Guest of the League
Sluggers 2021
Triple Play - $125 - Fantasy Week 13 | MLB Week 13


Fantasy Week 1/2 - MLB Week 1/2

Brew HaHa450.0vsBullschmidt 22415.0
Columbus Squeezeplay356.0vsJohnny Five461.0
Dusty Dynamite370.0vsRAZORBACKS388.0
Gilly da Kid358.5vsRooster409.5
Ooh Lala321.0vsLonsters407.0

Fantasy Week 3 - MLB Week 3

Brew HaHa245.0vsDusty Dynamite365.0
Bullschmidt 22244.5vsGilly da Kid304.0
Columbus Squeezeplay221.5vsOoh Lala184.0
Johnny Five236.5vsRooster273.5

Fantasy Week 4 - MLB Week 4

Brew HaHa151.0vsColumbus Squeezeplay215.0
Bullschmidt 22214.5vsDusty Dynamite239.5
Johnny Five272.5vsOoh Lala154.5
Gilly da Kid250.5vsRAZORBACKS282.0

Fantasy Week 5 - MLB Week 5

Brew HaHa206.0vsJohnny Five327.0
Bullschmidt 22340.0vsRAZORBACKS237.5
Columbus Squeezeplay300.0vsDusty Dynamite184.0
Gilly da Kid333.0vsRooster234.5
Ooh Lala240.5vsLonsters308.0

Fantasy Week 6 - MLB Week 6

Brew HaHa361.5vsBullschmidt 22193.5
Columbus Squeezeplay297.0vsGilly da Kid271.0
Johnny Five239.0vsDusty Dynamite263.0
Ooh Lala235.5vsRooster254.0

Fantasy Week 7 - MLB Week 7

Brew HaHa285.5vsDusty Dynamite305.0
Bullschmidt 22321.5vsColumbus Squeezeplay285.0
Johnny Five288.5vsRooster303.5
Gilly da Kid293.5vsLonsters203.5
RAZORBACKS230.5vsOoh Lala191.0

Fantasy Week 8 - MLB Week 8

Brew HaHa244.5vsRAZORBACKS257.5
Bullschmidt 22271.5vsJohnny Five407.0
Columbus Squeezeplay229.0vsDusty Dynamite207.0
Gilly da Kid232.5vsOoh Lala240.5

Fantasy Week 9 - MLB Week 9

Brew HaHa235.0vsGilly da Kid271.5
Bullschmidt 22309.0vsRAZORBACKS240.0
Columbus Squeezeplay205.0vsRooster257.0
Johnny Five257.0vsDusty Dynamite231.0
Ooh Lala184.0vsLonsters188.0

Fantasy Week 10 - MLB Week 10

Brew HaHa302.5vsOoh Lala171.0
Bullschmidt 22229.5vsDusty Dynamite278.0
Columbus Squeezeplay259.0vsRAZORBACKS237.0
Johnny Five402.5vsLonsters254.5
Gilly da Kid322.0vsRooster217.5

Fantasy Week 11 - MLB Week 11

Brew HaHa197.0vsDusty Dynamite296.5
Bullschmidt 22286.5vsColumbus Squeezeplay268.5
Johnny Five318.0vsGilly da Kid284.0
RAZORBACKS241.0vsOoh Lala230.0

Fantasy Week 12 - MLB Week 12

Brew HaHa318.5vsJohnny Five247.5
Bullschmidt 22205.5vsOoh Lala252.5
Columbus Squeezeplay301.0vsGilly da Kid292.5
Dusty Dynamite308.0vsRooster194.5

Playoff Week 1 - MLB Week 25

No Games Scheduled

Playoff Week 2 - MLB Week 26

No Games Scheduled

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