Nickname: MadCowbodyCulprits
Fantasy Player Rank: #398
Fans: 1

16 Money League Teams

All-AmericanBrawlin' and Ballin'inChicken League
All-AmericanBreak Necksinblair walsh project
All-AmericanBumfuzzle HustlerinThe Wu
All-AmericanCMAC and His MahomesinKenny Loves D**k
All-AmericanCMAC's Bruise CrewinNow or Never
All-AmericanDEEZ LUTZinLeft Coast League
All-AmericanFiddlefuff ToughinDestroy or be Destroyed
All-AmericanFunky Brady BunchinDegenerate
All-AmericanGrid Iron Giddy-UpinPut up or Shut Up
All-AmericanGurley MeninSkysTheLimitAndSpaceIsThePlace
All-AmericanHang Em' High FiversinThis ones for pops
All-AmericanMad Cowboy CulpritsinFantasy Trade League
All-AmericanOH HENRY!!!!inCrank It Up
All-AmericanRoll Tide RumblersinRumblin' Bumblin' Stumblin'
All-AmericanSteeler NationinThey were WHO WE THOUGHT THEY
All-AmericanYippee Ki Yay, Mr. FalcinGettin' close
Draft Slot123456789101112

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