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    Wed Nov 29 4:25pm ET
    Week 12 Wrap Up:

    We are into the final two weeks of the regular season and somethings have become very clear. Minglewood Blues, Dead Pheasants and End Game have clinched playoff berths. Bones Crew and Minglewood clinch division titles with a win or loss by Dark Horse/Mean Machine respectively.

    I also need to clarify the North Division. End Game should be listed as the Division leader based on the 3-1 division record. I reached out to RT and they look at overall records. This is confusing. If both teams win out, End Game would be the division winner. They split their divisional games. I just want you all to be aware of our rules:
    Tie Breakers
    Divisional Record
    Total Points Standings
    Points Scored Head-to-Head
    Any question, Rules clearly indicate the Commissioner manually established playoff games.

    Any question on the above call me.

    Avengers are out of the playoffs if Air Italia or Mean Machine win.

    Damn injuries are at it again. This time Jonathan Taylor is out again. Good news for Minglewood but it sucks. Not gonna say I am excited to have Zach Moss back as the #1 RB in Indy. Now if Walker can get healthy!

    Week 12 Highs:
    High Team - Dark Horse with 187.46 points. Alan is peaking. Yikes!
    High QB - Eli's Successor - J. Allen with 44.66 points. Finally that pick paid off!
    High RB - Dark Horse - Williams with 38.40 points. Nice surprise here!
    High WR - Mean Machine - Hill with 25.40 points.
    High TE - Mean Machine - LaPorta with 17.70 points. Tow others were on the bench. Christian thanks you
    High K - Eli's Successor - McManus with 16.0 points
    High D/ST - Dead Pheasants - Cowboys with 27.0 points

    Weekly Predictions - I was 3-3 last week.
    Dark Horse is on a roll and Avengers are heading for the golf course. It's not even going to be close. Dark Horse will win big
    Bones Crew is looking to clinch, Mike wants revenge over Air Italia. Pushing Mark out of the playoffs would make Mike Giddy!
    End Game is getting an early 30 points over Smeds. That spread is too low. End Game is a legit Superbowl contender.
    Minglewood should beat the Notes. Now that the Blues RB situation is more stable, I can't see a sub 100 point game 2 weeks in a row. Blues by 15.
    Mean Machine will not make it easy for the Blues. The Machine should beat up Tanks.

    Good luck - watch those IR's. Enjoy the bye week.
    Tue Nov 21 4:50pm ET
    Week 11 Re-Cap.

    Well, it finally happened to me. Walker goes down and I lose Andrews for the season. It was just a matter of time. The indirect fallout of the Joe Burrow injury will also ripple out across the league. I believe the only teams benefitting will be Avengers (Kicker - more field goals) and End Game because Sean has Mixon. Dead Pheasants takes it squarely on the chin. Burrow was finally getting back to 2022 performance levels after the calf injury and then the wrist happens. Ouch.

    Gunnar still has Mayfield - I would trade Howell for Kincaid or Breece Hall.

    So now Christian thinks he's all that because I traded Harris to him and Andrews is out. Nothing like gloating and kicking a fellow owner when they lose a significant player!

    And yes, Alan won the trade this week. Aiyuk went off. Then again, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Had I known Burrow would suffer a season ending injury, I would not have made that trade. I desperately needed a RB and that is even more apparent now.

    So that said, Eli's Successor was the most efficient owner in week 11. Robert score 100% of his available points. Air Italia was the least efficient, scoring 71.1% of his available points.

    Week 11 Highs:

    High Team - Dark Horse with 145.54 points
    High QB - Blues, Herbert with 32.70 points
    High RB - Avengers, Barkley with 30.0 points
    High WR - Avengers, Ridley with 31.10 points
    High TE - Tanks, Kittle with 22.9 points
    High K - Dark Horse, Myers with 20.0 points
    High D/ST - Dead Pheasants, Cowboys with 30.0 points

    Something to remember - the trade deadline will be over this week. You only have a day or two to make last minute trades.
    Week 12 Predictions - I was 4-2 last week. Looking for a 6-0 week for a change.
    Bones Crew will avenge my loss to Avengers.
    Dark Horse will shoot down Air Italia
    Eli's Successor will squeak by Smeds
    Dead Pheasants will take a firm hold of the North by beating End Game - this is the game of the week.
    Minglewood should rise above Tanks to secure the South
    Borwon Notes will drop a deuce on Mean Machine - just becasue Christian reveled in my misfortune.

