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    Tue Nov 21 1:38pm ET
    Joe started 0-3 and was thinking the competition in our league was too tough, but with a win over Tim he moves above .500 at 6-5 and into solid playoff position. Joe had a miserable game from Alex Smith, but Buffalo starts Nathan Peterman (Hundley wasn't this bad) and Joe's Chargers D feasts on Buffalo for 31 points to lead the way to victory. As the Chargers kept scoring, SD K Nick Novak also chipped in with 19 and RB LeSean McCoy had 19 for Buffalo. Joe liked the results of this game and it also helped him take home top points for the week. Tim only had Matt Ryan and RB Jordan Howard do much of anything and needs two wins to hope for a playoff spot. No one is hotter than Hail Mary these days who picks up win number four in five weeks and can actually think there is a chance for the playoffs as she edges out Jon in the highest scoring game of the day. Jon took a big lead Thursday thanks to 29 from Antonio Brown, but Hail Mary comes back as WR Kenny Stills comes to life, RB James Ingram has a very productive game and Steven Gostkowski kicks a 62 yard FG along with some other kicks against the Raiders for the lead. Jon had a chance Monday with the Seattle D, K Matt Bryant and WR Doug Baldwin all playing, but he falls short 93-85. Both are 4-5. Also at 4-5 and fighting for the last playoff spot is Mike. The four and ½ time champ was down 68-17 before Monday's game to the Commish and came back to make it respectable thanks to Mohomad Sanu and Russell Wilson, but he had already given his concession speech. The Commish started big on Thursday thanks to K Chris Boswell with 16 and RB Melvin Gordon added 11 to help pad the lead. Mike is steamed Mason Crosby didn't get a point for his 2nd half kickoff, the only time he was on the field. The Commish moves into 2nd place. Rich stays strong with a close win over Steve from MI. Looks like he won't have Ezekiel Elliott for the rest of the year but Latavius Murray steps in with a big game and the Ravens D preys on Green Bay for a tough win. Rich is still waiting for dividends on Julio Jones, but his 4 points provided the winning margin. Steve also had a great D as Jacksonville had some fun with Cleveland, but outside of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, he didn't have a big game from any players. Rich maintains his lead and likely needs one win or a Commish loss to clinch the regular season title as he has a lead in points. Team Armstrong did a commendable job against Jim with ¾ of her team but Jim was too strong. Jim enjoyed the Washington at New Orleans game as Kirk Cousins had a big game for Jim for Washington as did Albert Kamara for New Orleans. WR Adam Thielen had a very good game at WR as well. Team Armstrong is still happy to have Tom Brady, but seems destined for the Toilet Bowl. Brady and her team did put up 66 points this week. Finally, The Mighty Q and Rhod look like they are peaking at the right time and a total team effort is too much for Kurt. Resurgent WR Keenan Allen led the way and QB Carson Wentz had a nice game and he did this with only four points from the Minnesota D. Kurt can'tt believe he got -1 points from Dak, and that pretty much sealed the loss. Only the Lions D showed up for Kurt. Week 12 features a rematch of the Commish and the Mighty Q and Rhod and Hail Mary will have to pull one more rabbit out of the hat against Jim. Mike also needs a win against Rich and Jon will have to fight off Kurt if he will get win number five.

