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Elias Sports Bureau and the NFL have made the following official stat changes for NFL Week 6:

Chiefs at Patrios
A half sack previously crredited to Breeland Speaks is now credited to Reggie Ragland.

Buccaneers at Falcons
Jameis Winston is credited with 2 fewer rushing yards, for a total of 29 yds rushing.

Cardinals at Vikings
David Johnson is credited with 1 fewer rushing yard, for a total of 54 yds rushing.

League wide there were about 3 dozen tackles and assists changes.

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    Tue Oct 16 2:52pm ET
    It's 5-0 Joe and 5-0 Hail Mary matching up in the battle for first. Hail Mary rolls the dice with Alshon Jeffrey who delivers two TD’s for the early lead on Thursday. Then it’s Zeke and Phillip Rivers doing well on Sunday to boost Hail Mary. Joe has to deal with RB Jay Ajayi out for the year, but is buoyed as all world RB Todd Gurley steps up along with Cam to keep things neck and neck. But his Raiders D was too tired in England to do much and Hail Mary needed a point from GB’s D and they delivered to send her to the top and 6-0. Jim shows us that last week was a rare week off as he powers to top points with 126 as the KC duo of QB Pat Mahomes and WR Tyreek Hill team up for 74 points to easily outdistance Tim. RB’s Joe Mixon and Sony Michel both had big games as well and Tim could only hope for about 30 more FG’s from Robbie Gould on Monday night. Tom Brady had 18 for Tim, but no one else stepped up. Team Armstrong is back and not sure how, but she puts RB Saquon Barkley in the lineup and jumps to a huge lead over Steve from Oconomowoc on Thursday. Adding in Andrew Luck’s 4 TD’s, Steve is in a pretty big hole and can’t catch up. Kirk Cousins and Antonio Brown had decent games for Steve but Odell Beckham Jr. was quiet this week. Steve remains a game out of the playoffs. In Family Feud, Raider Nation stands tall as RB’s James Connor and Melvin Gordon team up for 45 to beat out Q. Q was happy with Kareem Hunt and Russell Wilson and had a good score of 79, but Raider Nation had a solid week. Carson Wentz gave Raider Nation the early lead on Thursday and that stood up. Look out folks, four-time champ Mike is also only one game out of the playoffs with a convincing first win over Jon. A-Rod was icing on the cake as Steven Gostkowski keyed the uprising by Mike with 21. Jon was happy to see Mason Crosby back on track, but that was about it. In the game of the day, Rich and the Commish go back and forth and the Commish has four players lined up to roll by Rich as both teams are in the 40’s. But Big Ben heats up late and Matt Bryant kicks in a late 57-yard FG (and gets hurt), so Rich jumps to a nice lead. Cooper Kupp gets hurt and Gary’s other players don’t add much, so Rich leads by 16 going into Monday night. Cheering for the Packers, Rich sees Davante Adams score twice, including with less than 2 minutes to go to give the Commish the win. 5-1 Commish and 5-1 Joe battle next week, Q and Mike go for win number 2 and Raider Nation tries to stop Hail Mary.
    Tue Oct 9 12:13pm ET
    Jim finally met his match this week against Hail Mary and standing tall are Hail Mary and Joe with 5-0 records. Q and Jon play the odd game of the week and Team Armstrong still can’t find Saquan Barkley’s name and Steve from Oconomowoc is on the board. Jim thought he would be fine Monday night against Hail Mary with New Orleans getting 43 points. Alvin Kamara scores 3 TD’s, no wait, 3 points and Jim is unable to threaten. Hail Mary sees Philip Rivers take over doing a nice job at QB with help from TJ Yeldon and Zach Ertz to get a nice lead. Pat Mahomes couldn’t to much against the Jacksonville D for Jim. RB Sony Michel give Jim a nice lead Thursday, but he could not hold on. Breaking the century mark this week is Joe against Team Armstrong. Even playing Barkley would not have mattered WR Robbie Anderson has a huge game for Joe and he gets ample help from Todd Gurley and TE Eric Ebron to easily outdistance Team Armstrong. Mason Crosby is moping on the sidelines with 10 seconds to go, but gets called in to kick a FG which sort of provides the winning margin in Jon’s one point win over Q. However, Q and Jon were neck and neck Sunday night with QB Prescott for Dallas trying to outdo QB Deshaun Watson for Jon along with fellow Houston teammate WR DeAndre Hopkins. The game is going back and forth with Prescott (Q) on the move in OT to hopefully garner the winning points – but Dallas punts on fourth and one in Houston territory and Watson and Hopkins combine on a long catch for the win for Jon. Jon will stick with Crosby. Oconomowoc is a City of life this week as hometown hero Steve edges out Raider Nation 86-81 for his first win. Raider Nation has a solid week led by RB’s James Connor and Melvin Gordon, but is