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Steve Grogan
FFL: Week 11 | NFL: Week 11

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White Lightning Thu Nov 16 10:49pm ET
Honestly. I am not new to fantasy football. How about some real trade offers. My first pick wonâ??t go unless I am getting a future player. I donâ??t care if I win this year. I am going to build for the future. Basically if you have a real trade offer it. Other than that it will be ignored.
Tacoes Thu Nov 16 8:26am ET
Teach me. What should my name be?
L.A. Rams Thu Nov 16 4:42am ET
Edited: Thu Nov 16 4:47am ET
Yup,but nobody listens! Taught the Irish in his first league and he won the championship. And who names a team Tacos!! Bwaaaaahaaaaa!
Tacoes Tue Nov 14 10:18am ET

Mr. Rams, can you teach to play this game?

L.A. Rams Mon Nov 13 10:36pm ET
When I first started playing ffll there was no cell phones. You just got friends together and started a league from miller lite beer from a case and started your own league.1986 and we got together and drank beer and trash talked.
L.A. Rams Mon Nov 13 10:26pm ET
Frigging. Cryyybabies! Look. At the score! I. Still would have won. There will be a day when your phone don't work or rts fucks up and the commissioner. Will make it right.No offense but you rookies need to learn. Lluv ya all but quit crying!
Tacoes Mon Nov 13 2:59pm ET

PLAYOFF PUSHERS!!!!  I have Orleans Darkwa and Dion Lewis for sale.  Quality RBs and Quality depth to get through the playoffs.  Send me offers.  

Commissioner Mon Nov 13 12:13pm ET

Trading deadline for the season is this Friday 11/17 @ 9:00pm

Commissioner Mon Nov 13 10:30am ET
Like I said, I only replace players on byes or are declared inactive. Hogan was declared inactive on the site when I was updating the lineup. Coleman was projected to score more points than Inman so I started him. Inman actually outscored him 8 to 3.
Tacoes Mon Nov 13 9:17am ET
Gil, what the shit man? He said he in his own message he would've started Hogan. So put in Hogan. Just because George Burns can't use a computer he doesn't get to use optimal lineup options. Take out who you replace the bye week player with and put in Hogan.