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Avita Fantasy Football League Est. 2017
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Shoulda Coulda Woulda Thu Jul 18 2:24pm ET

Made some proposals . . . last gasps . . . casted the rod one last time to see if I can get a bite . . . Last person I made "take a chance" deals with has won the league back to back to back!  Either I made stupid trades or those trades were just the missing piece he needed to win a championship(s)!  Why hold on to money when you can take a gamble with some of it!  If you got 8 top RBs or 7 top WRs, I'm talking to you!

Commissioner Thu Jul 11 1:02pm ET

Owners, reminder to please make your final cuts by August 2nd!

Tuacide Squad Tue Jul 2 5:01pm ET
Let’s goooo Dustin! Gotta keep things fresh ya know
Shoulda Coulda Woulda Tue Jul 2 3:48pm ET

T Squad!!!!  My man!  Mix it up a little make it interesting!  Done Deal . . . unless the mishy mish vetoes it

Commissioner Tue Jul 2 2:05pm ET

Owners, please make your final cuts by August 2nd, which will give me a week to put together the draft board.  If there's additional cuts you'd like to make after the August 2nd, please discuss with me directly.

Cleveland Steamers Wed Jun 5 4:28pm ET
8/11 works for me!
It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy Wed Jun 5 4:01pm ET
I can do whenever
Dr. J and The Home of the Steelers Skeleton Wed Jun 5 3:58pm ET
I'll do whenever...ty
Commissioner Wed Jun 5 3:36pm ET

Owners, we've had some feedback on the draft date.  Some of the owners appear to have conflicts with the date and time over Labor Day.  The other available date is the 11th of August.  Please let me know if this date works, and if so, I'll change the date on the draft.

Commissioner Fri May 31 3:36pm ET
Looks like Sunday the 1st of September at 5 pm for our fantasy draft. If we have no major issues with this, I will work on the draft setup.