Nickname: finfan66
Fantasy Player Rank: #48
Fans: 62

35 Money League Teams

ShootoutPlayoff team 1inPostseason Shootout Fantasy Footb
Championship$250 championship 1inFantasy Championship 8/27 6:00PM
High Stakes$500 High Stakes 1inDeep Crossing Route
High Stakes$250 High Stakes 1inA Quick Slow One
High Stakes$250 High Stakes 2inSlow Yo Roll
High Stakes$250 High Stakes 3inLeague of Rookies
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 1inThe Professionals
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 2inExpect No Mercy
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 3in$125 High Stakes #3
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 4in$125 High Stakes #5
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 5inBOAT FULL OF MONKEYS
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 6inMr Irrelevant
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 7inAerial Attack
High Stakes$125 High Stakes 8inOpening Kickoff
All-Pro$125 All Pro 1inYanny Ballers
All-Pro$125 All Pro 2inBirds of a Feather
All-Pro$125 All Pro 3inBIG BALLS
All-Pro$125 All Pro 4inWinter is Coming
All-Pro$125 All Pro 5inPatriots Suck
All-Pro$50 All pro 1inDunder Mifflin Inc
All-Pro$50 All Pro 2inMonsters of the Midway
All-Pro$50 All Pro 3inone more team
All-American$30 AA 1inlunch league
All-American$30 AA 10inWhattya Have On Draft?
All-American$30 AA 11inChamps
All-American$30 AA 2inKing of Kings
All-American$30 AA 3inSaturday fun day
All-American$30 AA 4inPeanut Butter and Jelly
All-American$30 AA 5inGreat Day to Play
All-American$30 AA 6inSunday AA
All-American$30 AA 7inLunch Special
All-American$30 AA 8inThe Tailgate Party
All-American$30 AA 9inAfternoon AA
Audible50 audi 1inBorder Walls

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