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Bring Your End Game
FFL: Week 14 | NFL: Week 14

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Machiavelli Tue Sep 24 5:40pm ET

Trade Block Update

Players on the Block:

  • Antonio Brown WR ---

Positions Needed:

  • Running Back
  • Wide Receiver
  • Tight End

Do what you shouldn’t do

Destroyers Mon Sep 9 3:15pm ET
Yeah!! Machy, enjoy while u can. It won’t last.
Spartans Mon Sep 9 3:12pm ET
Machy you barely won in Fantasy for the first time against me
Machiavelli Mon Sep 9 2:56pm ET
Machiavelli 🥾 squashed The 🐜 Spartans
Spartans Mon Aug 19 4:39pm ET
Spartans Mon Aug 19 4:36pm ET
Hey Machilosie draft is coming soon and week 1 its on! You're getting a beat down and it will hurt all year.
Machiavelli Thu Aug 8 12:56am ET