Welcome to the 2015 Fantasy Football Season!

2015 is our 21st season providing the best, most comprehensive fantasy football commissioner service on the planet, with customer service that is unmatched anywhere!

Important Notes

If you are a returning member your teams, rules, schedule, etc. have been saved for this year. In addition, we have archived your last standings, rosters, scores, and more. If you stated that yours is a "keeper" league, then your last rosters will be present this year.

If you are an owner or commissioner and have a personal account, your password can be retrieved using the Forgot ID/Password link on our home page.

As always, we are offering our customers a 10% discount if payment is made online or postmarked by June 30th.

About RealTime Fantasy Sports

In 1995 we introduced a simple website with a simple concept: Allow fantasy football players to track their games completely via the web. No downloading software, no scouring stats in a newspaper, no more waiting days to get results. 20 years later we have evolved -- thanks to your support and suggestions -- into the fantasy sports service thousands of leagues enjoy today. Providing services for users who range from Majors in the Armed Forces to Major League Baseball players, we have added tons of new features, rule enhancements, and much more. This year is no exception.

Last Update: May 20, 2016
New Features for Football 2015
  • Option to Allow Owners to Set Up Polls
    Added the ability to allow owners to create polls in their league. The Commissioner can turn this option on via the Manage League -> General Organization area. Owners and Commissioners will have full control of any polls created including the ability to edit and delete them.
  • add forecasted points for each player
  • All scores in red banner on gamecast page
  • add time zone on gamecast page
  • Allow creation of polls where Commissioner can not vote.
    Polls can now be created where Commissioners are not allowed to vote.
Live Draft
  • Draft Board Display Updates
    Draft board display updates to simplify drafting on desktops, tablets and phones.
  • I'm Ready button in money league drafts
    If all team owners in a money league draft hit the "I'm Ready" button, the draft starts in 60
    seconds instead of having to wait for the scheduled draft time.
  • Add Projected Stats to Live Draft
    Give customers an option of displaying previous year stats or projected stats in the
    live draft room.
  • Team player labels
    K or D/ST added to labels for team kickers and team defenses
  • Game time on GameCast page
  • Click on Bench Players on Gamecast
  • Conference filter for Transactions report
    Added the ability to filter by Conference on the Reports -> Transaction page.
  • Add Spreads for League Games
  • Scoring details on bench players on Gamecast
  • Returned extra point/2pt conversions
    The NFL now allows the defense to return a blocked extra point or a 2-point conversion attempt to the opposite endzone for 2 points. To enable scoring for this type of play in your league use the Commissioner → Manage League → Special Teams Rules → Extra Point Returns section to add a scoring rule for your league.
  • Projected points in gamecast
  • Do not penalize players for fumbles lost on PR and KO
Waiver Wire
  • Available Player Search
    Added the ability to search the available player list when making waiver claims.
  • Randomizer button forWaiver Wire when Commissioner determines order
Features planned for Football 2015
  • Modernize page look
    We will be continually updating many of the pages to a more modern look as the 2015 season progresses. See the Reports -> Rosters page for the general theme of the new look that will be implemented.