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    Wed Sep 8 9:52pm ET

    Heavy is the crown...right, Adam?  Well, I'm at least gonna try to keep you entertained...

    Here we are.  Week 1...and as a wise Science teacher once said. "It's like our sergeant told us before one trip into the jungle.  Men!  Fifty of you are leaving on a mission.  Twenty-five of you ain't coming back."

    And so it goes.  Win or lose...only *five of us will be undefeated in just a few days.  Week 1 is always tough.  Scoring is usually low across the board, because NFL teams have had all off season to prepare to defend their week 1 opponent and rarely do teams put up big numbers.  That being said, here are your commissioner's predictions:

    Pumpkins vs Bling:

    I like Bling at QB, and I prefer Diggs/Brown over Allen/ Metcalf...besides Cook being the top RB on both teams, I think I prefer the Pumpkins using three RBs and the point potential there over JuJu.  Hockenson will be a better play than Gesicki.  Blankenship may be the only offense Indy can muster and even if Taylor goes off, Bling will benefit from the extra points.  Baltimore is a better play than KC on defense in week 1 so looks like the Pumpkins will be the one "chasing" as win in week 2 after starting out with a loss.  The Bling will survive a close one.

    SkyeHigh21 vs JA Power:

    QB play goes to SkyeHigh, but JA has a huge advantage at RB.  Once again, we have one team going with 3 RBs and the other with 3 WRs.  Chase won't put up big numbers in week 1 and that gives the edge to JA at WR too.  Pretty even at TE, K, and defense.  Just don't see SkyeHigh being able to make up the difference at RB, with Hurts and Allen not being too far behind Wilson and Jackson.  Nod goes to JA Power and SkyeHigh will be looking for a first win in week 2 along with the Pumpkin Stuffers.

    TamponBay vs Smash City:

    I think this could be the first real beat down of the season...Champa just has too much at QB, RB, and WR for the combo of Henry, Hopkins and Murray to overcome the point potential they are facing.  I like Smash City's team alot but not against this week 1 line-up and match-ups that ChampaBay is getting.  The wild card here is the Indy and Seattle matchup.  If Carson and Lockett hit paydirt, then it could be close...but that's putting alot of pressure on Seattle.  TamponBay with the win.

    Salad Shoulders vs the County Mounties:

    This is could be a close match-up but I think ultimately Sal starts his path to the title in week 1.  If Barkley has a big week 1 (which I doubt and that sucks because I have him in my other dynasty league) then LexVegas can stay close but Brown has been out the last 4 weeks.  I love the Lions WRs over Sal's but that's about it.  One other big IF is QB...probably Sal's only weakness...IF Big Ben can somehow muster a big game against Buffalo, and Burrow punishes Minnesota, then it will be close.  Otherwise...Sal starts 1-0 and Webster will be praying Barkley can eventually turn things around.

    The Dirtbags vs The dyNasty Boys:

    Not a chance in hell that Dynasty can win this.  The only place they have an advantage is TE.  Succop will benefit from all the points that Brady and Evans may put up...and if they don't neither will he.  Colts are gonna get run over so no help there.  In the end...The DBs will be dragging their sack all over the poopy excuse for a line-up that Dynasty is putting on the field.  Hope Fish is wearing his big girl panties on Sunday night.  DIRTBAGS for the WIN.



    Tue Sep 7 9:45pm ET

    Alright,'s my draft analysis of your shitty teams.  No rankings, just overall assessment.

    Champa Bay:

    This is the making of a strong dynasty team... if his depth materializes.  Weak at RB position outside of the starters but alot of good handcuffs possibilities.  But much like Coach Neyer said, this team "is one injury away" from something bad in the making.  But the opposite could be said if Dillon or Williams get the nod because of an injury. Good young WR corp that could turn out to by dynasty gold in a few years if they make the cut for next year.  Herbert is maybe one of the best young QBs out there.  This team has a solid start, but not likely to win in year 1.

