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    Tue Sep 18 11:08am ET

    If you're watching the transactions, you can see that that's already happened several times this year:

    Dave made pickups and cuts during Thursday night's game. Nothing illegal about that.

    Pete picked up Lindsay last Monday evening, and cut somebody from his bench, before the games were over. Nothing illegal about that.

    I picked up DeSean Jackson during last week's games on Sunday, and I picked up Breida during this week's games (well, Monday afternoon, so before the games were over).

    You can do this, the same as you've always been able to. We've never restricted in-game (or "real time") pickups.

    The only reason anyone ever has to wait until Tuesday morning is if they are planning on cutting somebody that they just picked up during that previous week. If that's the case, then yes, you can't make that cut until the week's games are over. But as long as you are dropping somebody you are legally allowed to drop, you can always make your pickups on Sunday or Monday, instead of waiting until Tuesday. This is the same as we've always done, and nothing has changed it.



    Tue Sep 18 10:58am ET

    Bob -- If you want to change the 9am time, you should have brought it up before this year's draft, or before last year's draft, or before any year's draft. We've used the 9am time for years now.

    But from reading what you wrote here, it sounds like you have a complete misunderstanding of how it works. We already have real-time cuts (and pickups) over the weekend. You can cut or pick up a guy at any time, except for 11:59pm Monday night through 9:00am Tuesday morning. So there is only a nine hour window when you can't do anything.

    It's true that you can't mess with your starters, at least not from the time the guy's game starts, through 9am Tuesday morning. But you said you were talking about bench guys. So I'm not sure what you're talking about. Bench guys can get cut as part of transactions at any time. You can pick up guys, real-time, during games, and you can cut anyone (from your bench) that you want. The whole thing is a free-for-all, just like it's always been, except for that nine hour window between Monday midnight and Tuesday 9am.

    So if you wanted Dan Bailey, you could have picked him up on Monday, any time up until midnight, and you could have cut any guy who was on your bench.

    Tue Sep 18 10:51am ET

    Three quick things:

    1) I didn't say or even imply that they did the early drop to try to get a head start. I just said that that's a reason for the rule. Honestly, trying doesn't have anything to do with it. What I said is that the early drop gives a "running start" advantage -- it doesn't matter whether that advantage was gained on purpose.

    2) I find it odd that people are accidentally making transactions that only include drops. When you bring up the ADD/DROP page during that 11:59pm-9:00am time, only the side with your own roster comes up. The other side doesn't even appear. So it's quite obvious when you make one of these drops that you won't be able to make a pickup. In general, if people would just put in their drop and their pickup at the same time, this would never happen.

    3) I didn't say I was doing this to rile you up. (And this misreading is something I do think you are doing on purpose.) I said the inverse -- that I was waiting a few minutes to do it, in the hopes that Pete's transaction itself would rile you up. You told me last year that you were sure I was only reversing your transaction because it was you. (You say that about everything that happens to you. Hmm, you are very much like Trump in that way, come to think of it.) So I definitely find it funny to think of you seeing Pete's transaction and wondering why the hell nothing was being done about it.

    Harlem Angels
    Tue Sep 18 10:33am ET

    For the record, I do not like this 9:00 eastern pick up rule on Tuesday AM in general; I'm seldom available to make a transaction at that time & therefore I lose out on another player (this time Dan Bailey) when I wanted to schedule an add drop over the weekend when Crlson missed his last FG attempt.  I understand the site has limitations etc....I'm just bitchin because I keep losing players to Flipper just because he has nothing better to do at 9:00 AM on a Tuesday. (I'm sorry; that sounded mean)  Shouldn't you be colluding with your brother at 9:00 AM? I'm also annoyed with my inability to coach-I made Jim look GOOD (That was mean as well, No offense BRO)


    Next year, I propose real time cuts-of bench guys over the weekend or a transaction fee that ges towards the MEAT FUND......because you can never have enough MEAT.

    You are all my people!

    Enjoy Boyz!

    Waikiki Lava
    Tue Sep 18 10:06am ET

    It is regrettable that you would reverse a transaction like this after we talked about it.  I am certain that both Rob and Pete tried to do a full transaction during the "window" of no transactions.  It is very unlikely that they attempted to drop someone ahead of time without putting in a pick-up so that they could as you say get a "running start" on the 9:00 am website pick-up time.  That is foolish to think that happened.  So once they made the transaction, they were stuck with dropping their player and the website wouldn't let them make a pick-up.  You have to lighten up on the "I am blind to the intent and will only robot like reverse untimely drops."

    It is also sort of a dick move to say that you are doing these actions because you think it will get on my nerves.  Sorta thought we were past that. 

