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Wall Builders Mon Jan 27 3:38pm ET

Is there a way to call a league vote and get rid of D and K and maybe add a flex or 2 in place of. I'm in a couple of other leagues with these settings and it seems to make the weekly matchups more skill driven vs luck. We work all year on building our rosters for a fluke 30 point performance from Miami's defense to cost you a week. Curious as to everyone else's opinion

The Anonymous 250 Tue Dec 3 4:00pm ET

King of the North squeezes into the playoffs by 1.2 points!

Valley Dogs Wed Nov 27 1:43pm ET

gobble gobble

Valley Dogs Wed Nov 27 1:43pm ET

Jonathan Williams available for anyone trying to make a postseason run

Dynamic Edge 3 Thu Nov 21 12:26pm ET
Scoring change from last week gets me the win over valley dogs!!!! WOW. Never won like that before
The Anonymous 250 Thu Nov 21 9:49am ET

And the Valley Dogs get stronger...

letitgo Fri Nov 8 3:35pm ET

Sorry about the trade but I made a mistake when I put in I intended to deleted Kelce before I sent 

It in but obviously I didn’t. It was not the Raiders you fleeced da bronx it was da bronx who fleeced da bronx. Just looking for a way to get Lockett and not paying attention. 

Wall Builders Thu Nov 7 11:49pm ET
I wouldn’t have took that trade for just Gordon or Kelce. The fact he got both is ridiculous.
Dynamic Edge 3 Thu Nov 7 11:43pm ET
There needs to be a comissioner veto someone in rt needs to regulate that trade is ridiculous and can affect the league for years to come
Valley Dogs Sat Nov 2 9:10am ET

I really don't agree with "regulating" trades if it means voting on trades since too many people veto for the sake of vetoing.  But good job on Raider for fleecing da bronx