    Tue Nov 14 9:50am ET
    It was a crazy week. Jim had victory all set against the Commish thanks to Kirk Cousins running in TD's and RB Albert Kamara and another week of a Ju-Ju Schuster TD. Drinking a Point Special beer he brought from Wisconsin, he relaxed as he had an 8 point lead with Car K Gano against Gary's WR Funchess on Monday night. But in the 4th quarter, with the game in hand, for some reason Cam Newton fires away for 32 years for Funchess's 2nd TD and the win. The Commish was close after Sunday with late afternoon help from QB Phillip Rivers. Kurt was also celebrating throwing a steak on the grill eyeing first place when - whoa, a 97 yard TD from Rams QB Goff to Rams WR Robert Woods for 97 yards and around 30 points and just like that, Rich sails by him and on to a huge win. The duo combined for 59 points to lead Rich to first place all alone. Kurt saw K Greg Zeurlein keep busy with 17 and the Lions D have some fun with Cleveland, but that wasn't enough. Rich also ties for top points with, well Hail Mary! Hail Mary said she could have beat anyone this week and was right as she catapulted to 97 points and had no trouble with Team Armstrong. RB'ss Mark Ingram and DeMarco Murray had huge games and totaled 48 points to lead the way. Matthew Stafford chipped in with 25 as well. Team Armstrong is looking forward to the bye weeks ending after this week to get her team back. She had some false hope after Thursday after 2 TD's from Seattle's TE Jimmy Graham, but didn't have enough against Hail Mary. Hail Mary ties Rich with 97 points and wins top points thanks to her bench strength of Eli Manning and Donte Moncrief. Tim wasn't?t sure if he would ever win and drew a tough assignment in the four and a half time champ and improving Mike. However a player from Cleveland, maybe the only one, RB Isaiah Crowell is the difference for Tim and he gets his first win since week three and moves to within a game of a playoff spot. QB's Matt Ryan for Atlanta and Russell Wilson for Mike had nice games but neither had much else besides Crowell. The Mighty Q and Rhod met up with Steve from MI for the second week in a row and like last week, it was the Mighty Q and Rhod on top. It was a low scoring game. Jets WR Robbie Anderson had a nice game for Steve with 14 and Marcus Mariota did well for The Mighty Q and Rhod, but in the end K Aldrick Rosas came through with the needed points for Q and Ryan Succup missed a rare FG for Steve, which would have given him a tie and the win. Steve does miss Aaron Rodgers! Finally, Joe gets a huge came from Case Keenum (go figure) to come on strong and beat Jon and move to 5-5. WR's AJ Green and Devante Adams both had TD's for Joe to pave the way. Jon can't figure out how New Orleans got 47 points without a passing TD from Drew Brees (he did have one running) and had Ty Montgomery get hurt after starting out hot with 13 early points. The next three weeks finish up the regular season and are the last three weeks of round robin play.
    Tue Nov 7 2:33pm ET
    The Mighty Q and Rhod come to life in week 9 and jump into the thick of the playoff race with a win over Steve from MI. Astutely realizing WR Marvin Jones is all pro against Green Bay, Jones plays and teams with QB Carson Wentz and RB Todd Gurley for the easy win. QB Josh McCown did a reasonable job replacing Aaron Rodgers for Steve, but outside of him, he had no TD's from position players. The Mighty Q and Rhod head to the top of the 4 and 5 teams and with the schedule now set for week 10, has a rematch next week with 6-3 Steve from MI. Rich has plenty of firepower on his team and this week it's backup QB Jared Goff leading the fantasy world with 42 points and he almost singlehandedly beats Joe. Rich's RB's Ezekiel Elliott and Christian McCaffrey did well and Rich again has top points with a score of 87. Rich hopes to see Zeke in the first round of the playoffs, though. Joe just put up his arms and realized it wasn't his week although he did have a nice game from QB Alex Smith. Tim had a solid game going and looked poised to knock off Jon and had the lead for awhile, but Jon had Detroit's RB tandem of Ameer Abdullah and Theo Reddick and got enough points against GB Monday night for the win. Now Jon played two bye players, but saved a point with this strategic move as Willie Sneed played and had -1, but was smartly on his bench. Tim couldn't figure out what happened with Kelvin Benjamin and Jacquizz Rodgers, as both avoided the ball. Jon's QB Drew Brees led the way for him as did Tim's QB Matt Ryan. Kurt and Jim duke it out in a high scoring, no wait low scoring game as many players didn't contribute much. Dak had another big game at QB for Kurt, countered by Albert Kamara, the New Orleans RB for Jim. Doug Baldwin was the difference with 15 for Kurt in the 57-45 win. Jim is definitely hurt by the loss of QB Deshaun Watson. Hail Mary's two game winning streak ends at the hands of Mike, who is now officially in the playoff mix. The four and a half time champ sees big games from Russell Wilson and WR Tyreek Hill and a nice game from the NO D. Hail Mary made is somewhat respectable thanks to QB Matt Stafford who, geez, got some points against the Packers. Finally the Commish sneaks out another win as the Texans D and their WR DeAndre Hopkins come through, even though their team lost. Derek Carr helped out as well. Team Armstrong tried Tom Brady on his bye week, but that didn't work although her back up had 0 and didn't touch the field. Team Armstrong had a strong showing, though, with the help of RB's Matt Forte and Beast Mode. Week 10 is the second 1 v 2, 3 v 4, etc. week and then then weeks 11-13 complete the round robin. The last three weeks will be updated/corrected shortly, but week 10 or the upcoming week should be set. Kurt and Rich vie for the top spot as a highlight, in addition to the Mighty Q and Rhod rematch with Steve from MI.
