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    Mon Dec 24 12:03pm ET
    What if Kansas City had tied the Sunday night game with Seattle in the last minute, Harrison Butker kicked the extra point and in overtime Russell Wilson threw a long TD pass to Doug Baldwin for the win -- Raider Nation would be celebrating, but folks, it didn’t happen. In reality, Rich has a solid week and holds off Raider Nation for his second overall championship trophy and second in three years Congratulations Rich!! Actually, the key was a QB decision by Rich as Pittsburgh was playing New Orleans and his decision to go with Big Ben over Drew Brees was the key to victory. Raider Nation had a decent start Saturday thanks to the return of Melvin Gordon, but Calvin Ridley for Rich who has been hot and cold had a great week with 17 to propel Rich into the lead. Julian Edelman gets a long TD for Rich as well, but Raider Nation counters with a long TD pass by QB Josh Allen and the Atlanta D to even things up going into the late games. Rich hits pay dirt with RB David Johnson and then Big Ben gives him a nice lead. Doug Baldwin and Harrison Butker bring Raider Nation within striking distance Sunday night, but the fantasy scenario mentioned above didn’t happen and Rich wins out 87-79 in a very good finale. Team Armstrong has her best year ever (when will she find out) as she uses her usual one two punch of Andrew Luck and Saquon Barkley along with help from Larry Fitzgerald to beat out Tim for third place. Tim got limited points from Tom Brady and his two Bears, Tariq Cohen and Allen Robinson. The Commish beats out Hail Mary for 5th place thanks to a huge game from Matt Ryan. Zach Ertz had 18 to lead Hail Mary. Finally, Jim amazingly wins his 7th high points of the week at Patrick Mahomes comes through Sunday night.
    Thank you to everyone for playing!!! Hope you are all back for next year. Will try to set up a gathering, possibly Thursday January 3rd in Montana or Appleton.
    Tue Dec 18 11:03am ET
    Jon Vandenbusch rises from the dead. That could be the lead story, but nah – it’s Rich vs Raider Nation for the 2018 AT&T FFL championship. Raider Nation made a flurry of last minute moves to propel him into a nice lead going into Monday night against Tim. KC RB Damian Williams set the tone on Thursday with two TD’s and QB Josh Allen of Buffalo has a great fantasy game as well for Raider Nation. K Robbie Gould helps Tim cut into the lead as does Tom Brady, but Raider Nation is sitting pretty good going into Monday night. Then Tim’s RB Christian McCaffrey turns into a QB for a long TD pass and Raider Nation falls off his chair. However, the Saints D step up for Raider Nation and insure no more scoring and come up with 8 big points as well to insure the victory. The other semifinal was - well - not real exciting as Team Armstrong met up with Rich. Fortunately for Rich he didn’t need Drew Brees and he had just enough to eke out a win. Andrew Luck just had to hand off this week and Saquon Barkley was held in check, so Team Armstrong had no offense. Rich only had his ancient kicker Matt Bryant score in double figures as he hopes to come to life for the championship. 36-31 was the score folks. Rich is gunning for championship number two and Raider Nation number two and a half after teaming with Q last year. In the battle for fifth place Hail Mary picks up a win over Joe led by Baker Mayfield. Joe got almost all of his points from Todd Gurley. The Commish takes out Jim as Matt Ryan has a good game to lead the way over Jim and Pat Mahomes. In the toilet bowl, year end stud RB Derrick Henry gets MIke off to a nice start with 22 as he tries to win back to back titles. But Russell Wilson has a great game and K Jake Elliott and RB Gus Edwards come through for Q, allowing him to take home a different trophy this year. Now, back to Jon. No one had a high scoring game this week except Jon, He had…113 points for high points of the week and no one was even close! Deshaun Watson, Dalvin Cook and DeAndre Hopkins all break 20 and hey – Jon has a decent team. Thanks to Jim and Joe for doing a great job and to four time champ Mike and last years champ Q for following through till the end. Good luck to Rich and Raider Nation!
    Tue Dec 11 10:14am ET
