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    The Paur Report

    Five Waiver Wire Adds: Week 14

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    Wed Dec 8 1:07pm ET

    I know it's only Wednesday, but 7 of the teams playing this week still have bye week players in their lineup.

    Tue Dec 7 5:51pm ET

    I noticed while rereading the rules section for the umteenth time that I had failed to update the week numbers of the various playoff games when we expanded our schedule by one week.  I've now made that edit.

    The Doughboys
    Tue Dec 7 5:25pm ET
    Commissioner wrote:

    "Once these four division champions have been identified, they will be will seeded 1 through 4 using only W/L record and total points scored as tiebreakers [effective 2020]."

    I see that now. Didn’t realize we made that change. I was sweating it for no reason! However, I’m bummed I don’t get to play the quartbackless team this week!
    Tue Dec 7 5:22pm ET

    "Once these four division champions have been identified, they will be will seeded 1 through 4 using only W/L record and total points scored as tiebreakers [effective 2020]."

    The Doughboys
    Tue Dec 7 5:20pm ET
    Commissioner wrote:

    Another regular season in the books.  My first and hopefully only effort at correctly seeding the playoffs and first week playoff matchups are below.  Below these are an excerpt from the league rules explaining how these seeds were determined.  If you see something wrong drop me a note - corrections need to be made before Thursday Night Football to be fair to all involved.

    ADFFC [DW = Division Winner; PS = Points Scored; WC = Wild Card]

    1) Ashburn Mob 11-2 DW

    2) I Robot 10-3 DW

    3) Naptown 7-6 - DW - 1938 PS

    4) Revolting Blob 7-6 - DW - 1935 PS

    5) Harrisburg Hogs 7-6 - WC - 2022 PS

    6) Chronic Boozers 7-6 -  WC - 1810 PS

    7) BooDogs 6-7 - 1817 PS

    8) Willamette Valley 6-7 - 1796 PS

    9) Flash Bayou 5-8 - 1951 PS

    10) Mad Max 5-8 - 1862 PS

    11) Man's Best Friend 4-9

    12) Para Coopers 3-10


    1) Gridiron Gladiators 10-3 - DW

    2) Up Hill Battle 9-4 - DW

    3) Disposable Heroes 8-5 - DW

    4) Action Jackson 5-8 - DW - 1877 PS (4th tiebreaker)

    5) The Doughboys 8-5 - WC - 2079 PS

    6) Mack Truck 8-5 - WC - 1935 PS

    7) Relentless 7-6

    8) White Fire 6-7

    9) StraightButta 5-8

    10) Florida Canes 4-9 1786 PS

    11) East Bay Funk 4-9 1754 PS

    12) Boococky Bandits 4-9 1578 PS

    Draft order for 7-12 in each Conference will be the inverse of seeding.  1-6 may be jumbled based on playoff results. 

    Playoff Matchups:

    Ashburn Mob/I Robot - 1st round byes (Championship)

    Naptown v Chronic Boozers

    Revolting Blob v Harrisburg Hogs

    Boo Dogs/Willamette Valley - 1st round byes (Consolation)

    Flash Bayou v Para Coopers

    Mad Max v Man's Best Friend

    Gridiron Gladiators/Up Hill Battle - 1st round byes (Championship)

    Disposable Heroes v Mack Truck

    Action Jackson v Doughboys

    Relentless/White Fire - 1st round byes (Consolation)

    StraightButta v Boococky Bandits

    Florida Hurricanes v East Bay Funk

    Good luck to everyone , , , rules excerpt below.  This is probably the hardest part of my job, as I'm always fearful of screwing it up somehow - so if you see something amiss, let me know ASAP.