    Tue Oct 31 12:29pm ET
    Hail Mary rises from the dead (Happy Halloween) and gets back in the playoff hunt with a win over one of the four "big boys" in Kurt. On paper it didn'tt look good for Hail Mary and neither team had a player with a huge day, but despite missing two FG'ss, Steven Gostkowski boots 4 through and leads Hail Mary. Mark Ingram added 10 and Hail Mary can't figure out how her QB Stafford threw for over 400 yards without a TD but it didn't matter. Kurt can't figure out his QB either as Dallas tallies 33, but Dak pretty much just handed off so he was a non factor. Kurt tries Jim's strategy of an unknown kicker in Ka'imi Fairbairn (not from Pulaski) and he helped a bit along with Le'Veon Bell, but Kurt said it was just one of those weeks. Tim looked like he would pull an upset as well over Jim until Jim unloaded his Chiefs on Monday night. Tim led Jim by a huge margin thanks to Matt Ryan and decent points from most positions and yes, some help from the Bears D. But Jim hadn't used most of his players and Juju Smith-Schuster (the hide and seek guy after a score) started Jim rolling and what the heck - he plays some WR named Doctson from Washington who gets 1 catch for 1 yard, but it's a TD! Then on Monday after the KC D and KC Kicker Harrison Butker have huge games he not only pulled away for an easy win, but also garnered top points. Steve from MI doesn't have Aaron Rodgers so it's - yes, Cade, no Josh McCown leading the way scoring enough points to beat Team Armstrong. Gronk had a TD as well for Steve. Team Armstrong had two late TD's from Jimmy Graham, but finished just short. Team Armstrong protested claiming she was supposed to play Kurt this week, but it has been turned down. The Commish was in trouble against Jon, but Travis Kelce has a monster game for KC to bring him back and pick up the win. Jon looked to go up by a lopsided score on Sunday night, but his two Detroit RB'ss and Antonio Brown could only give him 10 points. Jon had the lead thanks to a big game from the Seattle D. Finally Rich celebrated his win early over the mighty Q and Rhod courtesy of the Baltimore D who gave him a 25-0 lead after Thursday. Zeke had a big game, Big Ben likes his new home on Rich's team and even without much from Julio Jones, he looks dominant. But wlll Zeke be suspended?? The Mighty Q and Rhod tried to come back with Carson Wentz, but had no TD's from other position players. Finally, it the battle for Lautenschlager supremacy it was Russell Wilson for Mike with a tremendous game and fantasy game as well (34) to provide the needed muscle for the win. The Eagles D and WR Alshon Jeffrey had great games as well for Mike. Joe was led by LeSean McCoy with a nice game at 19 but lacked the firepower to offset a big game by dad. This ends a four game winning streak for Joe. The schedule is now set for week 9 and week 10 will be 1 v 2, etc. Week 9 is highlighted by a match up of Kurt vs. Jim.
    Tue Oct 24 3:00pm ET
    The big boys battle it out In week 7, Hail Mary is on the board and Joe is hot. Just like the Saints, Joe looked like he was in for a long year, but turns it around and takes care of Team Armstrong for win number four in a row as Alex Smith scores 36 and basically matches the 37 scored by all of Team Armstrong's players. Team Armstrong had a player in the stands (Beast Mode), which is a hard place to score points from. LeSean McCoy and Jordan Reed had nice games for Joe. Hail Mary probably turned off the TV as Carson Palmer got hurt, but out of the blue comes WR Kenny Stills for the needed points to set up a win over the Mighty Q and Rhod. K Steven Gostowski booted home the winning points Sunday night and the Mighty Q and Rhod couldn't figure out how QB Marcus Mariota couldn't do much against the Browns. RB Todd Gurley and K Justin Tucker did their part for the Mighty Q and Rhod, but that was about it. On to the big boys. Kurt and Steve from MI have a rematch, but it's Kurt this time as Brett Huntley is not Aaron Rodgers for Steve. Steve did fairly well with the Jaguars D and his K who doesn't miss, Ryan Succop. but Dak was on fire for Kurt with a monster game of 36 and with K Greg Zeurlein booting balls through the goal posts at Twinkenham stadium, Kurt moves into sole position of the lead. Even the cries of COOOOOP didn't matter as Kurt fidgeted through the weekend knowing he didn't play Amari Cooper Thursday and could have had 29 points. Rich doesn't know what to expect from "Zeke", but if it is like week 7, when he matched Dak's 36, he could be the team to beat. Zeke along with another K (Kai Forbath) powers Rich over Jim and Rich also picks up top points for the week.. Jim had a nice game from Kirk Cousins and of course his K, Harrison Butker, but only tallied 3 points from his WR's. Jim, Rich and Steve from MI are tied at 5-2. Another Lautenschlager on the rise is Mike as he picks up win number two with a win over Jon. Tyreek Hill is the main gunner for Mike with 20 and gives Mike the early Thursday lead which he held on to. John has a decent game from Drew Brees but is in tough shape at RB. WR's Antonio Brown and Doug Baldwin did their part for Jon. Jon is fading after a big start. The Commish continues his win a week lose a week as he basically wins on Thursday thanks to Derrick Carr and 33 points and TE Travis Kelce with 8. Tim never matched the 41 points on Sunday and fortunately didn't lose because he had the Bears D (29 points) on his bench. Upcoming week highlights include #1 Kurt vs #12 Hail Mary and the battle of the Lautenschlagers.
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    Michael Thomas Nov 25 1:30am ET