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  • Player Notes
    Josh Gordon Sep 18 11:30am ET

    New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is lowering the expectations of wide receiver Josh Gordon, who the Patriots acquired via a trade on Monday. "You know, I hate to make projections and expectations. That's not fair," Brady told Jim Gray on Westwood One on Monday night. "I've never met Josh personally, just like I hadn't met some of the guys that have come in the last couple weeks. So we'll see how it goes this week and hopefully he can work hard, put the team first and end up helping us in any role that he can find for himself on the team." He also cautioned that it could take time to develop chemistry with Gordon. The embattled receiver surely upgrades New England's receiving room with Julian Edelman suspended two weeks, but it'll depend on whether Gordon can clean up his act and learn this offense quickly enough. It's unclear if Gordon will be active in Week 3 against the Lions on Sunday night. If he is, he'll be a boom-or-bust WR3.

    From RotoBaller

    Deshaun Watson Sep 18 11:30am ET

    New York Giants cornerback Eli Apple (groin) suffered a groin injury in Week 2 that will likely keep him out this weekend against the Texans. B.W. Webb replaced Apple in the lineup and will likely move into a starting role if Apple is inactive. Apple sitting out this weekend would be an upgrade for Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson and his receivers.

    From RotoBaller

    Brice Butler Sep 18 10:23am ET

    Free-agent WR Brice Butler (Cardinals) is expected to sign with the Dallas Cowboys Tuesday, Sept. 18. Terms weren't disclosed.

    Chris Carson Sep 18 2:10am ET

    Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said running back Chris Carson was "gassed" from playing special teams in Monday night's loss to the Bears, which is why he didn't touch the ball at all on offense in the second half. The team also wanted to see what rookie Rashaad Penny could do, too. It seems a bit fishy, but perhaps the Seahawks just wanted to change thing up after not doing anything at all on offense in the first half. Carson had six carries for 23 yards and didn't catch a single pass. This comes a week after Carson made strides as the lead back over Penny. The biggest obstacle to Carson's production is Seattle's terrible offensive line and inability to move the ball consistently. If he now has to deal with more of a committee backfield, he won't be a very attractive fantasy option. Seattle's backfield is looking like one to avoid.

    From RotoBaller

    Taylor Gabriel Sep 18 2:00am ET

    Chicago Bears wide receiver Taylor Gabriel caught four passes for 30 yards and added 17 rushing yards in the Bears win over the Seahawks. Gabriel was targeted throughout the game and it is clear his role has expanded now that he is on the Bears. Quarterback Mitch Trubisky has not targeted the speedster down the field yet but Gabriel has been a reliable presence in the intermediate passing game. The Bears offense isn't explosive enough yet to make Gabriel worthy of fantasy consideration but he is a huge part of their offense right now.

    From RotoBaller

    Anthony Miller Sep 18 1:50am ET

    Chicago Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller caught his first professional touchdown in the Bears Week 2 win over the Seahawks. Miller sprung free on an out-route for the 10-yard catch to put the Bears up 17-3 at the time. Miller has earned raves from the coaching staff throughout training camp and the preseason but is still earning snaps at the NFL level. He may be a few weeks away from being considered fantasy viable but the rookie is already making plays in big moments.

    From RotoBaller

    Trey Burton Sep 18 1:50am ET

    Chicago Bears tight end Trey Burton caught four passes for 20 yards, including a touchdown in the Bears 24-17 win over the Seahawks in Week 2. Burton scored on a fantastic play-call by head coach Matt Nagy, catching a shovel pass from quarterback Mitch Trubisky for the 7-0 lead. Burton even took a snap from the wildcat in the game as the Bears are intent on flashing a variety of formations on offense. Burton will continue to factor heavily in the Bears offensive game-plan moving forward.

    From RotoBaller

    Jordan Howard Sep 18 1:50am ET

    Chicago Bears running back Jordan Howard carried the ball 14 times for 35 yards and added three catches for 33 yards in Week 2. Howard had some nice runs to move the chains but the new-look Bears offense has meant less touches for the third-year running back. The most impressive aspect of Howard's game, through two games, is his improved ability to catch the football. Howard is a huge part of the Chicago offensive attack and big things should be on the horizon in the coming weeks. Howard should see plenty of scoring opportunities next week against the Cardinals.

    From RotoBaller

    Allen Robinson Sep 18 1:40am ET

    Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson caught 10 passes for 83 yards in the Bears 24-17 win over the Seahawks in Week 2. Robinson was quarterback Mitch Trubisky's favorite target and came up with some big catches. The Bears tried to unleash Robinson downfield in the first half but Trubisky under-threw the pass and it was intercepted. Otherwise, the talented receiver made some nice catches in traffic and picked up several first downs. The chemistry is building between Trubisky and Robinson and both will have a positive matchup next week against the Cardinals.