    It happened in 2014. It happened in 2016. It happened in 2018. The top four – sayonara after the first playoff round! Hail Mary was the only any hope on Monday but WR Tyler Lockett didn’t score a TD, so Team Armstrong’s two man autopilot team of Andrew Luck and Saquon Barkley were too much and Team Armstrong moves on. The Packers D did their part for Hail Mary, but she is disappointed Philip Rivers didn’t have a big game against Cincinnati. Jim is on his way back from Oakland after speaking with Jon Gruden and asking why he traded Amari Cooper to Dallas. Gruden showed him Tim’s card and Cooper turned into a fantasy stud with Dallas and brings home 35 points to lead Tim to the win over Jim. Tom Brady also had a great game as did Christian McCaffrey for Tim. Jim’s KC stars faced a tough Baltimore D and Alvin Kamara couldn’t find the end zone, so despite a nice score, he couldn’t match up with Tim who topped the century mark. Raider Nation juggles his line up and finds a winning formula over the Commish with the key move inserting the Giants D. Solid games by Jameis Winston and Julio Jones helped and Jones' two TD's offset any scores by The Commish’s QB Matt Ryan. Raider Nation continues a trend of coming on strong mid year and into the playoffs. The Commish had a nice week, but no one outside of Ryan had a high scoring game. Finally, Joe had to beat Rich two weeks in a row and it didn’t happen as Joe was let down Thursday by his two Jaguars Keelan Cole and Carlos Hyde and was put in a big hole. Cam Newton couldn’t navigate Cleveland for much either for Joe. Rich interrupts to point out his Jacksonville player (Fournette) also didn’t do much Thursday, but it was only one. Drew Brees snuck in for a late TD to insure a comfortable buffer for Rich and he moves on to try for his second title in three years. In the toilet bowl, Mike picks up Derrick Henry who on Thursday night scored a RB record for the year and maybe in history 48 points with 4 TD’s to single handedly beat Steve from Oconomowoc. Steve gave a solid effort all year, but raised the white flag after Thursday. Thanks to TE George Kittle, Mike also picks up top points with 112. Mike meet up with Q for the toilet bowl title as Q uses the Bears D and TE Cameron Brate to advance. Jon had a chance to win with Hulk Hogan wide open for a TD in the end zone, but Brady overthrew him.
    Thanks to Jon and Steve from Oconomowoc for participating. Next week Mike and Q meet for the toilet bowl championship (trophy or $10); Hail Mary, Jim, The Commish and Joe start the fifth place battle ($10) and in the real games, Rich and Team Armstrong meet up as do Raider Nation and Tim.
    Tue Dec 4 9:46am ET
    One measly point. That point is what keeps Q out of the playoffs and gives Hail Mary the regular season championship. Congrats to Hail Mary!! The game came down to four Eagles Monday night. Before that, Q thought he was in great shape with Russell Wilson shredding Oakland's D for 34 points, but one TD was a long pass to Tyler Lockett of Hail Mary’s team and along with a solid game by Hail Mary’s QB Phillip Rivers (including 2 two point conversion passes), she has a two point lead going into Monday night. TE Zack Ertz racked up yardage for Hail Mary as did RB Josh Adams and that was just enough to keep K Jake Elliott and WR Nelson Agholor one point short for Q. Q had a good game from Spencer Ware of KC who replaced Kareem Hunt, but laments the timing of this. Team Armstrong hopefully knows about this historic moment despite Andrew Luck, well doing nothing. Saquon Barkley was stellar and she had a number of nice kicks from Justin Tucker, but she lost to the Commish Doesn’t matter; yes – Team Armstrong is in the playoffs (remember when she said she had a “source” who told her to pick Barkley number 1 at the draft and the crowd sort of laughed! The Commish had a huge game from Travis Kelce to lead the way and nail down the third seed. Mike could have made some noise and sneaked in to the playoffs but drew the high powered offense of Jim and KC and couldn’t stay in the game. Jim found a new source of points as RB Philip Lindsey steps up to the first team and rams home 27. Oh, Pat Mahomes added 32 and Jim gets his 6th (world record) top points of the week. Mike and number one pick Aaron Rodgers meet the same fate for 2018. Joe is excited with a win over Rich, but then finds out he has to do it again next week when it really means something. Todd Gurley and the Ravens D lead the way for Joe. Rich will have to figure out whether to stick with Drew Brees at QB or put in Big Ben who draws Oakland next week. Congrats to Steve from Oconomowoc who doesn’t give up and beats out Tim, which means Tim gets Jim instead of The Commish next week. Steve comes to life thanks to QB Odell Beckham and WR Odell Beckham who joins forces with K Jason Meyers for the win. Tim had great games from his running back duo of Christian McCaffrey and RB Tariq Cohen and QB Tariq Cohen. Finally, Raider Nation disposes of Jon, who had to leave Sunday afternoon to console Mike McCarthy. Radier Nation moves up in the playoffs to draw the Commish and is hopefull to have James Connor (who had a nice game Sunday) back and possibly RB Melvin Gordon as well.