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas should continue to provide steady, if unspectacular, value in Week 12. Thomas has caught at least five passes and seen eight targets or more in all but one game this season. That's only translated to one touchdown, which is something the Rams don't allow often to wideouts. The Rams have given up six TD to opposing WR this year, which likely means another high-floor/low-ceiling game for Thomas.

    Kayvon Webster Nov 25 1:30am ET

    New Orleans Saints wide receiver Ted Ginn posted his best numbers since Week 7 when he went for six catches and 87 yards against the Redskins. He now boasts a 16.3 average yards per reception in his first season with the Saints. In Week 12, Ginn has a favorable matchup with the Rams' CB Kayvon Webster. Although he isn't a must-start, he is still in the WR3 mix for standard leagues.

    Todd Gurley Nov 25 1:20am ET

    New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram has gone over 130 rushing yards each of the last two weeks and looks to carry on his success in Los Angeles in Week 12. He now ranks fourth in the NFL with 806 rushing yards, and his eight touchdowns are tied with the Rams' Todd Gurley for the league lead. His 5.2 yards per carry is third among running backs behind teammate Alvin Kamara (6.2) and Green Bay's Aaron Jones (5.3). Ingram is a firm RB1 who can be played with confidence each week - something that couldn't be said at any previous point in his career by fantasy owners.