    13.) League Playoffs: Six teams per conference make it to the league playoffs - four division winners and two wild cards. The remaining six franchises are entered into the league Consolation Bowl playoff round.  Division winners will be established by comparing teams in the division using the following criteria (in tiebreaking order): 1) W/L record, 2) head to head, 3) record within division, and 4) total points scored.  If it becomes necessary to apply the head to head criteria to all three teams in the division (which would mean looking at the results of 6 divisional games), the W/L record of each of the 3 teams involved will be assigned a win percentage.  If one team is clearly atop this tiebreaker, they will be assigned the seed at issue and the other two remaining teams will be measured against each other head to head (not including the third team which has already established their seed).  If applying the head to head between these two teams establishes a winner, they will be seeded accordingly.  If not, the divisional record will be applied and, if necessary, total points.  If, by chance, all three teams in the division tie when the head to head tiebreaker is applied, the division records of the three teams will be compared.  Once again, if one team has a better record than the others, it will be given better seed; if the other two are tied they will go to total points.  In no case will a division record be adjusted in applying this tiebreaker - every team will have 4 division games used in determining this tiebreaker, even after one has advanced.  Once these four division champions have been identified, they will be will seeded 1 through 4 using only W/L record and total points scored as tiebreakers [effective 2020].   Two wild card teams will also be identified from the remaining franchises using the following criteria (in tiebreaking order): 1) W/L record, and 2) total points scored.  These wild card entries will be seeded 5 and 6.

    Of the four division winners, the top two seeds (1 and 2), will receive a first round bye in the playoffs.

    The 3 seed will play the 6 seed and the 4 seed will play the 5 seed. These two games are considered the wildcard round. Week 14 will be for the division championship with the 1 seed playing the lowest seeded team remaining and the 2 seed playing the highest seeded team remaining. Week 15 will be for the Conference Championship pitting the two week 14 winners against one another to see who will represent their conference in the PDFFL Super Bowl week 16.

    The six teams that do not make it into the league playoffs will complete for the Consolation Bowl Championship. The winner of the Consolation Bowl receives a free entrance in to the following years competition, free of charge.  Teams in the consolation bowl will be seeded using the same criteria tiebreaking as the wild card teams: 1) W/L record, 2) total points scored.  The 7 and 8 seeds will receive a 1st round bye the same as the league playoff format. Week 16 will see the winner of each conference play the other conference winner for the Consolation Bowl Championship.

    Dave, it appears you went to total points as the first tie breaker. It should be head to head. Mack Truck beat me in the regular season and should own the 5 seed. I didn’t check anything else!
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    ReleasedAction Jackson for PresidChase McLaughlin K CLESat Dec 4 12:53am ET
    AcquiredAction Jackson for PresidJason Sanders K MIASat Dec 4 12:53am ET
    AcquiredWhiteFireAdrian Peterson RB SEASat Dec 4 12:46am ET
    ReleasedWhiteFirePharaoh Brown TE HOUSat Dec 4 12:46am ET
    AcquiredWillamette Valley VelocirMitchell Trubisky QB BUFFri Dec 3 3:56pm ET
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    Happy Holidays!

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  • Fantasy Playoff Week 1Scoreboard
    Naptown (7-6)
    Chronic Boozers (7-6)-5.0
    Revolting Blob (7-6)
    Harrisburg Hogs (7-6)-0.5
    Disposable Heroes (8-5)
    Mack Truck (8-5)-36.5
    Action Jackson for Presid (5-8)
    The Doughboys (8-5)-15.0
    Flash Bayou (5-8)
    ParaCoopers (3-10)+78.5
    Mad Max (5-8)
    Man's Best Friends (4-9)+13.5
    StraightButta (5-8)
    Boococky Bandits (4-9)-8.0
    Florida Hurricanes (4-9)
    EastBayFunk (4-9)+4.5
  • Player Notes
    Marquez Callaway Dec 8 8:50pm ET
    Marquez Callaway

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquez Callaway is not a worthy fantasy play in Week 14. The 23-year-old has mustered much of nothing weekly, posting 37 yards or below for the past seven games. This comes with the WR not having strong competition for targets either. Callaway has clearly proven he cannot capitalize on his targets and thus should remain on the bench against the Jets.

    From RotoBaller

    David Montgomery Dec 8 8:50pm ET
    David Montgomery

    Chicago Bears running back David Montgomery (gluteus, groin, shoulder) missed practice on Wednesday with a trio of injuries. It's unclear if any one of these injuries is serious enough to keep him from playing in Week 14 against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night, but rookie Khalil Herbert is worth stashing just in case if he's available on the waiver wire in your league. Montgomery has seen double-digit carries in all eight games he's played, so he's an RB2 as the workhorse back for this offense when he's healthy. Herbert looked really good in his two starts in place of Montgomery earlier this year, carrying 37 times for 197 yards (5.32 yards per carry) and a touchdown, also adding seven catches for 48 yards on eight targets. We'll have a better idea on Montgomery's status after the next couple days of practice.