    We are now done with non-divisional games. The remianing games are all in the division and will decide the final playoff spots. If Mean Machine loses to Brown Notes or the Blues win this week, the Blues will capture the South. A loss by Air Italia or Mean Machine should also clinch a playoff spot for Dead Pheasants. There's alot at stake this week for all of us.

    Avengers win keeps Mark's slim hopes alive. He will need the four 5-6 teams to lose and the two 4-7 to faulter as well.
    Tue Nov 14 2:26pm ET
    Good afternoon gents. This is a summary of AFFL Week 10. Four weeks of regular season action left. Only one more non-divisional game for all of us then we go back into the division to finalize playoff seedings.

    Are we all on the same page and think that the Bills Head Coach is on very shaky ground? Really, 12 men on the field for a game winning field goal attempts - that was wider right? I will shed no tears over Ken Dorsey's departure. However, four turnovers and your defense is playing out of its mind and you call two consecutive all out blitzes? Result: OPI!, allow a lesser team to drive down AGAIN and beat you - anyone remember 13 seconds? Remember - this is still the same head coach. He promoted the QB Coach to OC.

    And Brandon Beane gets no pass in this corner either. This duo made no efforts to get a solid WR2. Kincaid is good and all, but if you don't use him, it's a wasted pick. And he dropped passes too. Anyone else tired of this shit?

    Good news though, I just saved 15% on my insurance. No, not really. But I did win again. It took a small miracle - just remember you all let me draft Herbert and Allen. I knew that paring would pay off at some point. Not only did they go off, but they pushed me to High Team and High WR. Sorry Cee Dee Lamb.

    OK, I am done bragging - it was the only thing that made the Bills debacle the slightest bit palatable. Four teams scored over 140 points this week. That hasn't happened since week 6. Scoring is very up and down this year and we can thank bye weeks for this. End Game was hit hard this week. Avengers was impacted by injury as well. That's the excuse we will give Mark (little secret...shhhh - his team stinks this year. )

    Very competitive contest between the Notes and Pheasants this week. Gunnar slipped past the dookies by a mere 2.42 points. I despise losing those types of games. Tim left some points on the bench by sitting Brown & Dobbs. I would have done the same but that makes a 2 point loss even more aggravating - see the continuing theme here (Bills)?

    Week 10 Highs:
    High Team - Blues with 158.12 points
    High QB - End Game - Prescott with 46.86 points
    High RB - Brown Notes - Gibbs with 26.20 points
    High WR - Blues - Allen with 40.50 points
    High TE - Air Italia - Hockensen with 30.40 points
    High K - Dark Horse - Myers with 23.0 points
    High D/ST - Dark Horse - Steelers with 17.0 points

    Dark Horse actually had the High D/ST on his bench along with the Pheasants but the Steelers - a backup Def was next in line.
    Mean Machine also sat the High RB this week. Robinson had the most points but was not activated. Sucks for Christian.

    Looks like some players are getting back from the injured list. Jefferson, Achane, Wilson are back or due back soon. Byes will not be over for a couple weeks.

    Weekly predictions saw me go 4-2 again. I was wrong about my game and I really though Avengers would pull out a win. Losing your QB to a concussion doesn't help.

    Avengers will take on the Blues. the site has the Blues with an early 21 point offering. Footballs bounce really funny (Ask James Cook). Blues but this could be a trap game. Blues need a win to clinch the Division.

    Bones Crew take on Smeds. I see the Crew pulling this one out but again, the ball bounces funny and 12 guys end up on the field.

