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Ant Warriors Thu Aug 4 10:26pm ET

So here are some observations from the 1st real football game of the season.

I tuned in a little late, but my my mark it only took about 10 minutes in to the 1st quarter before Chris Collingsworth reminded me what a tool he can be -

No disrespect meant to Raiders' fans, but -

There are TWO teams paying tonight.
Josh McDaniels is NOT Bill Belicheck.
While the Raiders are a decent team, but they ARE NOT the Brady-era Patriots.
It's only 6 days into training camp. Who cares if the Raiders look good (BTW - they're playing the 6-day-into-training-week Jags!

Aside - I am a late-to-the-party cord cutter. Why is it the commercials run fine, but the live stream freezes about every 10-20 seconds? Peacock app is just about unwatchable..


Commissioner Thu Aug 4 4:06pm ET

Alright Teams.
Looks like we're # of keepers is staying put at 3. Time for our latest (and perhaps last) poll before draft. Should we carry 1 more RB on our rosters?  This will not increase roster size. It will just mean teams have the option of keeping 5 max vs. the current limit of 4.



Organ Grinders Tue Aug 2 6:25pm ET
I’d also prefer a slow draft starting the week before.
Leaping Gnomes Tue Aug 2 6:23pm ET
If we do a slow draft we should start a week earlier so we can make sure we finish it with plenty of time before the season starts. I’m good with doing a slow draft. It will avoid the hassle of getting people in the draft room on time.
Commissioner Tue Aug 2 5:07pm ET

Ken - If it comes down to it, we can do a slow draft, even though I know most would prefer live. We can start it on the 4th in the evening and hopefully have it done by the 6th.

Would require everyone's attention and cooperation.

Commissioner Tue Aug 2 5:04pm ET

DJ - What time works for you in the PM?

AH64's Tue Aug 2 4:52pm ET

Do we need to consider a slow draft again? I have never been in one; so, I don't really have an opinion on them.

Organ Grinders Tue Aug 2 4:25pm ET
I’m no go Sunday morning but ok Sunday afternoon (West Coast time). Evening no go. Same with Friday.
Belt Sanders Tue Aug 2 3:40pm ET

I am unable to attend draft during day on 3rd or 4th of September but can in the evenings.  I'm EST so if that helps

Abdullah Oblongata Tue Aug 2 3:02pm ET

Hey everyone, I was going to see if there was any way that we could change the time for the draft.  I will be traveling to Europe on the 3rd, and it is a 19-hour journey.  Is there any way that we can move the draft to either the previous day, Friday the 2nd, or Sunday the 4th? I land in Europe at 1 PM local time on the 4th, but they're 6 hours ahead, so I would be settled at ready on the 4th.