    From RotoBaller

    Mitch Trubisky Sep 18 1:40am ET

    Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky completed 25 of 34 passes for 200 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions as the Bears beat the Seahawks 24-17. Trubisky passed for multiple touchdowns for the first time in his career but still left some plays out on the field. The Bears got on the board off of a nifty shovel pass in the red zone to tight end Trey Burton for a touchdown. Trubisky endured some missed opportunities based on bad throws and shaky decision-making led to two interceptions. But he rebounded to find rookie receiver Anthony Miller outside of the pocket in the second half to keep the Bears up two scores. The Bears offense is still a work in progress but will have an excellent matchup next week against the Cardinals. Trubisky, however, will remain a risky play in fantasy until he can improve his execution.

    From RotoBaller

    Tarik Cohen Sep 18 1:40am ET

    Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen did not finish the Bears 24-17 win over the Seahawks because of an ankle injury. The versatile speedster caught only one pass for 17 yards and racked up only eight rushing yards. Cohen is a dynamic player with the ball in his hands but the Bears are still searching for ways to utilize him. Cohen's status should be monitored over the next week but the injury does not appear to be serious.

    From RotoBaller

    Chris Carson Sep 18 12:53am ET

    Updating a previous report, Seattle Seahawks RB Chris Carson's touches on offense in Week 2 against the Chicago Bears were limited because he was 'gassed' after also playing special teams, head coach Pete Carroll said Monday, Sept. 17.

    Fantasy Spin: If you were wondering why Rashaad Penny led the running backs in touches, and not Carson, it's because of his work on special teams, too. He also added the team wanted to see more of Penny. Fantasy owners of Carson cannot be terribly pleased he is doubling on special teams, as there is nothing to gain from a fantasy perspective in that capacity. The backfield picture is rather muddled heading into Week 3 against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Trey Burton Sep 18 12:33am ET

    Chicago Bears TE Trey Burton had four grabs for 20 yards and a touchdown on his four targets in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17.

    Fantasy Spin: The touchdown was nice for Burton, but he still has just five catches and 35 yards through two games on 10 targets. He'll need to bump up those totals before becoming a regular outside of the deepest of fantasy formats. The Bears travel to meet the Cardinals in Week 3.

    Taylor Gabriel Sep 18 12:33am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Taylor Gabriel posted four receptions for 30 yards on seven targets in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17, and he rushed three times for 17 yards.

    Fantasy Spin: Gabriel is a Swiss Army Knife who came be a difference maker, and it appears head coach Matt Nagy wants to get the ball in his hands. However, he remains more of a WR5 in fantasy leagues of 12 or more teams heading into Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Anthony Miller Sep 18 12:33am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Anthony Miller had two grabs for 11 yards and a touchdown in the Week 2 win against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17.

    Fantasy Spin: The rookie out of Memphis was dominant in college and he has speed to burn. He has a ton of upside, and he is a tremendous long-term keeper fantasy option. However, in redraft leagues he is more of a WR5 for now. The Bears travel to meet the Cardinals in Week 3.

    Allen Robinson Sep 18 12:23am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Allen Robinson posted 10 receptions for 83 yards on 14 targets in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17.

    Fantasy Spin: Robinson's numbers were game highs across the board, as he reeled in plenty of short and intermediate balls from Mitchell Trubisky. Going forward, it doesn't look like Trubisky is going to be looking downfield a whole lot, so Robinson could post some big catch totals on the short stuff. He's a solid WR3 or flex fantasy option in PPR leagues heading into Week 3 against the Arizona Cardinals.

    Jordan Howard Sep 18 12:23am ET

    Chicago Bears RB Jordan Howard rushed 14 times for just 35 yards in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17 while adding three grabs for 33 yards on four targets.

    Fantasy Spin: Howard totaled 17 touches, but he was mostly spinning his wheels in a game which turned out to be a defensive slog. He'll likely have a lot more success in Week 3 on the road against the Arizona Cardinals, a team which allowed three rushing TDs to Todd Gurley in Week 2.

    Mitch Trubisky Sep 18 12:13am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Mitchell Trubisky completed 25-of-34 passes for 200 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions in the Week 2 game against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17.

    Fantasy Spin: It was Trubisky's first career game with two touchdowns in a single game. Both of the TD strikes came on play-action. Last season he had a total of two play-action TDs. He is showing some growth under Matt Nagy this season, but not enough to warrant fantasy consideration on a regular basis. The Bears travel to meet the Cardinals in Week 3.

    Khalil Mack Sep 18 12:03am ET

    Chicago Bears DE Khalil Mack totaled five tackles in the Week 2 win against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17 and he had a sack and a tackle for loss.

    Danny Trevathan Sep 18 12:03am ET

    Chicago Bears LB Danny Trevathan had a hand in a total of eight tackles in Week 2 against the Seattle Seahawks on Monday, Sept. 17 and he added two sacks, a tackle for loss and two quarterback hits.

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