    Chasing the Ding- a-Ling:

    Solid starting QBs, Rb position will make or break this team.  I wouldn't want to rely on Swift...but IF he has a good season, then this is a playoff team.  If he doesn't, then things could get out of hand fast for these guys, and find themselves in a hole they can't get out of in their division. Probably the best WR corp in the league...strong starters, solid back-ups.  Big potential but a big gamble at RB.


    I'm trying really hard to find something good to say about this here goes.  The potential here is maybe among the best in the league...but that also means there are ALOT of question marks.  Really good RB duo, and then it gets scary.  Gordon will probably lose the starting role and Drake isn't a top 10 (maybe 15 guy).  One injury and it gets ugly.  Winston is a big gamble too...but he will definitely be slinging it...for a bunch of INTs because those NOs receivers suck.  dy NASTY has one of the most dangerous receiving groups but alot of these guys are #2s on their NFL rosters.  Big boom or bust potential, but I wouldn't expect anything less from the Gambler. 


    JA Power Bangs First Dates:

    I think this team has the second best QB lineup, probably a 1b/c to two other teams at this position.  Solid RB group, solid Wr group.  Rb bench and Wr Bench are probably the biggest concerns, I guess.  Barring an injury, which could obviously be the case of any team, this is my first LOCK to make the playoffs. Very likely that some of the other teams above will make it, but I don't see a scenario where this isn't a top 6 team at season's end.

    LexVegas Lions:

    Alot of concern over injury potential here...another Boom or Bust team like the NASTY boys.  Barkley, Burrow, project to be a big part of the scoring for this squad and it could be a few weeks before Barkley even gets a full work load.  Gotta hope that deadly duo of Adams and Ridley (best Wr duo) carries him for a few weeks.  the pass catchers on this roster are all high volume guys...ppr heaven.  Not a fan of Ertz or Hardman but Andrews is a great 3rd pass catcher to pick up some of that scoring slack Barkley's slow return might create.  Etienne's injury gives this team a solid Rb2.  Don't want to make any predictions on this team, but I'd classify their odds in the same way I would Fish's team.

    Salad Shoulders:

    Qb1 comes out as the early season favorite to win the title making Sal's team another of my playoff locks.  Top tier starting RBs and WRs with a deep RB bench.  TE duo has the highest upside of any team, especially from a Dynasty perspective. Overall, probably the most consistent at every position.  Biggest question mark is WR depth.  There is enough talent across the roster to make up for it, though. 


    My vote for team most likely to change their name before season end...luckily a team's strength only partially lies in the name.  Easily the best starting QB duo.  Good young starting Wr Corp...could have strong future.  Kupp is a high volume guy too, point potential for those young pass catchers is "Skyehigh."  I really worry about the RB situation...gotta hope they don't end up having to rely on the bench.  Thomas and Golladay could be big surprises.  Ultimately, I think RB squad puts a limit on this team's ceiling.

    Smashed Kitty/Sunshine City

    Say that three times fast.  I think "the city" has the second best WR corp from top to bottom....a 1 B to the Ding-a-lings.  The starting line-up of Murray, Carson, Henry and Hopkins is pretty scary any given week. A little worried about RB depth and TE.  I'd say this team has some great trade bait at WR to solidify the TE or RB spot if needed.  Not a very young team, which is surprising because we know this coach hates old people (where's waldo?).  I bet Woods becomes a starter on this team over Jacobs by week 4.   

    Pumpin' Stuffins:

    2nd best QB duo behind SkyeHigh.  I'm having a hard time with whether JA Power Bangs or these guys are the true #2at that position...definitely in that 1b/c conversation.  Solid pass catchers from top to bottom...maybe even slightly better than Smash's close though.  Most obvious weakness is RB.  Not sure I'd want to rely on Mostert, Taylor, Singletary, and Montgomery for a full season.  If it wasn't for RB, I'd place these guys in the playoff "lock" category...