    From RotoBaller

    Nick Vannett Dec 8 8:50pm ET
    Nick Vannett

    New Orleans Saints tight end Nick Vannett isn't worth a start in Week 14. Vannett is the TE1 of the team for now with Adam Trautman (MCL) out. The 28-year-old posted three receptions for 48 yards last week, which was encouraging, but it's hard to tell if that will become a trend or if it was an anomaly. Even though the Jets offer a favorable matchup to fantasy TEs, it's best to start another option who is more proven as Vannett could fall flat given his unclear role on this offense.

    From RotoBaller

    Joe Burrow Dec 8 8:40pm ET
    Joe Burrow

    Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (knee, pinkie) did not practice on Wednesday after saying earlier in the day that he would be on the practice field. Burrow is also dealing with a knee injury, but he doesn't anticipate sitting out the Week 14 meeting with the San Francisco 49ers. The second-year signal-caller battled through a dislocated pinkie finger on his throwing hand last Sunday, going 24-for-40 for 300 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Brandon Allen would be forced into action if Burrow cannot play, but all signs point to him gutting it out against San Fran. If he plays, Burrow will be a high-end QB2 against a defense that's allowing the fifth-fewest passing yards per game (205.1) this season.

    From RotoBaller

    Tre'Quan Smith Dec 8 8:40pm ET
    Tre'Quan Smith

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith is not the best fantasy option this week. Smith has struggled the last two weeks, posting 31 and 15 yards, respectively. The WR's target share has been decent the last few weeks, as he has seen at least five targets in the last four games, but the problem is he hasn't been to capitalize in his production. The Jets are somewhat stingy against fantasy wideouts, meaning the 25-year-old is a risky play this week.

    From RotoBaller

    Taysom Hill Dec 8 8:30pm ET
    Taysom Hill

    New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill is a low-end QB1 option against the Jets in Week 14. Hill did throw four picks last week against Dallas but still did manage 264 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and 101 rushing yards. He is a dual-threat player who can bring fantasy value in more than one way. Benefitting Hill this week is a matchup against the hapless Jets, who are top-10 in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks. The 31-year-old is a great streaming option this week.

    From RotoBaller

    Austin Ekeler Dec 8 8:30pm ET
    Austin Ekeler

    Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler (ankle) was listed on the Week 14 injury report on Wednesday after getting in a limited practice. Ekeler is a little beat up coming off the Week 13 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, but he should be just fine to play this Sunday against the New York Giants. The 26-year-old do-it-all back could have an absolutely huge workload in Week 14 with both top receivers Mike Williams and Keenan Allen currently on the COVID-19 list. If quarterback Justin Herbert is without his top two aerial targets, he could Ekeler's way frequently out of the backfield. The Giants defense allows 122.8 rushing yards per game and the 11th-most receptions to RBs, so Ekeler will be a no-brainer elite RB1 play.

    From RotoBaller

    Alvin Kamara Dec 8 8:30pm ET
    Alvin Kamara

    New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara is an RB1 option against the Jets in Week 14. The back is expected to return to the field this week after missing time due to a knee injury. He will reclaim the workhorse role once again and will see high volume in an offense that's generally weak and will be missing Mark Ingram II (COVID-19 list). The Jets allow the most fantasy points to backs, so the 26-year-old is one of the best plays of the week.

    From RotoBaller

    Jeff Wilson Dec 8 8:30pm ET
    Jeff Wilson

    San Francisco 49ers running back Jeff Wilson Jr. (knee) was able to put in a limited practice on Wednesday after aggravating his knee in the Week 13 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson should be fine to play this weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals, and he could see lead-back duties if rookie Elijah Mitchell (concussion, knee) isn't cleared by the end of the week. Trenton Cannon (concussion) missed practice on Wednesday, and rookie Trey Sermon (ankle) is on Injured Reserve. Wilson should be picked up off the waiver wire if you have Mitchell rostered or are desperate for an RB this week. The 26-year-old would likely split playing time with JaMycal Hasty, the team's only healthy running back.

