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    2018 Practice Squad Eligible

    By The Commissioner Tue May 29 8:34pm ET

    Here is the list for the 2018 season for our Practice Squads. Listed is the year, name, team, and what round they were drafted in. Compensation will be determined from 1 previous round from where the player was drafted. Example (if player was drafted in the 4th round, compensation would be a 3rd round pick. A 1st round Steal is valued a 1st round and a 3rd round) Updated 6/12/2018


    r-WR Dante Pettis, SF - 2nd, TE Jordan Akins, HOU - 3rd, DB Justin Reid, HOU - 4th, DB Ronnie Harrison, JAX - 5th, LB Oren Burks, GB - 6th, WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB - 7th

    1-RB Leonard Fournette, JAX - 1st, QB Deshaun  ...

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    Sat Apr 21 3:48pm ET


    The schedule is out. Ours is up. All owners are in. Draft is next week. Lets get these dues in and the league paid for guys. $10. You can pay by Paypal at or mail it to me at:

    Kirk Beaty

    1417 Lashley St

    Longmont, CO 80504

    Still need dues from: Lamar and Mervo

    Ridge Bolts
    Sun Jul 1 8:57am ET

    Trade Block Update

    Players on the Block:

    • Alex Collins RB BAL
    • Michael Crabtree WR BAL
    • Tyreek Hill WR KAN
    • Jordan Reed TE WAS
    • Luke Kuechly LB CAR
    • Bobby Wagner LB SEA
    • A.J. McCarron QB BUF

    Positions Needed:

      Turkeyfoot Rams
      Fri May 18 8:22pm ET

      Okay This should be fairly quick as Turkeyfoot didn't have much in the way of draft choices. Coming into the draft I had 2 3rds but I knew I wanted to get a couple more players because I saw value dropping left and right. Tried several trade offers for the 2nd round but didnt have the ammo to get them done so 


      3.1 Josh Allen QB BUF 

      This kid dropping to the 3rd round is a travesty I couldn't believe I witnessed. Talent and potential wise he is top 2 of the QBs in this class being compared several times with the rookie QB I took last year in Wentz. That went pretty well if I recall correctly. 


      3.5 (Acquired in trade with East Peoria) Kalen Ballage RB MIA 

      Has all the physical tools to make a workhorse in a place that needs one more than ever. I mean really he has to sit for probably the majority of this year unless gore gets hurt then he is probably the man. Couldn't believe given the situation in Miami that more of you guys didn't take a stab at him earlier.


      3.9 Derwin James S LAC

      Top 3 defensive back in the draft arguably the best safety overall probably day one starter for the chargers who seem to let good safeties leave every year. Couldn't believe one of the top 5 defensive players in this draft fell to mid to late 3rd. 


      5.12 Azeem Victor MLB OAK 

      This is one of those picks that I won't know until my hunch fails or comes true. He was a very good lb a couple years ago before he got hurt and then he fell into bad habits during rehab of the injury. With bad habits come even worse behavorial issues and some problems with the cops and this guy is not the exception. I am hoping that his issues can be rehabilitated and his talent will be showcased again. Either way late 5th I'm not gonna be to bad off. 


      6.12 Javon Wims WR CHI

      This kid has good size, decent skills, and hopefully in chicago he will get a chance to show those assets. Probably not a huge contributor this season but I really look for him to be huge in year 2 or 3. He could easily develop into the number 2 in chicago where everybody seems to get hurt. 


      Overall going into the draft I knew I wanted to add some decent players with my few picks I think I blew it out of the water. Overall I rank my draft given the few picks and later rounds as an A+ 


      Simi Valley Pioneers
      Fri May 18 1:07pm ET

      Pioneers Draft Review


      Going into the draft I had the luxury of having 2nd and 3rd overall. With 99.9% confidence that Barkley would be the first overall selection it was easy to take him off the board and focus on who is the 2nd and 3rd best players in the draft. Having the 14th and 17th overall selections was something that gave me solid hope that I could use this draft to rebuild. Knowing RB's generally go quick in this league and that the best players available were RB's with having a couple more picks early coupled with the fact that a historically strong position for my team had become the weakest made it a lock that my first two picks would be RB's.