outdone by Steve’s WR’s Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown and that includes Beckham’s TD pass. No points for complaining about his QB Manning were given. Raider Nation hoped for a few more points from the Saints D on Monday, but it didn’t happen. The Commish rolls to 4-1 keeping four-time champ Mike at 0 wins. A-Rod tried to help Mike, who now wishes he had the 12th instead of the 1st pick. Mike is also looking to see where Brandin Cooks was. The Commish had a balanced attack and a nice spark from Davante Adams helped as well as a TD from Cooper Kupp but he is not happy that Oakland broke a promise and didn’t run Marshawn from the one yard line. Finally, Rich has recovered from giving up 152 points to Jim in week 1 and makes it three in a row with a win over Tim. Big Ben and Adam Theilen had nice games for Rich, but it was the KC D with 21 that was the difference. Tim was all Tom Brady this week and a lead on Thursday, but only his RB’s of Christian McCaffrey and Kenyon Drake added support after that! There will be only one undefeated team after this week as Hail Mary and Joe meet up in the headliner and there will be a family battle between Q and Raider Nation.
    Tue Oct 2 3:32pm ET
    This week wasn’t much different from last week with only Team Armstrong replacing Raider Nation as a winner. That means our three 3-0 teams went to 4-0 as Jim again garnered top points thanks to a late surge from Pat Mahomes and another huge game from Alvin Kamara. The victim this week was The Mighty Q who couldn’t keep up with Jim, despite a solid game from Kareem Hunt. Jim inserted Trey Burton in at tight end and he delivered with 14 points. Before getting to the other 4-0 teams, Team Armstrong impresses with 2nd most points at 98 and a win over Tim by 14 points, led by Andrew Luck and Golden Tate. Team Armstrong still can’t find the button to play Saquon Barkley, but it didn’t matter. Tim was pleased with Tom Brady, until he realized Jared Goff had 52 on his bench! Tim cheered as RB Tarik Cohen went wild for the Bears, but it wasn’t enough. Tim is currently in the playoffs with one win. Back to the big boys (and girls), Hail Mary puts Philip Rivers in for Jimmy G at QB and thanks to Zeke and what – the Packers D with a shutout, coasts over Steve from Oconomowoc and moves to 4-0. Steve, like four-time champ Mike takes solace in being only one game out of the playoffs despite being winless, but is looking for RB stats to be competitive. Only QB Andy Dalton had a TD and his receiver Tyler Body (Cin) had a nice game for yardage. Hail Mary likes her K, Will Lutz who also had a nice game with 15. Joe keeps going as well with perfection as he edges out Jon. Joe had nice games from QB Joe Flacco, RB Todd Gurley and the decisive points from the Raiders D. Jon saw Desean Watson come to life and Mason Crosby have a big day, but he too needs RB help. Mike took a page out of Jon’s book starting 3 Packers against Rich, but it wasn’t enough as even ARod could only muster 11 in an easy win for Rich. Rich is again touting his WR Calvin Ridley pick as Ridley with two TD’sand K Matt Bryant (a pick up) led the way. Mike doesn’t want too see what Brandin Cooks did on his bench, but like Steve from Oconomowoc, is still only a game out of the playoffs. Finally, the Commish starts RB James White who delivers with 2 TD’s and teams up with Matt Ryan to hold off Raider Nation. Raider Nation matched the QB and WB production with Matt Stafford and Melvin Gordon, but needed TE help. Next week all eyes will be on Hail Mary vs. Jim in the battle to see who will be 5-0.
    Tue Sep 25 12:46pm ET
    Is Atlanta's WR Calvin Ridley the next or new Julio Jones? Rich sure hopes so and Ridley’s 33 points lead Rich to win number one by beating Q and top points for the week at 103. Big Ben added 30 for Rich on Monday night to make sure there would be no Monday comeback by WR Mike Evans for last year’s champ Q. The Mighty Q had a nice week led by Russell Wilson and RB Kareem Hunt, but Rich was feisty after his 0-2 start. Joe continues his unbeaten year in the shadow of Jim and Hail Mary (QB issues will get to later), and takes home the family trophy with a close win over dad. RB Todd Gurley was the difference with 14 as QB’s Newton (Joe) and hop along Aaron Rodgers (Mike) were pretty even and the rest of their teams were quiet. Mike is 0-3 and rubbing his four trophies for good luck for next week. Mike tried to jump start his teams with two Browns players (D and Jarvis Landry) to take an early lead on Thursday, but it didn’t help. Hail Mary has been tailing Jim this year and jumps to 3-0 by beating Team Armstrong, but will have to carry on without QB Jimmy Garoppolo who is out for the year. Garoppolo helped with this week with 23 and WR Tyler Lockett had a real nice game as well as did K Will Lutz with his foot. Not