all over again,''' Harbaugh said to laughter.

The lights quickly came back on, but a short time later they went out again - this time because linebacker Terrell Suggs had leaned against the same switch.

``Suggs got us that time,'' a grinning Harbaugh said. ``It wasn't the commissioner.''

A partial blackout in the Super Bowl last season delayed the Ravens' victory over San Francisco, leading to some conspiracy theories about whether the NFL wanted to help the 49ers rally.


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