    Old Ass Qbs...hope these guys have at least one more season in them.  But Wilson in the future at QB for this team, that's scary to have to rely on as your back-up too.  Strong starting RBs and Wrs but things could fall apart quickly, if the rookies have to hold this team together.  Bright future (probably the best Dynasty roster in the league and drafted that way on purpose)...but shaky present.  The combination of young and old could be a disaster.  Future hook-up of Wilson and Moore could prove to be fantasy the meantime, these guys are best characterized as having good balance and depth...starting studs and future stars.


    Predictions will be out before Thursday.... 


    Tue Jul 20 6:09pm ET
    Ok Ballers, draft will be sometime the week of the first Thursday night game. It’s provisionally set for the 7th, but could end up being Wednesday the 8th. If you’re inclined to shit the bed, go ahead and get your diapers ready for that week. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to clean up a mess like that.

    Can’t wait to watch how this whole thing develops.

    Here’s your draft order:
    1. Pumpin Stuffkins (Coach Clark)
    2. Cold-blooded Kyler (Coach Lee)
    3. Scott W. (Team 8)
    4. Ryne S. (Team 9)
    5. Chase S. (Team 7)
    6. LexVegas Lions (Coach Webster)
    7. Dirtbags (Coach Thornbury)
    8. SkyeHigh21(Coach N. Schweitzer)
    9. D.J.F. (Team 5)
    10. ChampaBay (Coach Neyer)

    You’ll graduate from Coach to GM status when you stick around for year two.

    Suck it!
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    Randy Bullock Oct 26 9:20am ET
    Randy Bullock

    Tennessee Titans kicker Randy Bullock converted both his field-goal attempts and all three of his extra-point attempts in Sunday's 27-3 win over Kansas City Chiefs. He made both of his attempts from 24 and 51 yards out. The 31-year-old has now converted 13-of-15 goal attempts, including one from 50-plus yards, and is 17-of-18 in extra-point tries. Bullock has tallied at least nine fantasy points in three of his last four games and can be used as a streamer against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 8.

    From RotoBaller

    Darren Waller Oct 26 9:10am ET
    Darren Waller

    Las Vegas Raiders interim head coach Rick Bisaccia tight end Darren Waller (ankle) is day-to-day and will remain in Las Vegas for further treatment on his ankle during the bye in Week 8. The Raiders star tight end was a late addition to Saturday's injury report with an ankle issue and was ultimately ruled out in Week 7 against the Philadelphia Eagles. He will have the bye week to rest his injured ankle and will look to return Week 9 against the New York Giants. The 29-year-old has hauled in 33 receptions for 378 yards and two touchdowns over six games in 2021. Foster Moreau will be the Raiders' primary tight end if Waller cannot suit up in Week 9.

    From RotoBaller

    Trey Lance Oct 26 8:50am ET
    Trey Lance

    San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan said quarterback Trey Lance is "on pace" to practice Wednesday. According to Shanahan, Lance will likely be limited if he does practice this week. The No.3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will back up Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 8 against the Chicago Bears. Lance has been dealing with an MCL sprain in his left knee and has been sidelined since Week 5. The 21-year-old is considered day-to-day. Fantasy managers should continue to stash Lance as a high-upside stash in all league formats.

    From RotoBaller

    Miles Sanders Oct 26 8:20am ET
    Miles Sanders

    Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni said running back Miles Sanders (ankle) is "week-to-week" with a low-end ankle sprain. The 24-year-old sustained the injury in a Week 7 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. He was carted off the field and did not return in Sunday's loss. Despite being listed as week-to-week, the Eagles have yet to rule him out for Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions. Fantasy managers should monitor the Eagles' injury report throughout the week. Kenneth Gainwell and Boston Scott will lead the Eagles backfield if Sanders cannot suit up in Week 8. Stay tuned.

    From RotoBaller

    Tre'Quan Smith Oct 25 11:50pm ET
    Tre'Quan Smith

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Tre'Quan Smith mustered only one reception for 11 yards on three targets in Monday's win over Seattle. A lingering hamstring injury from training camp put the WR on Injured Reserve to start the season, and he was finally able to take the field on Monday. Nevertheless, Smith put up a dud. The Saints lack elite pass-catching options, and Smith should be the WR2 on the team after Michael Thomas (ankle) returns. For now, it's only worth monitoring him, as he's not fantasy relevant yet until he shows consistency and puts up decent production.