sure who was advising Team Armstrong, but top pick Saquon Barkley may be worth starting next week. It didn’t matter, though as five players only totaled 11 points. Jim, well, Jim won again edging out Steve from Oconomowoc and sending him to 0-3. Jim had a pedestrian 69 points led by who else, Pat Mahomes, but Kirk Cousins only dumped off passes for Steve and had only 9. Jim’s RB tandem of Alvin Kamara and Giovani Bernard had nice games, as did RB Isiah Crowell for Steve. Steve is mad, though as he forgot how good Adrian Peterson does against the Packers and did not play him. Raider Nation was asleep on Sunday during the day except for RB Melvin Gordon, as was Tim except for RB Christian McCaffery and the Rams D. Matthew Stafford for Raider Nation went up against Tom Brady for Tim on Sunday night, but Brady was bad and Stafford was good to allow Raider Nation to roll by Tim for the win. Tim may have to look at Jared Goff as a QB option. Finally, the Commish is doing fine without Le’Veon Bell and thanks to the fantasy stud of the day Matt Ryan with 46, has no trouble with Jon. That’s literally all the Commish needed as Jon had Dalvin Cook not play at the last minute which didn’t help things. Deshaun Watson had over half of Jon’s points. Next week Q will try to slow down Jim and Mike will look for win number one against a resurgent Rich.
    Tue Sep 18 2:34pm ET
    Jim is still top dog this week, but a few others are in range this time and Jim was one dimensional. Hail Mary points out there are only three undefeated teams and that she is one of them! Looking at Hail Mary – with WR Michael Thomas catching balls at a pace like no one in history after two weeks and Philip Rivers on track, she edges out Tim. Tim had a decent game from Tom Brady and ex Bear K Robbie Gould stood out, but he fell five short as WR Allen Robinson has 10 catches on Monday, but none in the end zone, so Hail Mary hangs on. Zeke helped her Mary’s cause Sunday night with 11. Back to Jim, he has all world QB Pat Mahomes who broke 40 again and threw for 6 TD’s leading him over the Commish. Mahomes didn’t quite have the support he did last week but Ju-Ju Smith-Schuster did add a TD to help. The Commish was close, with Matt Ryan having a great game and Travis Kelce catching two of Mahomes’ TD passes. Jim will need a K, though as his K (Zeurlein) wasn’t bad like a couple of others, he just couldn’t kick. Last year’s champ The Mighty Q is on the board thanks to AJ Green with 3 TD’s and beats Andrew Luck and Team Armstrong. Luck was all Team Armstrong had. Q had decent points from Russell Wilson and a TD from TE Even Engram to help and is fired up to know he has the Bears D on his bench when needed. Also picking up win number one was Raider Nation who beat A-Rod and Mike 87-79. Mike sees QB Blake Bortles have the game of his life against New England from his bench with 38, but no who would have figured that. A-Rod had a good game for Mike, but Stefon Diggs was the key with a big 4th quarter and 28 points to almost pull out the win. Raider Nation got late help from Matthew Stafford, and a big game by RB Melvin Gordon and help from RB James Connor to keep the four time champ at bay. Mike is 0-2 along with Rich, who ran into Jon this week. Jon now likes his draft. DeShaun Watson and Mason Crosby led the way for Jon (he made five FG’s although we all know about his miss) and WR Chris Hogan found the end zone for two TD’s. Rich has both WR’s Calvin Ridley and Adam Thielen score, but lacked a huge game from Brees who threw a lot of short passes. Rich noted Big Ben on the bench with 35. Finally, Joe waits patiently for his name in lights and quietly is off to a 2-0 start as well. He gets a huge game from Cam Newton and has RB Todd Gurley running through a hapless Arizona team for 3 TD’s to beat Steve from Oconomowoc. Steve had a solid game from Kirk Cousins but had no position player starting or on the bench had a TD and can’t figure out how Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham could only combine for 7 points. Steve from Oconomowoc draws Jim this week as he looks for his first win and Team Armstrong draws Hail Mary
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    AcquiredGARYNick Chubb RB CLEFri Oct 19 8:21pm ET
    ReleasedSteve from OconomowocChris Boswell K PITThu Oct 18 9:16pm ET
    AcquiredSteve from OconomowocJason Myers K NYJThu Oct 18 9:16pm ET
    ReleasedRaider NationDeSean Jackson WR TAMThu Oct 18 12:37am ET
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  • Fantasy Week 7Scoreboard
    GARY (5-1)3
    Joe (5-1)0
    RICH (3-3)4
    Steve from Oconomowoc (1-5)0
    TEAM ARMSTRONG (3-3)28
    JIM (5-1)0
    Tim (1-5)1
    Jon Vandenbusch (2-4)0
    MIKE (1-5)12
    The MIghty Q (1-5)0
    Raider Nation (3-3)8
    Hail Mary (6-0)0
  • Player Notes
    Mike Evans Oct 19 8:50pm ET

    Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans is always a start given his elite status but he will have a tough matchup this weekend against rookie cornerback Denzel Ward. Evans massive height gives him a natural advantage over the undersized Ward but he will have a difficult time getting separation. Back-to-back duds by Evans shouldn't discourage his owners from starting him this weekend since he's still Mike Evans. Just don't expect much more than low-end WR1 numbers against Cleveland.

    From RotoBaller

    Darren Sproles Oct 19 6:10pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles running back Darren Sproles (hamstring) didn't practice all week and has been ruled out for Week 7 against the Panthers. Sproles hasn't played since injuring himself in the season opener against the Falcons. There remains no timetable for his return, so he can continue to be left to the waiver wire. Corey Clement and Wendell Smallwood should continue to split the workload moving forward, with Clement being the slightly more attractive RB3/flex option.

    From RotoBaller

    Duke Johnson Oct 19 5:53pm ET

    Cleveland Browns RB Duke Johnson will see a larger role following the trade of RB Carlos Hyde to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Johnson is expected to return to his role of 2017, when he topped 1,000 yards rushing and receiving while leading the team in touchdowns.

    Fantasy Spin: Rookie Nick Chubb is expected to be the starting back with a bulk of the carries, but Johnson will see an increase in touches, too. Fantasy owners in PPR leagues will likely see the biggest impact from Johnson's increased workload, as a majority of his added touches will likely come through the air.

