Welcome to RealTime Fantasy Sports!

Earlier this year, RealTime Fantasy Sports Inc ("RTSports") purchased from Liberty Sports Interactive, Inc. (formerly known as "Fanball") its MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA fantasy commissioner league assets. Your current fantasy football league information including teams, scoring rules and league history have been transferred to RTSports.com. Simply login with your account and password and you will see your league.

At RealTime Fantasy Sports we strive to provide the best features and customer service so you can have the best fantasy experience possible. To ensure your league has a great first year with us, your first year is FREE. Additionally, every year after you will receive a loyalty discount for your league.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to serving you in 2011 and beyond.

Email Us: support@rtsports.com

Phone Support: 636-447-1170

Frequent Questions:

Will my previous team login information work at RTSports?
Yes. Your team and commissioner logins will work at RTSports.com just as they did at your old site.
Will all my league's teams and rules be transferred?
How much of my old league history will be transferred?
Check the League -> Archive area of your new RTSports league. All your Honors, Standings, Weekly Results, Draft Results, Final Rosters, Weekly Rosters and Transactions history is now available from previous years. In addition, the 2010 Fees history is also available.
My league was not active there in 2010, can I get my 2009 league back?
We should have your 2009 league and we can restore it. Please give us the league name, commissioner name, or team owner's name(s) to help us locate it. If we can find it and restore it, you can have it for free in 2011. Email: support@rtsports.com. Phone: 636-447-1170.
What if something in my league appears to be incorrect?
Contact our Customer Support Office at your earliest convenience and your detailed question will be addressed within 24 hours. Email: support@rtsports.com. Phone: 636-447-1170.

You may want to check with the Commissioner of your league in case changes were made.
What should I do after I log in?
All users should verify their Personal Account Information by going to My Account, then My Info. Enter your League from the main page by clicking on your Team Name near the top of the center column.

Check out your league's new homepage, and browse all of the different features and options within the blue navigation bar to guide you through the different aspects of your league. Commissioners will be the only individuals that have the Commissioner section in the navigation bar, and can locate the League Manager under this tab to view the league setup options to make changes, if necessary.
Will you be offering NBA and NHL leagues?
We will not.