    From RotoBaller

    Daniel Jones Dec 8 8:20pm ET
    Daniel Jones

    New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones (neck) put in another limited practice on Wednesday. However, Jones still isn't cleared for contact and is expected to miss his second straight game in Week 14 against the Los Angeles Chargers. Backup Mike Glennon (concussion) got the start last week but suffered a concussion. The Giants are optimistic he'll be cleared by the weekend, but if he isn't, Jake Fromm would be forced into making his first NFL start. Darius Slayton is one of the few healthy wide receivers on the team, too, so it's an understatement that New York's offense is a little banged up. Running back Saquon Barkley is probably the only player in this offense worth rolling out in fantasy lineups this Sunday.

    From RotoBaller

    J.D. McKissic Dec 8 8:20pm ET
    J.D. McKissic

    Washington Football Team running back J.D. McKissic (concussion) did not practice on Wednesday. It was reported earlier that McKissic was practicing, but he only managed to do some work on a side field. The 28-year-old pass-catching back suffered an injury in Week 12 and sat out the Week 13 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. It's unclear if he'll be cleared from the league's concussion protocol in time to play on Sunday against the division-rival Dallas Cowboys. With McKissic out, Antonio Gibson saw another heavy workload with 23 carries for 88 yards while catching five of six targets for 23 yards and a touchdown. Wendell Smallwood saw just two targets, catching one for 13 yards. If McKissic misses another game, Gibson will have RB1 upside against Dallas.

    From RotoBaller

    Sterling Shepard Dec 8 8:10pm ET
    Sterling Shepard

    New York Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard (quadriceps) was listed as limited in the team's walkthrough practice on Wednesday. It's nice that he was listed as limited, but that was also the case in recent weeks before he was inactive on game day. Shepard hasn't suited up since Week 8, but with Kenny Golladay (ribs) and rookie Kadarius Toney (oblique, quadriceps) up in the air for Week 14 against the Los Angeles Chargers, Shepard could be the team's No. 1 receiver if he's able to continue practicing the rest of the week. But even if the 28-year-old is active, he'd be at risk of being eased back into the offense and would likely be taking passes from either Mike Glennon (concussion) or Jake Fromm. Fantasy managers would be wise to stay away from New York's beat up group of pass-catchers.

    From RotoBaller

    D.K. Metcalf Dec 8 8:00pm ET
    D.K. Metcalf

    Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf (foot) missed practice again on Wednesday. Metcalf continues to be held out on Wednesday's as he manages a foot injury that he's had since Week 4, although he hasn't missed any games. Unless a setback occurs, fantasy managers should feel comfortable leaving the 23-year-old in their starting lineups. He's had a really tough time getting on the same page with quarterback Russell Wilson since Wilson returned from Injured Reserve, but their connection finally showed some signs of life in the Week 13 win over the San Francisco 49ers. Metcalf had five catches (his most since Week 8) on eight targets for 60 yards. He hasn't scored since Week 8 as well, but Wilson continues to look his way. Against the Texans, Metcalf could break out of his slump in a big way. He has WR1 potential.

    From RotoBaller

    Saquon Barkley Dec 8 8:00pm ET
    Saquon Barkley

    New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley (ankle) was listed as a limited practice participant on Wednesday. The Giants continue to monitor Barkley in practices, but he should be good to go for Week 14 against the Los Angeles Chargers while seeing a normal workload as the unquestioned lead back of this offense. The 24-year-old has carried 24 times for 95 yards and also caught 10 of 14 targets for 32 yards in the last two games. Fantasy managers are happy that Barkley is now seeing a full workload, but the problem is New York's offense has been so bad overall. They don't stay on the field long enough or sustain enough drives to give him more work. With quarterback Daniel Jones (neck) likely out another week, Barkley may not be able to fully take advantage of the Chargers poor run defense as an RB2 this weekend.

