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Crusher's Memorial Team Sun Nov 27 1:32pm ET
Edited: Sun Nov 27 8:30pm ET
Playoff update: Cooper’s Water Kupp falls to the champions curse and is eliminated from the playoffs as of end of last week. Noah Fantz hanging on edge of elimination but wins one this week and maybe two to stay in hunt. Sonny Weaver made a line in the stand stand last week and is off to a rousing start this week trying to stage a miracle comeback into playoff contention, would need to win out.
Crusher's Memorial Team Wed Nov 16 8:47pm ET
Edited: Wed Nov 16 8:47pm ET
Website didn’t drop ertz during waivers even though I hit save to change and it dropped active player instead, I’m editing it back, just fyi-commish
Crusher's Memorial Team Sun Oct 30 7:17pm ET
Only need 54 from Diggs and Davis. Let’s go!
Crusher's Memorial Team Sun Oct 2 4:36pm ET
Number 1 overall pick 3 damn points, and played whole game, got 20 carries????? Is that a record?
Commissioner Mon Sep 26 11:31pm ET
3 teams with over 400 points. Two are 2-4, better days ahead for them with that point total.
You Suck, NoahFants Tue Sep 13 1:49am ET
You Suck, NoahFants Tue Sep 13 1:49am ET
My benched TBs outperformed Harris and Ekeler both 🤦🏽‍♂️
Commissioner Mon Sep 12 11:29pm ET
Edited: Mon Sep 12 11:34pm ET by Commissioner
Sonny Weaver team is usually the injury bug team, Coopsrs Water Kupp might have that mantle this year. Week 1, likely to have qb out 6-8 weeks, rb out 2 months, wr out probably week or so. Ouch, at least weaver didn’t set tiebreaker tonight with jeudy to get a win