    Alvin Kamara Nov 25 1:10am ET

    New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara isn't just becoming an every-week RB1 regardless of matchup, he's making a strong case for Offensive Rookie of the Year. Through 10 games, he already has 1,000 all-purpose yards with 459 rushing yards and 447 receiving yards plus 120 yards on five kickoff returns. Kamara also has seven touchdowns and is leading the NFL with a 6.4-yard average per carry. Due to his versatility, Kamara is nearly matchup-proof, even in tough road games like the Saints will face in Week 12 versus the Rams.

    Kenny Stills Nov 25 12:50am ET

    Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills broke out with his best game of the season in Week 11 with 180 receiving yards and a touchdown. It may not be a coincidence that nearly all of it came in the second half with Matt Moore at QB. In Week 7 when Moore played the majority of the game, Stills scored twice and came away with 85 yards. The following week, with Moore as the starter, Stills was targeted a season-high 10 times. While Stills will be covered by CB Malcolm Butler this week, he could see enough volume to be a sneaky flex play and may outproduce teammate DeVante Parker yet again.

    DeVante Parker Nov 25 12:40am ET

    Miami Dolphins wide receiver DeVante Parker continued a disappointing campaign with a 26-yard effort in Week 11. The Patriots present a generous pass defense, but Parker hasn't fully capitalized on previous matchups this season. Parker has one touchdown and hasn't put up a single 100-yard game. He'll also be catching passes from backup Matt Moore this week. In Moore's previous start, Parker was a DNP and the two have barely worked together. Parker could be considered a low-end WR3 in PPR leagues, but can't be trusted to do much more than he has already this year.

    Julius Thomas Nov 25 12:30am ET

    Miami Dolphins tight end Julius Thomas hasn't put up many big games this season, but he has come alive in recent weeks with a pair of touchdowns and a slight increase in targets. Apparently, he could stay more involved in the offense as the year winds down. "Yeah, with Julius, I didn't get him going enough early in the season,'' said Dolphins coach Adam Gase. "But I feel like we've gotten (back) into a little bit more of a groove with him now, and I still think there are some other things we can do." Thomas is not an ideal start for fantasy owners, but he could see his share of red zone opportunities and serve as a TE streamer for deep leagues.

    Damien Williams Nov 25 12:10am ET

    Miami Dolphins running back Damien Williams emerged as the rushing leader for the team in last week's loss to Tampa Bay, but that alone isn't an encouraging sign. Williams broke off a 69-yard run early in the game, but finished with nine yards on his other nine carries, totaling 78 rush yards for the day. 78 is also where Williams is ranked among all flex players (RB, WR, TE) in our weekly RotoBaller rankings, reflecting his position on the bubble for flex consideration. He comes as a low-ceiling option against a New England team that gives up a fair amount of yardage, but has held each of their last six opponents under 20 points. Williams has a low probability of reaching the end zone and can be passed over for someone with higher upside.

    Kenyan Drake Nov 25 12:00am ET

    Miami Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake had a disappointing game against Tampa Bay in Week 11, rushing for four yards on seven carries. Drake outsnapped Damien Williams on the day, but contributed nothing to fantasy owners who thought the matchup would reap benefits for them. Drake is still in a committee situation and can't be considered more than a desperation flex play for Week 12 against the Patriots, who are an average defense against the run. He has shown big-play ability and is sporting a 5.5 yards per carry average this season, but won't get enough volume to be a reliable option.