      1.02- Derrius Guice RB

      As noted above, the lock was in that I would come out of the gate with RB's. After Barkley it seems Guice is the best player talent wise. His situation could be better being in a somewhat crowded backfield in Washington but with us being in dynasty leagues, I favor picking talent over situation. 

      1.03- Nick Chubb RB

      Jones and Penny were in the running but based off of pure talent I think Chubb is the victor. I think there is a good chance that he is even under rated since typically players need their second year to come fully back from ACL. Hyde and Johnson will take away carries and there is a chance he may not play too much the first year but I think overall he was the third best choice. 

      1.14- DJ Moore WR

      I want to thank the league for letting Moore drop to me at 14. I think that is great value and he is easily a top 10 player and even pushing top 5. He should be a true #1 WR in Carolina with Nor Turner dialing up plays for this kid. I was actually expecting that one of the QB's would drop to me but there was no doubt who I was going to take when Moore was still on the board. Very exciting. 

      2.03- Tremaine Edmunds LB

      Another exciting development in having a top 2 defender available at this point. My overall idea for the draft was to go offense heavy as my remaining strength was in the defensive side of the ball but when you have this much value presented at a spot like this- you don't select someone else because you have depth. You take the gift. 

      3.07- Equanimeous St Brown WR

      I had my eye on Josh Allen but when he went as the first pick in the 3rd and I had an opportunity to trade back 4 spots to gain two six round picks so I was happy to take it. Being able to get the player I would have taken if I had not made the trade only made this move that much more satisfying. But being my Notre Dame homer pick only made me smile that much more. I am hoping that the Packers who have had a good solid history of developing WR's will have another one here. He has a lot of talent. 

      5.03- John Kelly RB

      This deep in the draft you are hoping for a guy that you can put on the taxi squad and he develops into something in a couple of years. I think the kid has talent but playing behind the best all around back in the league (Barkley hasn't taken that title yet) will mean he will not get much of a chance to show it for a while. 

      6.03- Jerome Baker LB 

      Getting my original draft pick back as one of the sixth rounders in the St Brown trade- I took another LB. Again, not really wanting to go LB but allowing the value to dictate what I did with my selection. Baker has a chance to be a great value for a 6th round pick as he is a top 15 defender in my view. 

      6.10- Fred Warner LB

      Adding to depth, I took another LB here with my last pick. I see Warner as being on part with Baker and there was too much value to go elsewhere even if I have the LB's to play ahead of him. 

      Overall Grade: A

      I will give myself an overall A. I stacked my RB corps up with two headliners and another depth. Got two guys that were easily among the two best at their positions and added more solid talent at WR and gave myself options with LB depth. Looking back at the draft at this point, I don't see where I made any mistakes. Of course, who knows what I will say in a couple of years but I was very happy with this draft and feel I made my team better for sure. 

      Leto Falcons
      Thu May 17 9:07pm ET
      So coming into the draft Leto didnt pixk until 3.10. I knew I had some holes to fi and hoped to be able to make some trades to fill my roster.

      I trade a 2019 1st and Tanneyhill fir 2.05 and 2.07 and a 2019 3rd.
      I was able to get Antony Miller who reminds me of a Dteve Smith WR with a chip on his shoulder.
      I then switched gears and drafted Lamar Jackson. I wont lie I am all over the hype train. This pick will turn out 1 of 2 ways huge risk or huge reward.

      Next up I decided to unload some potential with some late picks to aquire rhe 2.12 and 3.05 with 2 players in mind. I give up...Paul Richardson WR WAS
      Tyler Boyd WR CIN
      Rnd 4, Pick 10
      Rnd 5, Pick 2
      Rnd 5, Pick 10.

      I then get Mark Walton Rb Cincy. This guy was a stud at the U and I am partial to any player from the U.

      I then take another huge risk with Antonio Calloway Wr Cleveland. This kid has all world talent and would have been a 1st rounder had he kept his on right. Huge risk, huge reward.

      At 6.11 I take a kid I've known since birth and even played high school ball with his dad. Welcome to Leto Ray Ray Mccloud.

