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Ezmoneymango Wed Jun 3 11:59pm ET
Haha I love this
Rolling Rocks Wed Jun 3 6:01pm ET
He’s persistent I’ll give him that. Won’t take no for an answer. He wanted Chark for Cooks. That’s not happening
Rolling Rocks Tue May 26 4:04pm ET
If you messed up, try emailing commish. That is messed up. Two players that are on teams for one want a be rapper
Mystical Marauders 1 Tue May 26 2:48pm ET
Obviously I messed up that trade meant to leave Samuel out. Lol my loss is numbers gain
Mystical Marauders 1 Sun May 24 8:08am ET
Edited: Sun May 24 8:09am ET
Looking to trade a 2021 round 3 for a flex piece Something like an rb2/3. Or wr. 2/3. Send me an offer if you want thanks
Rolling Rocks Wed May 13 11:19pm ET
Gotta say I haven’t seen this much action on the message board in 3 years. Getting these feelings out is good tho
Ezmoneymango Wed May 13 11:10pm ET
Haha development you are a joke for calling people out for making trades. That just made you look pathetic and that's why nobody really wants to trade with you