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Y u make me Tue Oct 1 1:12pm ET

who need a qb i got plenty to choose from i need rb

Last chance2 Wed Aug 28 12:20pm ET
Anyone want Elliott?
Y u make me Sun Jun 30 8:11pm ET
Ripper send me offer
Last chance2 Sun Jun 30 8:10pm ET
You talking about Elliott or green?
Ripper Magoos 31 Sun Jun 30 7:18pm ET
I take him make me an offer
Y u make me Sun Jun 30 12:16pm ET
Who want AJ green
DaFinsRSuck 04-03 Sun Jun 30 12:08pm ET
Edited: Sun Jun 30 12:15pm ET
Thanks for support Ripper.. and again it's all in fun until it begins..trash talk it's also what's about..if my offer was crazy..let's look at the end of season for the stats for those players and called it..
DaFinsRSuck 04-03 Sun Jun 30 12:06pm ET
This is a trading league is it not..whether it's a good fair or otherwise I had to try..all you had to do was declined it or counter. It's called trading..look up the word DIPSHIT..I've seen way worse trade offers. But theres always a counter offer that benefits both teams by your actions alone I can tell collusion already..but its ok..I'll see you when the games begin..
Last chance2 Sun Jun 30 12:06pm ET
Na I think it’s fine calling out ridiculous trades... anyways who wants Elliott lol let me know and I’ll send u offer
Ripper Magoos 31 Sun Jun 30 12:00pm ET

Orange Crush - really, you want to call him out for a trade offer?  It's an offer either accept or reject no big deal....  not cool .....  

had to call you out on this one .... not right at all.   Got your back Dafins!