    Dark Horse should beat Tanks. However, Alan needs WR help. Sorry Dan, your Super Bowl just happened.

    Dead Pheasants face Air Italia. Look, Italia is always difficult to play against. This could go either way and the outcome won't surprise me. Let's go with Pheasants here.

    Eli comes back from the bye and faces a very up and down Mean Machine. For selfish reasons, I want the Machine to win, but I think the Pheasants are quite good this year. Plus, any team with "Dead" in the name are pretty cool.

    The site has End Game and Brown Notes in a coin flip. Sean gets Kelce/Cupp/Mostert/Nacua back from a bye. Tim gets Brown. The Notes will need similar week 10 performances from Brown/Dobbs/Johnson to win this one. End Game.

    Enjoy the week, drink heavily, we get the Jets next. So all we really have to root for is our own Fantasy team (except Avengers).
    Tue Nov 7 2:56pm ET
    Good afternoon all. It's the week 9 wrap up commentary. Is everybody OK and relaxed now? It's 48+ hours after another disappointing Bills loss. I don't know why we are disappointed. It was not as if the Bills were 21 point favorites. This isn't the Patriots we are talking about. And we are missing 3 major contributors on the defense.

    What's frustrating is that Josh Allen is the only consistent fantasy player on what should be a very solid offensive roster. We had a chance to move ahead of the Jets and Dolphins and missed it. One of the few times we were probably rooting for the Chiefs too!

    More important, my son beat me in fantasy once again. He kept me out of the playoffs last year and now he beats me in the most ridiculous showing of the season for my squad. I am not even using bye week losses as the excuse. I just needed average games from my players and I would have won. Ugh, FANTASY!

    I told you to keep an eye on End Game. Sean is now the points leader and a game behind me and tied with the Pheasants. Speaking of which, Eric has a solid roster in place and looks really solid.

    Dark Horse is the surprise. All those points and a losing record. I have been there before and it's very frustrating. Suddenly Mean Machine is in the mix now. Huge game between the Crew and the Machine this week. Bones wants to take a commanding lead in the Central and Mean Machine needs to try and keep pace to challenge for the South.

    Bye weeks and injuries are the great equalizer. We will see who has the best 4-5 teams over the next 3 weeks. It's definitely not over yet but Avengers certainly lost any momentum by losing this week. 2-7 means the best Mark can do is 7-7 and that may take a miracle.

    Huge weeks for Eli, Mean Machine, and the Notes. We have 5 teams at 4-5. One of these teams will emerge from the pack and push for it all. Don't be surprised if the league winner comes from that pack of teams. Look who is there - Air Italia.

    Week 9 Highs:
    High Team - Eli's Successor with 181.24 points
    High QB - Dark Horse, Stroud with 54.80 points
    High RB - Eli's Successor, White with 27.90 points
    High WR - Air Italia, Dell with 29.60 points
    High TE - Brown Notes, Schultz with 28.0 points
    High K - Brown Notes, Koo with 20.00 points
    High D/St - Mean Machine, Chargers with 35.00 points

    FYI, I was going to claim the Colts and decided to ride the Bengals. I am so mad at myself for not making that move.

    It's week 10. Five weeks left in the Regular Season. Trade Deadline is fast approaching. Dead Pheasants had 40% (4 out of 10) players that were Top Performers on the bench. Eric scored 76% of his available points and still scored 139.72. Tanks and Dark Horse scored 100% of their available points and both teams lost. Alan literally had no points on his bench and Higbee was also held scoreless in his starting lineup. Byes and injuries hurt him and he lost by 4 points. Again, I hate this bye week crap.