      7.11 I took an athletic freak from and ivy league justin Watson. This kids combine and test scores are 97 percentile for sparq testing.

      Overall I was very happy to aquire these players. I had most of them ranked higher than others. Time will tell and overall I give my draft score a B+
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      AcquiredMervo MustangsKendall Wright WR MINThu Jul 19 11:37pm ET
      ReleasedTurkeyfoot RamsAdrian Clayborn DL NWEMon Jul 16 6:11pm ET
      On I/RTurkeyfoot RamsDylan Cantrell WR LACMon Jul 16 6:09pm ET
      On I/RTurkeyfoot RamsAustin Proehl WR BUFMon Jul 16 6:09pm ET
      On I/RTurkeyfoot RamsDurham Smythe TE MIAMon Jul 16 6:09pm ET
      Mon May 7 1:14am ET
      Leto Falcons2018 Rnd 3 Pick 7
      2018 Rnd 6 Pick 3
      2018 Rnd 6 Pick 10
      Simi Valley Pioneers2018 Rnd 3 Pick 3
      Sun May 6 10:11pm ET
      Turkeyfoot Rams2020 Rnd 2 from Turkeyfoot Rams
      2020 Rnd 3 from Turkeyfoot Rams
      East Peoria Raiders2018 Rnd 3 Pick 5
      Sun May 6 7:10pm ET
      Leto FalconsPaul Richardson
      Tyler Boyd
      2018 Rnd 4 Pick 10
      2018 Rnd 5 Pick 2
      2018 Rnd 5 Pick 10
      Creston Polar Bears2018 Rnd 2 Pick 12
      2018 Rnd 3 Pick 7
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    • Player Notes
      Allen Robinson Jul 20 1:50pm ET

      Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson (knee), who won't have any restrictions for the start of training camp, has been looking like his old self so far with his new team. "He got healthy and he's starting to look like the old Allen Robinson, and it's good to see," quarterback Mitch Trubisky said. "We got to throw a couple times recently and he's getting back to his old self, just getting more and more comfortable, getting his legs underneath him, getting that speed back." Robinson suffered a torn ACL in the season opener for the Jaguars last year and missed the whole season. But he's just two years removed from an 80-catch, 1,400-yard season with 14 touchdowns. While it would be a stretch to expect Robinson to reach double digits in touchdowns in 2018, he can definitely be a value pick as a WR2 in an offense that is on the rise under new head coach Matt Nagy.

      From RotoBaller

      ArDarius Stewart Jul 20 12:30pm ET

      New York Jets wide receiver Ardarius Stewart has been suspended two games by the league for violating the NFL's policy on performance-enhancing drugs, according to sources. He tested positive for a diuretic or masking agent. As a rookie last year, Stewart had just six catches for 82 yards in 15 games. In a crowded Jets receiving room, Stewart is definitely in danger of being cut now.

      From RotoBaller

      Julian Edelman Jul 20 9:23am ET

      New England Patriots WR Julian Edelman won't take his four-game suspension to federal court as he has decided not to file suit, according to sources.

      Jimmy Graham Jul 20 1:43am ET

      Green Bay Packers TE Jimmy Graham will likely split out wide as a receiver much more often than in-line as a traditional tight end this season, according to USA Today Network Wisconsin's Aaron Nagler.

      Royce Freeman Jul 19 11:13pm ET

      Denver Broncos RB Royce Freeman 'catches the ball well,' according to head coach Vance Joseph.

      Deshaun Watson Jul 19 11:10pm ET

      Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (knee) is expected to be "full-go" when training camp starts next week. "I feel great," Watson told the NFL Network on Thursday night, via Adam Wexler of KPRC. "I'm getting ready for next week when we report to The Greenbrier; I'm going to be full-go." He wasn't wearing his knee brace during minicamp last month. The exciting quarterback tossed 19 touchdowns, which was an NFL record for a QB in his first seven games, before tearing his ACL on Nov. 2 in practice. The Texans will likely take it slow with him in camp, but Watson should be 100 percent for the start of the season. He'll be a high-risk, high-reward QB1 going into his second season.