    Jarvis Landry Nov 24 11:40pm ET

    Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry is enjoying his best season in terms of fantasy success despite the team's recent struggles. Landry already has set a career-high in touchdowns with six even though his yards-per-catch average (8.5) is a career low. With the Patriots bottom-dwelling pass defense on tap for Week 12, Landry could have a chance to enter the WR1 conversation in PPR formats. He enters the game motivated to beat a team that has dominated them in recent years. "Honestly, it's a pride thing and also, it's something for us, a mindset," Landry said. Although the Dolphins are the biggest underdog of the week, it could benefit the receivers if they fall behind early.

    Jay Cutler Nov 24 11:10pm ET

    Miami Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore has been named the starter for Week 12. Jay Cutler (head) remains out as he recovers from a suspected concussion suffered in the first half against Tampa Bay. Cutler's concussion comes at a convenient time, as he had thrown three picks in the first half. Moore did a nice job filling in the second half of a losing effort and has the experience to step in effectively. His first start of the season didn't go so well, however, as he failed to lead the team to a single point in a 40-0 thrashing by Baltimore. Moore will face the Patriots, who entered Week 12 allowing the second-most fantasy points to quarterbacks. In a matchup where the team will need to pass often, he could be a sneaky source of garbage time points, but one that comes with great risk.

    William Hayes Nov 24 9:53pm ET

    Miami Dolphins DE William Hayes' (back) back injury could keep him sidelined for an extended period of time, according to a league source.

    Janoris Jenkins Nov 24 9:53pm ET

    New York Giants CB Janoris Jenkins (ankle) has a 'painful' ankle injury that could sideline him for a few games, according to head coach Ben McAdoo.

    Brandon LaFell Nov 24 9:43pm ET

    Cincinnati Bengals WR Brandon LaFell (knee) was a full participant in practice Friday, Nov. 24, and he is not listed on the Week 12 injury report.

    Tyler Kroft Nov 24 9:33pm ET

    Cincinnati Bengals TE Tyler Kroft (hand) was a full participant in practice Friday, Nov. 24, and he is not listed on the Week 12 injury report.

    JuJu Smith-Schuster Nov 24 8:50pm ET

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have ruled out wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster (hamstring) and tight end Vance McDonald (ankle) ahead of their Sunday night game against the Green Bay Packers. Smith-Schuster's hamstring strain was said to be a minor issue but it is apparently significant enough to keep him out of action on Sunday. McDonald has been dealing with his ankle issue for a few weeks now. Look for Martavis Bryant to see a few extra targets on the outside while Jesse James operates as the team's primary tight end. At least the team ruled both players out early so fantasy owners don't have to make any difficult decisions ahead of the Sunday night game.

    Tyler Lockett Nov 24 8:43pm ET

    Seattle Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett (hip) was limited during practice Friday, Nov. 24, but is not on the injury report for Week 12.

    Bobby Wagner Nov 24 8:43pm ET

    Seattle Seahawks OG Oday Aboushi (shoulder), SS Kam Chancellor (neck) and CB Shaquill Griffin (concussion) did not participate in practice Friday, Nov. 24, and have been ruled out for Week 12. RB Mike Davis not practice and is listed as doubtful. OT Duane Brown (ankle), LB Bobby Wagner (hamstring), LB D.J. Alexander (shoulder) and DE Dion Jordan (neck) did not practice and are listed as questionable. TE Jimmy Graham (ankle), LB Michael Wilhoite (calf), DT Jarran Reed (hamstring) and OT Luke Joeckel (knee) fully participated in practice but are listed as questionable. WR Tyler Lockett (hip) was limited but is not on the injury report. WR Amara Darboh (ankle), CB Jeremy Lane (non-injury) and DE Michael Bennett (non-injury) fully participated in practice and are not on the injury report.

    Mike Davis Nov 24 8:33pm ET

    Seattle Seahawks RB Mike Davis (groin) did not participate in practice Friday, Nov. 24, and is listed as doubtful for Week 12.

    Jimmy Graham Nov 24 8:33pm ET

    Seattle Seahawks TE Jimmy Graham (ankle) fully participated in practice Friday, Nov. 24, but is listed as questionable for Week 12.

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