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Triple Play - $20 - Fantasy Week 7 | MLB Week 7


Fantasy Week 1/2 - MLB Week 1/2

Bambis Bombers389.5vsWhirled Peace437.0
Maddux the GOAT364.5vsLas Vegas Hope330.0
OLDGUYS-6361.5vsLewis Rocks384.0
Team Hunter182.5vsJolly Roger363.5
Echota Indians435.5vsMud Dogs398.0

Fantasy Week 3 - MLB Week 3

Bambis Bombers215.0vsOLDGUYS-6239.5
Whirled Peace263.5vsTeam Hunter257.5
Maddux the GOAT250.0vsEchota Indians194.5
Las Vegas Hope248.5vsJolly Roger212.0
Lewis Rocks224.0vsMud Dogs336.5

Fantasy Week 4 - MLB Week 4

Bambis Bombers215.5vsMaddux the GOAT200.0
Whirled Peace253.5vsOLDGUYS-6267.5
Las Vegas Hope265.5vsEchota Indians183.0
Team Hunter305.5vsLewis Rocks260.5
Jolly Roger237.0vsMud Dogs240.0

Fantasy Week 5 - MLB Week 5

Bambis Bombers318.5vsLas Vegas Hope242.5
Whirled Peace297.5vsLewis Rocks303.0
Maddux the GOAT283.0vsOLDGUYS-6242.0
Team Hunter271.5vsJolly Roger265.0
Echota Indians227.0vsMud Dogs260.5

Fantasy Week 6 - MLB Week 6

Bambis Bombers253.0vsWhirled Peace282.5
Maddux the GOAT234.5vsTeam Hunter316.5
Las Vegas Hope166.0vsOLDGUYS-6173.5
Lewis Rocks284.5vsMud Dogs300.5
Echota Indians313.5vsJolly Roger207.5

Playoff Week 1 - MLB Week 25

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 2 - MLB Week 26

No Games Scheduled

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