    Weekly predictions - I was 4-2 last week.
    Avengers and Tanks hook up this week and have a five combined wins. Tanks lose Hurts/Swift/Waddle to byes. Avengers need a TE this week. I like Avengers in the battle of Brotherly Love.
    Bones Crew (5-4) take in Mean Machine as mentioned earlier. No Tyreek for Machine. Crew have everyone of consequence available. Crew in a very close one.
    Dark Horse faces Smeds. Both are 4-5. Alan gets the 49'ers D/ST and McCaffrey back. Smeds need a QB. I like Dark Horse here.
    What a great and LUCKY time for Air Italia to face End Game. No Kelce/Mostert/Kupp/Nucua. Italia loses Mahomes but he has not been himself all year. Purdy may actually be an even swap. Air Italia.
    Eli faces the Blues after most of the Blues best players come off the bye week. Josh Allen plays the Broncos. Herbert plays the Lions. Allen is in a better matchup. Lamb is facing the Giants. He will have a huge week. but Chase plays Houston. This one comes down to the better QB and Tight End. I thought about Hill. He has one or two great games a year. My team is faltering. White will score more than my combined Running Backs. Robert wins this one.
    And last but not least - Pheasants take on the Notes. I see Pheasants winning this one. No A.J. Brown for the Notes. Breece Hall is off the bye for Eric. Look for a Pheasants win - this too will be close.

    Thanks Sean - I received your payment. If you still have not sent me money, you now must Venmo me.

    Good luck to all and Go Bills.

    Minglewood Blues
    Thu Nov 2 4:45pm ET

    Venmo - 


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    Bones Crew (7-5)0.00
    Air Italia (5-7)0.00
    Smeds (5-7)40.40
    End Game (8-4)51.56
    Eli's Successor (6-6)32.60
    Dead Pheasants (8-4)16.50
    Minglewood Blues (8-4)0.00
    Brown Notes (4-8)0.00
    Tanks (5-7)15.00
    Mean Machine (6-6)0.00
  • Player Notes
    Evan Engram Dec 2 11:00pm ET
    Evan Engram

    Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Evan Engram faces the Cincinnati Bengals in a home Week 13 primetime showdown. Another week, another scoreless affair for the veteran who just keeps adding more targets to his league-leading 84 looks without a touchdown. Engram led the team in targets against the Texans which included two in the end zone, so the Jaguars are clearly looking for the athletic pass-catcher in scoring position. To further help his case, Cincy ranks 30th against opposing tight ends and just allowed Pat Freiermuth to put up 120 yards on nine receptions in his first full game since Week 4. Engram has a great chance to finally break his scoreless streak on MNF. Lock him into your tight-end slot this week.

    From RotoBaller

    Travis Etienne Dec 2 10:50pm ET
    Travis Etienne

    Jacksonville Jaguars running back Travis Etienne Jr. takes on the Cincinnati Bengals in a Week 13 Monday Night Football showdown. The ACC's all-time leading rusher has been bottled up on the ground over the past three weeks, only managing 143 rushing yards at 3.3 yards per carry. The usually explosive back has only eclipsed the four YPC mark in three games this season. Regardless, Etienne is currently No. 3 league-wide in touches at the running back position and just received another 24 last week, so the volume remains high. Against a bottom-third rush defense at home as a heavy favorite, Etienne is in a great spot for a bounce-back effort. Note: Etienne is currently listed as questionable, but is expected to play. Make sure to closely monitor the injury report before the game.

    From RotoBaller

    Christian Kirk Dec 2 10:50pm ET
    Christian Kirk

    Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Christian Kirk heads into a primetime matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals this coming Monday. The shifty receiver still leads the team in targets with 84, but has been overshadowed by his fellow wideout Calvin Ridley over the past two contests. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence seems to have found a groove, which is positive news for all Jaguars pass-catching options. The Bengals also rank in the bottom half of the league in both fantasy points allowed to wideouts and slot receivers, making Kirk a fine play this week. Consider him a strong WR3/flex in this matchup.

    From RotoBaller

    Calvin Ridley Dec 2 10:50pm ET
    Calvin Ridley

    Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley will face the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 13. The twenty-eight-year-old wideout was being pegged as one of the bigger busts in fantasy, sitting at WR41 through 10 weeks, but completely turned around his season after dropping 53 PPR fantasy points in the two past games. The former Falcon is one game away from earning NBA Jam fire status, and he's got a good shot to do it this Monday in primetime against the Bengals and their leaky secondary. Ridley has reached must-start territory for the first time since post-Week 1.

