Nickname: bworth
Fantasy Player Rank: #231
Fans: 2

50 Money League Teams

ChampionshipChampDraft 1inFantasy Championship 5/20 9:30PM
DynastyWarriors DynastyinEnd Game
DynastyPunisher's DynastyinLa Cosa Nostra
DynastyStampedeinStark Industries
All-American0515inAll Beast Mode
All-American2hourinTrading Fools
All-AmericanAuction30 1inThursday Auctiion Action
All-AmericanJW_draft 1inPost John Wick3
All-AmericanJW_draft 2inHump Day
All-AmericanJW_draft 3inAuction
All-AmericanMay30inAvengers: Early Game
All-Americanmayauction 1inAuction
All-AmericanMother's dayinFirst of the First
All-AmericanPanthers 1inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanPanthers 2inFour Hour Slow Draft III
All-AmericanPanthers 3inRIP Game of Thrones
All-AmericanWildcats 1inFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanWildcats 2in17 *DON MEREDITH *
All-AmericanWildcats 3inRaining days
AudibleFoghorn LeghornsinLets draft
AudibleStampedein2019 Slow Roll
AudibleStorminWooden Nickels ... Silver Dollars
Audible0516inFantasy Football Factory (FFF)
AudibleSharkTankinSmokers Jokers Tokers
Audible05_02inThere Can Only Be One
AudibleDM0514inTuesday night Jumbo Audi
AudibleDM20_Foghorn 1inGREAT RTS CRASH OF 2019
AudibleDraft only 04/30in1st SFlex After Draft
Draft MastersDM50_CowboysinHowl at the Moon w/The Wolfman
Draft MastersDM50_Foghorn 1inSit and Go 50 XXXIX
Triple Play125tpinSlow triple
Triple PlayTRIPLE125inTriple Play MLB 125
Triple Play6-4-3 Double playinMLB Fantasy
Triple PlayTP100inTP 100 BBall
Triple Play4hour50inTP 50 4hr XI
Triple Play50TP AuctioninField of Dreams
Triple PlayWarriorsinTP 50 2hr X
Triple PlayBullsinFrosted Flakes
Triple PlayLets play twoinAuction Sucks Donkey Balls
Triple PlayrookiesinC'MONNNNN
Triple PlayStampedeinTP 20 8hr IX
Triple PlayTP20inTrippin 20
Big LeagueBaseball BoysinWarm Up
Big LeagueWarriorsinBL 50 2hr XIII
Big League8hourinBL 30 8hr XVII
Big LeagueAuctioninLate Night Auction
Audible40PICKSin14 teams 40 players! lets get wei
AudibleBad News BearsinBig roster- slow draft
Draft MastersDraftonlyinSaturday Night

4 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonPretendersin2018 Mathis Brothers Fantasy Foot
Full SeasonStampedein2018 Mathis Brothers Fantasy Foot
Full SeasonStampedeinMathis Sleep FFL
PlayoffTeam WorthinBoomer Playoff League

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