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Ezmoneymango Wed Jun 3 11:59pm ET
Haha I love this
Rolling Rocks Wed Jun 3 6:01pm ET
He’s persistent I’ll give him that. Won’t take no for an answer. He wanted Chark for Cooks. That’s not happening
The Development Wed Jun 3 5:43pm ET
After hustling another one of y’all with a 34! YO Edelman for a 26 YO Cooks, EZ is now trying pedal Cooks for a legitimate upgrade. If another of you would like to be shaken down, please engage EZ hustler. Or you could just take my original advice, and be very discriminant when dealing with him
Rolling Rocks Tue May 26 4:04pm ET
If you messed up, try emailing commish. That is messed up. Two players that are on teams for one want a be rapper
Mystical Marauders Tue May 26 2:48pm ET
Obviously I messed up that trade meant to leave Samuel out. Lol my loss is numbers gain
Mystical Marauders Sun May 24 8:08am ET
Edited: Sun May 24 8:09am ET
Looking to trade a 2021 round 3 for a flex piece Something like an rb2/3. Or wr. 2/3. Send me an offer if you want thanks
The Development Thu May 14 6:38am ET

just going to repost...EZ has been swindling... he traded a 2021 2nd for Thielen, then turned around and traded Thielen for Golladay. Sorry, but a 2021 2nd for golladay is a joke. Be careful out there mates!

Rolling Rocks Wed May 13 11:19pm ET
Gotta say I haven’t seen this much action on the message board in 3 years. Getting these feelings out is good tho
Ezmoneymango Wed May 13 11:10pm ET
Haha development you are a joke for calling people out for making trades. That just made you look pathetic and that's why nobody really wants to trade with you
The Development Wed May 13 6:42pm ET

My own strategy for EZ: I don’t deal with him. Often he sends me ridiculous offers which I call him out on, and he follows up with harassing messages. Just an FYI, and my own recommendation to be careful when dealing with him bc of the one-sidedness of his deals