    From RotoBaller

    Geno Smith Oct 25 11:50pm ET
    Geno Smith

    The New Orleans Saints defense compiled five sacks in Monday's win over Seattle. The unit limited backup QB Geno Smith to 167 yards and the rushing attack to 90 yards in a low-scoring, rainy affair. This unit has been quite potent this season as it has nine picks and now 13 total sacks on the season. Up next will be one of the stiffest challenges of the season as Tom Brady and the explosive Buccaneers offense come to the Superdome in Week 8.

    From RotoBaller

    Marquez Callaway Oct 25 11:40pm ET
    Marquez Callaway

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Marquez Callaway managed three receptions for 32 yards on seven targets in Monday's win over Seattle. Callaway came up short compared to the previous two games he played where he had at least 74 yards. Nevertheless, the receiver has been far from consistent this season. The return of Tre'Quan Smith (hamstring) and the potential return of Michael Thomas (ankle) soon means Callaway isn't fantasy-relevant going forward.

    From RotoBaller

    Adam Trautman Oct 25 11:40pm ET
    Adam Trautman

    New Orleans Saints tight end Adam Trautman finished with three receptions for 36 yards on three targets in Monday's win over Seattle. Trautman also lost a fumble in the game. The TE has had a disappointing season after much preseason hype about him taking on a bigger role with the Saints lacking pass-catching depth. The 24-year-old hasn't posted more than 43 yards in a contest and has recorded over 30 yards only twice this season. Even though TE is a thin position in fantasy, it's best to look elsewhere for streaming options.

    From RotoBaller

    Jameis Winston Oct 25 11:30pm ET
    Jameis Winston

    New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston finished 19-for-35 for 222 yards and one touchdown along with eight rushes for 40 yards in Monday's win over the Seahawks. Winston hasn't been as generous with his picks (13 touchdowns to three picks on the season) but he also hasn't been explosive. The QB's highest yardage total this season has been 279. Based on his stats this season and his role on a low-powered offense, Winston doesn't merit much fantasy value going forward.

    From RotoBaller

    Alvin Kamara Oct 25 11:30pm ET
    Alvin Kamara

    New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara recorded 20 carries for 51 yards and 10 receptions for 128 yards and one score on 11 targets in Monday's win over Seattle. Kamara simply represented almost all of the Saints' offensive production on Monday night. The back is the most important player on this offense and has been effective in the rushing and passing game this season. He's a solid RB1 in weeks going forward.

    From RotoBaller

    Graham Gano Oct 25 9:40pm ET
    Graham Gano

    New York Giants kicker Graham Gano converted all three field-goal attempts, and both of his extra-point tries in Sunday's 25-3 win over the Carolina Panthers. The 34-year-old drilled all three of his attempts from 49, 53, and 44 yards out. He currently leads the NFL in field goal attempts (17) and is 5-for-6 in attempts from 50-plus yards. Gano can be used as a streamer in a projected high-scoring affair against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 8.

    From RotoBaller

    Dante Pettis Oct 25 9:20pm ET
    Dante Pettis

    New York Giants wide receiver Dante Pettis caught all five of his targets for 39 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's 25-3 win over the Carolina Panthers. He was elevated from the practice for the second straight week and reeled in a five-yard touchdown reception in the third quarter. The 26-year-old has now hauled in 10 catches for 87 yards and a score over two games in 2021. It's unclear what Pettis' role will be once Kadarius Toney (ankle), Kenny Golladay (knee), and Sterling Shepard return to action. The former second-rounder is a speculative add in deep-league formats and can be used as a streamer against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night if all three Giants receivers are inactive again.