    George Kittle Oct 19 5:43pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers TE George Kittle (knee) fully participated in practice Friday, Oct. 19, and is not on the injury report for Week 7.

    Fantasy Spin: Kittle was held to only 30 yards last week but was targeted six times during the game. He should receive a solid amount of targets this week against the Los Angeles Rams and could be a low-end No. 1 fantasy tight end.

    Chris Thompson Oct 19 5:43pm ET

    Washington Redskins RB Chris Thompson (ribs, knee) was limited in practice for a third straight day Friday, Oct. 19 and he is considered questionable for Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Fantasy Spin: Thompson is a question mark and probably should be avoided in most fantasy leagues. However, monitor his status heading into Sunday. If he is active and Adrian Peterson (ankle, shoulder) does not play, Thompson could have a surprisingly good day.

    Richard Sherman Oct 19 5:43pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers WR Dante Pettis (knee) did not participate in practice Friday, Oct. 19, and has been ruled out for Week 7. SS Jimmie Ward (hamstring) did not practice and is listed as doubtful. CB Richard Sherman (calf) missed practice and is listed as questionable. WR Trent Taylor (back), CB K'Waun Williams (shoulder) and CB Ahkello Witherspoon (concussion) were limited during practice and are listed as questionable. LB Reuben Foster (shoulder), OG Josh Garnett (toe), OG Mike Person (knee), C Weston Richburg (knee), OT Joe Staley (knee) and SS Jaquiski Tartt (shoulder) fully participated in practice and are not on the injury report.

    Nick Chubb Oct 19 5:43pm ET

    Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb is in line for more carries and total touches following the trade of RB Carlos Hyde to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The rookie is expected to be the starting back while getting a bulk of the carries.

    Fantasy Spin: Chubb had long touchdown runs of 63 yards and 41 yards in the overtime loss against the Raiders earlier in the season, but he has been limited on touches because of the veteran Hyde's presence. Duke Johnson is expected to remain in a third-down back situation, so the time is now for Chubb. Fantasy owners should find his big-play potential helpful starting in Week 7.

    Tyreek Hill Oct 19 5:40pm ET

    Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill finished with 142 receiving yards and three touchdowns against the Patriots last week. There is basically no chance that happens again this week, but Hill remains a strong fantasy option. The Bengals ranked 27th in passing yards allowed this season. Hill should have no problems against the Cincinnati defense in Week 7. Hill should be considered a WR1 for this matchup.

    From RotoBaller

    Andy Dalton Oct 19 5:40pm ET

    Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton continues to fly under the fantasy radar this season. Dalton is currently the 13th ranked fantasy quarterback overall and has had an impressive 2018-19 campaign, throwing for 14 touchdowns off of 1,674 yards. Though he will throw an occasional pick here and there, he continues to play well despite several injuries on the offensive side of the ball. He will have a favorable matchup on Sunday Night Football against the Chiefs in what will likely be a high-scoring game between the two clubs.

    From RotoBaller

    Sammy Watkins Oct 19 5:40pm ET

    Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins caught just two passes for 18 yards in the loss to the Patriots last week. He should rebound this week against a Bengals defense that ranks 27th in passing yards allowed. A change of scenery has helped Watkins this season, but Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are still ahead of him on the depth chart. Watkins is a reliable WR3 with possibly WR2 upside against the Bengals.

    From RotoBaller

    Tyler Boyd Oct 19 5:40pm ET

    Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green has a favorable matchup against the Chiefs this upcoming Sunday night. The 30-year-old has been solid all year, catching 33 of his 55 targets for 494 yards and five touchdowns. Though he isn't the most efficient PPR option compared to some from a volume standpoint, his ability to make significant gains and find the end zone consistently make him an appealing option regardless of the format. With the Chiefs having issues stopping the pass at times, look for Green to get some extra attention, but with running back Joe Mixon, wide receivers Tyler Boyd and the returning John Ross, look for the former Georgia Bulldog to get some breathing room on occasion, enabling him to do some damage.

