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Rolling Rocks Thu Dec 5 8:34pm ET
Oh I gotcha
Mystical Marauders Thu Dec 5 5:19pm ET
No im missed in another league EZ was sayong tiebreak should be head to head points i think points for the season is way fairer
Rolling Rocks Thu Dec 5 1:37pm ET
Make playoffs. Look at our division. All four made it in.
Rolling Rocks Thu Dec 5 1:36pm ET
It was very close in points. We missed the first round bye by 9 points. The seeds go by points. After the division winners then go by record then points.
Rolling Rocks Thu Dec 5 1:34pm ET
I’m confused. Why are you disappointed? You make the playoffs Mystical
Mystical Marauders Thu Dec 5 1:13pm ET
I actually had the same happen in another league im in 6 teams were tied 8-5 and i had least points total. So i missed out thats the breaks they were better than me all year
Mystical Marauders Thu Dec 5 1:12pm ET
I disgaree why would 2 games be the decider it should who performed better and more consistently over the season
Mystical Marauders Tue Dec 3 11:47pm ET
Overall points is the tiebreak sorry
Development Tue Nov 26 4:06pm ET

Fuhgeddaboudit. I'm keeping Lamar Jackson

Development Wed Nov 20 7:13pm ET
Open to trading Lamar Jackson for fair value