    Good luck to all. Everyone plays the following week 15 as the 4 playoff losers compete for 5th place. Payouts are $100, $60, $40, $25 and $10. In the toilet bowl, I will give the option of taking $10 or the coveted trophy (or change out the plaque) if you have a trophy already.
    Tue Nov 27 10:11am ET

    Aaron Rodgers – the number one pick and goat of the week?  In a key matchup, Raider Nation has the early players and jumps to a 55-14 lead, thanks in good part to RB Melvin Gordan who had 17 before getting hurt.  Raider Nation’s K Harrison Butker had a Bye but was put in for motivation.  Sunday night, Mike lines up with Rodgers, Stefon Diggs and RB’s Latavius Murray and Aaron Jones.  Two quick Rodgers TD’s, one to Jones and Diggs scores a TD and Mike is set, right - but it comes down to the last Packer drive where Rodgers needed 2 more yards, but 2 bad passed doomed the Packers and Mike.  Who is hot right now – Tim is on a roll with win number 4 in a row and the proverbial team “no one wants to play” in the playoffs.  He garners top points this week handing Hail Mary her second loss and it started with a monster game by Amari Cooper on Thursday with 31.  Christian McCaffrey reels in 25 on Sunday and Hail Mary throws up her arms and says “not this week”.  Phillip Rivers and Zeke did their part for Hail Mary.  In a key battle for a playoff spot Team Armstrong realizes that as long as Andrew Luck and Saquon Barkley are in her lineup she has a chance and this week they teamed for 51 to beat out the Mighty Q.  Q had good games from Russell Wilson and the Bears D, but no other help, so he feels like the Packers with his playoff chances.  Playing solid all year is Rich who breezes to a win over Jon.  Jon made it relatively close thanks to Deshaun Watson Monday.  Rich had great games from Drew Brees and Leonard Fournette, but Fournette duked it out with another player and is suspended, fortunately for Rich just one week.  Rich’s receivers of Adam Thielen and Calvin Ridley continue to be consistent and each scored a TD.   Steve from Oconomowoc has tried everything this year and claims all of his games have been road games, or else he would have won more.  Joe rolls on with a win over Steve with a balanced attack led by Cam Newton.  He hopes for an extended suspension for Fournette so his Jacksonville RB Carlos Hyde can play more!  Finally, The Commish duels it out with Jim’s second string in a key battle and WR Demaryius Thomas comes to life on Monday to keep up with Jim's K Ka’imi Fairbairn to hold on for the win.  Nick Chubb was a stud again for the Commish to be in a winning position and QB Lamar Jackson did well for Jim.  Jim needs to replace starting TE Jack Doyle for the playoffs.  Speaking of playoffs as we head into the last regular season week, Hail Mary and Jim battle for the league championship with Hail Mary having a one game lead and Jim prevailing if there is a tie.  They are both in as is Rich, The Commish, Joe, Raider Nation and Tim.  Team Armstrong is in with a win over The Commish this week and hopes to duplicate her feat from last week.  Four time champ Mike needs a win over mighty Jim and a Team Armstrong loss and Q not to have an all time great week.  Q needs a win over Hail Mary and losses by Team Armstrong and Mike to win (and outscore Team Armstrong by 37), or a loss by Team Armstrong and a record setting number of points if Mike wins.  Steve from Oconomowoc and Jon are in the toilet bowl, noting the ineptness of those who chose their rosters on draft day.  Good luck to all!!

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    Albert Wilson Jan 23 8:10pm ET

    Miami Dolphins wide receiver Albert Wilson (hip) has progressed in his rehab without setbacks since suffering a hip injury in October, according to a league source. Doctors have ruled out surgery once and for all for Wilson and has raised hope that he will be able to get back on the field this spring. The belief is that Wilson will be ready for the start of the offseason program in April. Wilson ranked third on the team in touchdowns (four receiving and one passing) despite missing nine games, and his yards-per-catch average (15.0) led the team. Although Miami's quarterback situation is up in the air, Wilson should have a prominent place in the team's offense next year regardless.