    From RotoBaller

    Trevor Lawrence Dec 2 10:40pm ET
    Trevor Lawrence

    Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence faces the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football in Week 13. The young quarterback has been a letdown for fantasy managers thus far but has caught fire the past two weeks, finishing as the QB1 and QB6. Having Zay Jones back in the lineup seems to have opened some things up on the offensive end for Lawrence, who now has over 600 passing yards and six total touchdowns in those two weeks. He now gets a Bengals team that has had the life sucked out of them due to the injury to Joe Burrow, and just let Kenny Pickett throw for the second-most yards of his career. Lawrence should be a solid option even in all formats this week at home.

    From RotoBaller

    Darnell Savage Dec 2 9:30pm ET
    Darnell Savage

    Green Bay Packers safety Darnell Savage (calf) has been activated from the injured reserve ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Savage has been out since Week 7 after he suffered a calf strain. His return is good news for the Packers defensive unit heading into this tough matchup. The expectation is that Savage will resume his normal role on defense and won't be limited during Sunday's game.

    From RotoBaller

    Chris Conley Dec 2 9:30pm ET
    Chris Conley

    San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Chris Conley has been elevated from the practice squad ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles. The veteran wideout has only made two appearances with the 49ers this season. He was barely involved, playing a total of 16 snaps during those games. His promotion to the active roster means the 49ers are likely going to be without Ray-Ray McCloud (ribs) for Sunday's game. The expectation is that Conley will serve as depth and won't be worth a look in fantasy formats.

    From RotoBaller

    Noah Brown Dec 2 9:20pm ET
    Noah Brown

    Houston Texans wide receiver Noah Brown (knee) is considered questionable ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Denver Broncos. Despite that, Brown is expected to suit up for this game. He has missed each of the last two games due to a knee contusion. The expectation is he'll likely test out his knee in warmups before the final decision is made. Before going down, Brown had 13 receptions for 325 yards and a touchdown over his last two games. If active, Brown could have some flex appeal for this upcoming game.

    From RotoBaller

    David Moore Dec 2 7:13pm ET
    David Moore

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Ryan Miller and WR David Moore were elevated from the practice squad to the active roster Saturday, Dec. 2.

    From TheHuddle

    James Robinson Dec 2 6:50pm ET
    James Robinson

    Green Bay Packers running back James Robinson has been elevated from the practice squad ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Packers are going to be without Aaron Jones (knee) and Emmanuel Wilson (shoulder) for Sunday's game. The move to bring up Robinson gives the Packers depth behind AJ Dillon and Patrick Taylor. This is mainly a depth move, so it seems unlikely that Robinson is going to have a significant impact. Fantasy managers can expect a bigger workload for Dillon this weekend with Taylor and Robinson possibly mixed in for a few snaps.

    From RotoBaller

    Bruce Irvin Dec 2 6:43pm ET
    Bruce Irvin

    Detroit Lions DT Quinton Bohanna and LB Bruce Irvin were elevated from the practice squad to the active roster Saturday, Dec. 2.

    From TheHuddle

    Marquez Callaway Dec 2 6:40pm ET
    Marquez Callaway

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquez Callaway has been elevated from the practice squad ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Detroit Lions. The Saints are in need of wide receiver depth with Rashid Shaheed (thigh) and Michael Thomas (knee) both set to miss Sunday's game. The 25-year-old signed with the Saints roughly two weeks ago. He is set to make his first appearance since the 2022 campaign. Despite the injuries, it's unlikely that Callaway has a huge impact during this game. Fantasy managers shouldn't bother taking the risk with him.