    From RotoBaller

    Travis Kelce Oct 19 5:40pm ET

    Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has caught at least five passes in every game this season besides Week 1. He's been exactly what fantasy owners have needed this season. He's a reliable top tier tight end just about every single week. The Bengals defense has given up the third most fantasy points to tight ends this season, according to Yahoo. The Chiefs should easily cut through the weak Bengals defense. Kelce is a top tier TE1 this week against Cincinnati.

    From RotoBaller

    Adrian Peterson Oct 19 5:33pm ET

    Washington Redskins RB Adrian Peterson (ankle, shoulder) was limited in practice again on Friday, Oct. 19 and he is listed as questionable for Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Fantasy Spin: Peterson was in the same boat last week and he was able to play despite a questionable tag, just missing out on 100 rushing yards. The Texas-born running back isn't likely to miss this game, as he has a little revenge on his mind after the team rebuffed him as a free agent in 2017.

    Paul Richardson Oct 19 5:33pm ET

    Washington Redskins WR Paul Richardson (ankle, shoulder) did not practice Friday, Oct. 19 and he is listed as doubtful for the Week 7 game against the Dallas Cowboys.

    Fantasy Spin: The Redskins haven't ruled him out yet, so there is a chance he plays. With Jamison Crowder already out, and Richardson unlikely, it could be a bigger workload for Josh Doctson.

    Marquise Goodwin Oct 19 5:33pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers WR Marquise Goodwin (hamstring, quadriceps) fully participated in practice Friday, Oct. 19, and is not on the injury report for Week 7.

    Fantasy Spin: Goodwin is coming off a very productive Week 6 game but will be facing a tougher defense this week. Owners could consider him a No. 3 receiver or a flex option because he should be the main option in the 49ers passing attack.

    Matt Breida Oct 19 5:33pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers RB Matt Breida (ankle, shoulder) fully participated in practice Friday, Oct. 19, and is not on the injury report for Week 7.

    Fantasy Spin: Breida has posted decent numbers over the last few games but has been held to under 65 rushing yards in each of the last three games. He will be facing a tough Los Angeles Rams defense but could still be at least a flex option in leagues.

    Kareem Hunt Oct 19 5:30pm ET

    Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt had 185 scrimmage yards and a touchdown in the loss to the Patriots in Week 6. Hunt was shaky to start off the season, but has finally found his rhythm once again. Hunt has seen his carries decline from last season, but he still remains productive. The Bengals defense is near the bottom of the league in YPC allowed and receiving yards given up to opposing running backs.

    From RotoBaller

    Adrian Peterson Oct 19 5:23pm ET

    Washington Redskins WR Jamison Crowder (ankle) and WR Paul Richardson (shoulder, knee) did not practice Friday, Oct. 19. Crowder has been ruled out for Week 7 against the Dallas Cowboys, while Richardson is listed as doubtful. S Troy Apke (hamstring) is also considered doubtful after a limited practice, while CB Quinton Dunbar (shin), CB Danny Johnson (forearm), OG Shawn Lauvao (calf), RB Adrian Peterson (ankle, shoulder) and RB Chris Thompson (rib, knee) were limited and are questionable. LB Zach Brown (oblique, shin), WR Josh Doctson (heel), LB Ryan Kerrigan (chest), QB Colt McCoy (thumb), OG Brandon Scherff (knee) and OT Trent Williams (knee) practiced in full and were removed from the injury report.

    Matt Bryant Oct 19 5:23pm ET

    Atlanta Falcons PK Matt Bryant (hamstring) did not participate in practice Friday, Oct. 19. DT Grady Jarrett (ankle) and DE Derrick Shelby (groin) were limited during practice. CB Justin Bethel (ankle) fully participated in practice.

    Pierre Garcon Oct 19 5:23pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers WR Pierre Garcon (knee, shoulder) was limited during practice Friday, Oct. 19, and is listed as questionable for Week 7.

    Fantasy Spin: Garcon could be a game-time decision this week, so owners will need to check the inactive list for his status. He has been targeted at least six times in each of last three games but probably should be benched this week against the Los Angeles Rams.

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