      From RotoBaller

      Eli Rogers Jul 19 11:03pm ET

      Free-agent WR Eli Rogers (Steelers) posted on social media Thursday, July 19, that he plans to sign with a team within the next few days.

      Deshaun Watson Jul 19 10:33pm ET

      Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson (knee) said he will be a 'full-go' when training camp begins.

      Christian Kirk Jul 19 10:03pm ET

      Arizona Cardinals WR Christian Kirk is not in the mix for the No. 2 receiver job, according to Mike Jurecki of 98.7 Arizona, and Jurecki believes either WR Chad Williams, WR JJ Nelson or WR Brice Butler will win the job.

      Chad Williams Jul 19 10:03pm ET

      Arizona Cardinals WR Chad Williams looks more confident and comfortable this offseason and is one of the players in the mix for the No. 2 receiver job, in the opinion of Mike Jurecki of 98.7 Arizona.

      Chad Hansen Jul 19 9:43pm ET

      New York Jets WR Chad Hansen took 'some really good steps forward' over the spring, according to wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell.

      Robby Anderson Jul 19 9:43pm ET

      New York Jets WR Robby Anderson is set to 'explode' and become a 'more complete player' in 2018, according to wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell.

      Brandon Coleman Jul 19 9:34pm ET

      New Orleans Saints WRs Brandon Coleman and Tommylee Lewis are potentially on the roster bubble, according to Nick Underhill of The Advocate. With the team adding more depth at the position 'capable of laying down blocks in the running and screen games,' Coleman may have to re-prove himself, while Lewis will have to show he's the best kick returner in camp to make the team. Lewis has done a 'fine' job since latching on two years ago, but Underhill explains that 'the talent on this team is too thick for fine to cut it.'

      ArDarius Stewart Jul 19 9:34pm ET

      New York Jets WR ArDarius Stewart has 'tremendous long-term potential,' according to wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell.

      Jordan Leggett Jul 19 8:23pm ET

      New York Jets TE Jordan Leggett is past the knee issues that cost him all of the 2017 season, according to tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson. 'We are excited about him,' Johnson said of Leggett. 'He doesn't worry about his knee. He has those issues behind him now. So now, we can move forward and get back to playing football.'

      Robby Anderson Jul 19 6:30pm ET

      New York Jets wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell thinks wide receiver Robby Anderson will be even better in 2018. He had 942 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in the absence of Quincy Enunwa last year as the team's top receiver and established himself as a deep threat in the league. Anderson is sixth in the NFL in receptions 20-plus yards down the field with 27 since he entered the league. "He'll be better at that now that he knows the scope of it. I think Robby is really going to explode and become a more complete player because of it," Dorrell said. Despite the talent, it'll be hard to match those numbers with Enunwa back and Terrelle Pryor also in the fold. Anderson could also be facing a short suspension from the league from his multiple run-ins with the law. If everything goes right, though, Anderson has WR2 upside.

      From RotoBaller

      Jordan Leggett Jul 19 6:30pm ET

      New York Jets tight ends coach Jimmie Johnson said tight end Jordan Leggett's knee issues are behind him after he missed all of 2017. The Jets will give him a long look to compete for the main pass-catching role that Austin Seferian-Jenkins had last season. However, rookie Chris Herndon is also in the mix after catching 40 passes for 477 yards and four touchdowns in college. Herndon has been praised for his in-line blocking, though, and figures to be more of a blocker than pass catcher. Leggett is the favorite to see most of the passing targets, but he's nothing more than a weak TE2 option.

      From RotoBaller

      Mike Hughes Jul 19 5:53pm ET

      Updating a previous report, Minnesota Vikings CB Mike Hughes' four-year contract is worth $9.87 million. The deal includes a $5.256 million signing bonus.

      Josh Norman Jul 19 5:23pm ET

      Washington Redskins CB Josh Norman's 2018 base salary has dropped from $13.5 million to $13.3 million because he did not participate in 90 percent of the team's organized team activities, according to a source.

      Will Compton Jul 19 4:53pm ET

      Tennessee Titans LBs Will Compton and Rashaan Evans are expected to compete for one of the starting inside linebacker job during training camp.

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