    From RotoBaller

    Evan Engram Oct 25 9:10pm ET
    Evan Engram

    New York Giants tight end Evan Engram caught 6-of-8 targets for 44 yards in Sunday's 25-3 win over the Carolina Panthers. He led the Giants with six catches and was second in targets only behind wide receiver Darius Slayton (9). The 27-year-old was limited in practice during the week with a calf injury but managed to play through Sunday's game with no issues. He has now caught at least four passes in three of his last four games. Engram could see an uptick in targets in Monday's matchup against the Chiefs if Kenny Golladay (knee), Kadarius Toney (ankle), and Sterling Shepard (hamstring) are ruled out again.

    From RotoBaller

    Richard Rodgers Oct 25 8:03pm ET
    Richard Rodgers

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Richard Rodgers was returned to the practice squad Monday, Oct. 25, after being on the active roster for the Week 7 game.

    From TheHuddle

    Nate Sudfeld Oct 25 8:03pm ET
    Nate Sudfeld

    San Francisco 49ers QB Nate Sudfeld and TE Tanner Hudson were returned to the practice squad Monday, Oct. 25, after being on the active roster for the Week 7 game.

    From TheHuddle

    Jahlani Tavai Oct 25 8:00pm ET
    Jahlani Tavai

    New England Patriots linebacker Harvey Langi (knee) suffered an MCL sprain in the Week 7 blowout win over the New York Jets on Sunday and is having more tests to determine how long he might be out, according to a source. Langi was starting in place of captain Dont'a Hightower (ankle, elbow) against the Jets, but the 29-year-old never returned in the second half after getting injured. Through seven games in his first season with the Patriots, Langi has just two tackles, playing only 16 snaps on defense and 98 special teams snaps. Jamie Collins and Jahlani Tavai checked in at the position in the second half after Langi was injured on Sunday.

    From RotoBaller

    Keke Coutee Oct 25 7:53pm ET
    Keke Coutee

    Indianapolis Colts WR Keke Coutee was returned to the practice squad Monday, Oct. 25, after being on the active roster for the Week 7 game.

    From TheHuddle

    DeAndre Hopkins Oct 25 7:40pm ET
    DeAndre Hopkins

    Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins (hamstring) was listed as a non-participant on Monday's estimated practice report. It's a new injury for Hopkins, but it didn't slow him down in the Week 7 win over the Houston Texans, as he caught seven of a season-high-tying nine targets for 53 yards and a touchdown on 83% of the offensive snaps. We'd be surprised if this injury keeps him from playing on Thursday night against the Green Bay Packers. Nuk hasn't gone over the century mark yet this season with quarterback Kyler Murray spreading the ball around, but he has visited paydirt seven times in seven games. Hopkins will remain a must-start fantasy wideout in Week 8.

    From RotoBaller

    Kyler Murray Oct 25 7:40pm ET
    Kyler Murray

    Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (finger) was listed as a limited participant on Monday's estimated practice report. Murray should be fine to play on Thursday night in a showdown against the Green Bay Packers as the Cardinals look to remain the lone unbeaten team in the NFL. The 24-year-old went 20-for-28 for 261 yards, three touchdowns and one interception in the Week 7 blowout win over the Houston Texans on Sunday. Arizona didn't need Murray to air it out, but he still managed to toss three touchdowns and reward his fantasy managers. He has tossed 17 touchdowns and only five interceptions through seven games and enters Week 8 action the QB3 in fantasy. Nobody should be sitting Murray against Green Bay this week in what could be a shootout.

    From RotoBaller

    Alex Collins Oct 25 7:30pm ET
    Alex Collins

    As expected, Seattle Seahawks running back Alex Collins (groin) is active for Monday Night Football against the New Orleans Saints after being listed as questionable on the final injury report for the week. In the last two games with Chris Carson (neck) out, Collins has seen 35 carries for 148 yards (4.23 yards per carry) and one touchdown while also catching three of four targets for 22 additional yards. However, Rashaad Penny (calf) is returning from Injured Reserve and will play against New Orleans. DeeJay Dallas and Travis Homer have seen touches the last two weeks alongside Collins as well, so he suddenly becomes a less attractive RB3/flex against a Saints defense that has allowed just 130 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 40 carries from RBs in the last three weeks.

    From RotoBaller

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