    From RotoBaller

    Travis Homer Dec 8 7:40pm ET
    Travis Homer

    Seattle Seahawks running backs Alex Collins (abdomen) and Travis Homer (calf, hamstring) were both limited in practice on Wednesday. Collins missed last week's game, so he appears to be on track to return and complicate Seattle's already If Collins returns, Seattle will have Collins, Homer, Adrian Peterson, Rashaad Penny and DeeJay Dallas as backfield options in Week 14 against the Houston Texans. Penny played the most offensive snaps (41%), with Homer (30%) and Peterson (25.7%) behind him, although Peterson saw a team-high 11 carries for just 16 yards and a score. Homer's 70-plus-yard TD run came on a fake punt, and he saw just three total carries. Peterson is strictly a touchdown-dependent option at this point in his career, but Collins' will make this backfield even uglier. Stay away if you can.

    From RotoBaller

    Chidobe Awuzie Dec 8 7:33pm ET
    Chidobe Awuzie

    Cincinnati Bengals DT Tyler Shelvin (illness), CB Chidobe Awuzie (foot), RB Chris Evans (ankle), DT D.J. Reader (non-injury) and LB Logan Wilson (shoulder) did not participate in practice Wednesday, Dec. 8. LB Joe Bachie (knee), LB Markus Bailey (neck), C Trey Hopkins (ankle) and OT Riley Reiff (ankle) were limited during practice.

    From TheHuddle

    Jared Goff Dec 8 7:30pm ET
    Jared Goff

    Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff (flu), who said he played through the flu last week, missed practice on Wednesday. But Goff said that he felt "pretty good" after dealing with a stomach bug the previous three days. He was able to take part in team meetings and even did his weekly media session virtually on Wednesday. The 27-year-old should be just fine to play in Week 14 against the Denver Broncos as the Lions look to start a winning streak. Goff went 25-for-41 for 296 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in the win over the Minnesota Vikings, but he'll be facing a Broncos defense this Sunday that has been much tougher on QBs this season, allowing the fifth-fewest fantasy points per game to the position. Goff will be a low-end QB2 yet again.

    From RotoBaller

    T.J. Hockenson Dec 8 7:30pm ET
    T.J. Hockenson

    Detroit Lions tight end T.J. Hockenson (hand) put in a limited practice on Wednesday. Hockenson's hand injury shouldn't be too much of a problem for him this weekend, but the Denver Broncos defense could. On the season, Denver's D has surrendered just 4.5 fantasy points to opposing tight ends, the second-lowest mark in the league. But the 24-year-old has too big of a role in a Detroit offense that lacks reliable playmakers elsewhere, especially with running back D'Andre Swift (shoulder) possibly missing another game. Hockenson has seen eight targets apiece in two of his last three games and has found the end zone in back-to-back contests. Despite a tough draw in Week 14, he remains a strong TE1 option for fantasy managers.

    From RotoBaller

    Joe Mixon Dec 8 7:23pm ET
    Joe Mixon

    Cincinnati Bengals RB Joe Mixon (illness) did not participate in practice Wednesday, Dec. 8.

    Fantasy Spin: Mixon should return to practice later in the week if he can recover from the illness. He has nine rushing touchdowns in the last six games and is a must-start option in all leagues if he is cleared to play.

    From TheHuddle

    Tyrod Taylor Dec 8 7:20pm ET
    Tyrod Taylor

    Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor (wrist) practiced on Wednesday, but rookie Davis Mills is expected to start in Week 14 against the Seattle Seahawks. Taylor hyperextended his left wrist and was believed to have suffered ligament damage in Week 13, and he was wearing a glove on his injured hand on Wednesday. Head coach David Culley said a decision on the starting QB this Sunday will be made later in the week, and that Taylor's injury won't be a factor in the decision. According to league sources. Mills could be the starter for the rest of the year in a lost season. Taylor's injury affects his ability to grip the football when taking snaps under center. The veteran QB has been really bad in recent weeks after returning from a stint on Injured Reserve, so it looks like Mills will be given another shot. In the lowest-scoring offense in the league (13.7 points per game), Mills will go back to being strictly a low-end QB2 emergency option in superflex leagues.

    From RotoBaller

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