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amphitheater of pain Est. 2015
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Commissioner Sun Jan 14 4:45pm ET
Pay up all 1 st 500 2nd 200 3 rd 100 best at pik wins entry free for next year
Chitown Hustler Sun Jan 14 1:33pm ET
Edited: Sun Jan 14 1:33pm ET
Today IS triple D DAY !!! DET. DALLAS DEN IN NBA GET IT ,of course our favorite triple d is competing w us here
Commissioner Sat Jan 13 2:54pm ET
Allright men and woman let's get it !! Pik em pool us for money get on it
Commissioner Sat Jan 13 11:49am ET
Pik em pool is in header ,nfl ,pool ,make piks ,I believe that's what you'll see ,play with it Wiorth $ if ca