    From RotoBaller

    David Moore Dec 2 6:40pm ET
    David Moore

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver David Moore has been elevated from the practice squad ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Carolina Panthers. Both Moore and fellow wideout Ryan Miller were elevated on Saturday. That means, the Bucs are likely going to be without Chris Godwin (neck) for Sunday's game. Moore has appeared in one game for the Bucs and is unlikely to have a significant impact. Instead, Mike Evans, tight end Cade Otton, and running back Rashaad White should all see more involvement if Godwin sits out.

    From RotoBaller

    Brandon Johnson Dec 2 6:30pm ET
    Brandon Johnson

    Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Johnson (hamstring) has been activated from the injured reserve on Saturday. Johnson has been sidelined since Week 8, but appears ready to get back on the field. Before going down, Johnson had eight receptions, for 122 yards, and three touchdowns. The expectation is that he'll slide behind Marvin Mims Jr. on the depth chart. It's uncertain what kind of role Johnson is going to have during his first game back. That being said, Johnson won't be worth a look in most fantasy formats for the Week 13 matchup against the Houston Texans.

    From RotoBaller

    Malik Cunningham Dec 2 6:20pm ET
    Malik Cunningham

    New England Patriots quarterback Malik Cunningham has been elevated from the practice squad ahead of the Week 13 matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Patriots are shaking it up and starting Bailey Zappe during Sunday's game. However, the coaching staff has mentioned they've put together a package of plays for Cunningham. The expectation is that Cunningham will get a handful of snaps and mainly be used as a runner. For fantasy purposes, both Zappe and Cunningham can be ignored this week.

    From RotoBaller

    Tank Dell Dec 2 6:20pm ET
    Tank Dell

    Houston Texans wide receiver Tank Dell (calf) is currently listed as questionable for the Week 13 matchup against the Denver Broncos. Despite that, Dell is expected to play this week, which is great news for the Texans offense. Head coach DeMeco Ryans has expressed confidence that Dell will be able to suit up for this game. The rookie wideout could be in for a big game with tight end Dalton Schultz (hamstring) already ruled out. If active, Dell should be considered a low-end WR1 for this game.

    From RotoBaller

    Chris Conley Dec 2 3:33pm ET
    Chris Conley

    San Francisco 49ers WR Chris Conley and S Erik Harris were elevated from the practice squad for Week 13 on Saturday, Dec. 2.

    From TheHuddle

    Nico Collins Dec 2 3:00pm ET
    Nico Collins

    Houston Texans wide receiver Nico Collins is a must-start in fantasy in Week 13 against the Denver Broncos. Collins is coming off a strong performance in Week 12, catching seven passes for 104 yards and one touchdown. The young wideout has now totaled at least seven catches and 65-plus receiving yards in back-to-back games for the first time this year. Even if All-Pro cornerback Patrick Surtain II shadows Collins this weekend, the Texans wideout should still see plenty of opportunities in a game that has the second-highest over/under (47) of Week 13.

    From RotoBaller

    Brevin Jordan Dec 2 3:00pm ET
    Brevin Jordan

    Houston Texans tight ends Brevin Jordan and Eric Saubert will see bigger roles in Week 13 against the Denver Broncos with Dalton Schultz (hamstring) already ruled out for the contest. Jordan will likely fill in as Schultz's replacement on Sunday, while Saubert will act as the TE2 for Houston. Both tight ends have a great matchup in Week 13 against a Broncos secondary that is giving up the most fantasy points per game to tight ends this season. Jordan should have more of an impact in this game but should only be started in deep formats or tight end premium leagues.

    From RotoBaller

    C.J. Stroud Dec 2 2:50pm ET
    C.J. Stroud

    Houston Texans quarterback C.J. Stroud is a strong fantasy option in Week 13 against the Denver Broncos. Stroud did land on the injury report earlier in the week with a thigh issue but managed to practice in full on Wednesday. He should have no limitations on Sunday against a Broncos defense that is giving up the 11th most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks this season. Denver has been better at defending the pass over the past couple of weeks. However, Stroud is playing at an MVP level right now. He's finished as a top-10 fantasy quarterback in three of the last four games, making him a must-start in Week 13.

    From RotoBaller

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