    From RotoBaller

    Sam Darnold Jan 23 8:10pm ET

    The New York Jets officially hired Dowell Loggains as their next offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach on Wednesday. Loggains has worked under head coach Adam Gase in both Chicago and Miami. With Gase likely running the show on offense, Loggains' main task will be to continue the development of quarterback Sam Darnold, who was very up and down in his rookie season. The Jets ranked 29th in yards per game (299.2), 25th in passing yards (197.8), 26th in rushing yards (101.4) and 23rd in the league in points per game (20.8) in 2018.

    From RotoBaller

    Larry Fitzgerald Jan 23 12:10pm ET

    The Arizona Cardinals signed veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to a one-year deal on Wednesday so that he can return for a 16th season. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed. Fitzgerald will turn 36 at the end of August but will remain the No. 1 wideout on the team because of his experience. His numbers took a hit in one of the worst offenses in the NFL in 2018, but he still led the team in receptions (69), receiving yards (734) and touchdowns (six). While Fitz can still make an impact on the field, he'll be returning to his third head coach in three years, but the addition of Kliff Kingsbury could improve the offense moving forward. We won't say for sure that Fitzgerald will return to the 1,000-yard mark, but he should be a serviceable WR3 at the very least.

    From RotoBaller

    Greg Schiano Jan 23 10:53am ET

    Former Ohio State defensive coordinator Greg Schiano is expected to land with the New England Patriots in a top defensive role when linebackers coach Brian Flores heading to the Miami Dolphins.

    Steve Spagnuolo Jan 23 10:43am ET

    Former New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has emerged as the favorite to be hired as Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator, according to sources.

    Larry Fitzgerald Jan 23 9:43am ET

    Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald announced Wednesday, Jan. 23, that he'll return for the 2019 season.

    Fantasy Spin: Fitz had a 69-734-6 season, which was well below the 100-catch, 1,000-yard seasons the three years previously. The rookie quarterback was part of the problem, but he doesn't have much more upside next season. He's still a PPR asset, but he'll be a mid-round option as a WR3.

    Larry Fitzgerald Jan 23 9:43am ET

    Updating an earlier report, Arizona Cardinals impending free-agent WR Larry Fitzgerald re-signed with the Cardinals on a one-year deal. Financial terms weren't disclosed.

    Albert Wilson Jan 23 2:13am ET

    Miami Dolphins WR Albert Wilson (hip) is on schedule with his recovery from an October hip injury that landed him on IR and could be at full speed when the team's offseason workout program begins in April.

    Fantasy Spin: After four largely nondescript seasons in Kansas City, Wilson flashed some playmaking ability before getting injured against the Lions. There are far too many variables in Miami for an accurate read on Wilson's fantasy prospects for 2019, but he did enough last year to warrant your attention.

    Nick Foles Jan 23 1:53am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles would be eligible to be franchise or transition tagged and then traded if the team decides not to pick up his option, which ESPN's Chris Mortensen believes is a possibility as doing so would allow the Eagles to influence Foles' destination.

    Fantasy Spin: Mortensen indicates such a move would prevent Foles from going to a division rival, but it's all speculation at this point. While it's far from a sure thing, Foles could have some fantasy value in the right situation.

    Daryl Worley Jan 23 1:03am ET

    Oakland Raiders CB Daryl Worley (shoulder) had successful surgery on his ailing shoulder last week, according to head coach Jon Gruden.

    Michael Crabtree Jan 22 11:53pm ET

    Baltimore Ravens WR Michael Crabtree is likely to be released in the offseason, according to The Athletic's Jeff Zrebiec.

    Cole Beasley Jan 22 5:23pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent WR Cole Beasley claimed Tuesday, Jan. 22, that the Dallas front office encourages the coaching staff to get the football to certain players. 'I haven't been a huge priority in that regard. Maybe that will change but I'm not sure,' Beasley said.

    Fantasy Spin: Beasley's frustrations are evident and understandable, although Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott and Michael Gallup are all bigger, more talented threats with the ball. Beasley does have a role to play and put together his second best season from a statistical standpoint. That being said, he's only a mid- to late-round PPR flier if he stays in Dallas.

