Chiefs' Dorsey sleeping better ahead of draft

By DAVE SKRETTA - AP Sports Writer
    2014-05-02 13:45

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Much has changed since last year's draft for Chiefs general manager John Dorsey.

For one thing, he's not living out of suitcases, having just been hired to overhaul a 2-14 team. His family has moved to town, so he's sleeping a bit better. And he's feeling more comfortable in a Chiefs sweatshirt as opposed to the Packers one he wore for so many years.

The biggest change, though? Try 22 picks.

Yes, a year ago the Chiefs had the No. 1 overall selection, the entire NFL waiting to see what they would do. But after going 11-5 and making the playoffs, the Chiefs sit at No. 23 in next week's draft, left to ponder what moves just about every other team will make.