    Alex Smith Jan 22 4:50pm ET

    Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said the team is "optimistic" that quarterback Alex Smith (leg) will be ready for the start of the 2019 season, but he also said "we'll see." In his first year with Washington, Smith was a disappointment, throwing for 2,108 yards, 10 touchdowns and five interceptions with an 85.7 QB rating in 10 games before his gruesome leg injury. He'll be heading into his age-35 season and is unlikely to be ready for training camp or the regular season, so he's one to avoid for fantasy purposes. The 'Skins are in dire need of a long-term quarterback.

    From RotoBaller

    Chris Jones Jan 22 4:30pm ET

    The Kansas City Chiefs relieved defensive coordinator Bob Sutton of his duties on Tuesday. Sutton was head coach Andy Reid's defensive coordinator for all six of his years in KC, but the Chiefs defense continued to trend downward in 2018 and was their Achilles heel in the AFC Championship loss to the Patriots last weekend. Defensive end Chris Jones -- third in the NFL with 15.5 sacks in 2018 -- and linebacker Dee Ford are the linchpins of this defense, but they must improve their talent in the secondary. The Chiefs ranked 31st in yards allowed per game (405.5), 31st in passing yards allowed (273.4), 27th in rushing yards allowed (132.1), 24th in points allowed (26.3) and tied for eighth in takeaways (27) in 2018.

    From RotoBaller

    Jared Cook Jan 22 2:13pm ET

    Oakland Raiders impending free-agent TE Jared Cook will be re-signed if head coach Jon Gruden has his way, but Gruden admitted that Cook will be a popular name on the free-agent market.

    Fantasy Spin: Cook was one of the few bright spots for the Raiders this season, and maybe the lone bright spot. He's a top-five fantasy tight end candidate now after finishing 2018 as the TE5.

    Julio Jones Jan 22 2:03pm ET

    Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones led all receivers with 24 receptions for first downs on 30 third-down targets this past season.

    Fantasy Spin: Despite a slow start in the TD department (none in his first seven games) Jones also wound up leading the league in receiving yards (1,677) for the second time in the last four seasons. And even with Jones turning 30 this offseason (on Super Bowl Sunday), he remains an elite WR1 in all fantasy formats.

    Marshawn Lynch Jan 22 2:00pm ET

    Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said the team is unsure if impending free-agent running back Marshawn Lynch plans to play in 2019. Gruden said "we'd love to have him back" if he decides to play another season. Beast Mode will turn 33 in April and is coming off a season in which he played in just six games due to injury. Lynch ran 90 times for 376 yards (4.2 yards per carry) and three scores. Even if Lynch returns, he'd be more of a low-upside, injury-risk RB2 for Oakland that is more attractive in standard-scoring leagues.

    From RotoBaller

    Jared Cook Jan 22 2:00pm ET

    Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said the team would like to re-sign impending free-agent tight end Jared Cook, but he knows the market for his services will be competitive. He'll be in high demand after he set career highs across the board in catches (68), targets (101), yards (896) and touchdowns (six) for the Raiders. Given the sad state of the tight end position in fantasy, Cook was a strong TE1 this year and will likely be drafted as one again this year, depending on where he lands. Staying in Oakland might be the best for his value.

    From RotoBaller

    Andy Dalton Jan 22 1:50pm ET

    The Cincinnati Bengals are hiring former Oakland Raiders quarterbacks coach Brian Callahan as their next offensive coordinator. Callahan has never been an offensive coordinator in the NFL but has been a QBs coach since 2015. He'll oversee an offense that could easily bounce back after serious injuries to quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver A.J. Green derailed them in 2018. Cincinnati finished 26th in yards per game (310.8), 24th in passing yards per game (205.6), 21st in rushing yards per game (105.1) and 17th in points per game (23.0) in 2018.

    From RotoBaller

    Marshawn Lynch Jan 22 1:43pm ET

    Oakland Raiders RB Marshawn Lynch, an impending free agent this offseason, hasn't announced whether he plans on playing in 2019, but if he does, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said Tuesday, Jan. 22, that 'we'd love to have him back.'

    Fantasy Spin: Lynch will be 33 by the time next season rolls around, but he'd still be a fantasy RB2 consideration if were to be projected to be the primary RB in Oakland.

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