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Tittsburg Feelers Sun Oct 18 1:21pm ET
Two weeks in a row this site no stats i say we find a new site these guys suck
Fire Byrds Wed Sep 16 11:43am ET
Damn skippy buddy
Attack Chihuahuas Tue Sep 15 4:23am ET



What do you mean you will go days without looking at site? You better change your home page of Crack Whore Magazine to this one. Sheesh

Pretty good week for everyone save me n Jay. He edged me by a TD for Soup. Bleh. 

Sunday Morning Call Sun Sep 13 3:51pm ET
Evans pickup? There’s another Evans?
Tittsburg Feelers Sun Sep 13 11:12am ET
Yeah EVAN!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤣🤣
There's no place like Mahomes Sun Sep 13 11:09am ET
All trades and pickups are to be texted to the commissioner for fast and efficient results. I will go days not looking at our message board and frankly wouldn’t have noticed Evans pick up unless somebody mentioned it.
Attack Chihuahuas Sun Sep 13 10:25am ET



With that other 5 I gave you the other night, I will take Bailey K Minny. That shouldnt be a waiver wire cost, and will make my team at max players.



Sunday Morning Call Sat Sep 12 12:40pm ET
I wasn’t going to start Mike Evans anyways, and I’ll just replace Golliday with a running back as my flex. No problem
Fire Byrds Sat Sep 12 8:07am ET
You have plenty wr on your roster
Attack Chihuahuas Fri Sep 11 6:39pm ET

Ouch...Mike Evans and Golladay both with hammies? Sheesh

Landsharks Thu Sep 3 8:15am ET

monday at noon??

Sunday Morning Call Wed Sep 2 2:31pm ET

Stafford (QB)

Murray (QB)

Henry (RB)

Jacobs (RB)

Evans. (WR)

Thomas (WR)

Galloway (WR)

Andrews (TE)
Attack Chihuahuas Wed Sep 2 2:06pm ET










There's no place like Mahomes Tue Sep 1 11:22am ET
Draft is September 7th Monday Labor Day time tbd.
Keepers are to be turned in at 6 PM on Wednesday September 2nd
Tittsburg Feelers Fri Aug 28 12:20pm ET
Draft and i say if they stop the season what ever position we're at that time is the draft order 🤔
Fire Byrds Fri Aug 28 12:17pm ET
Commissioner Thu Aug 27 9:24pm ET
We normally have our draft every Labor Day, if for some stupid circumstance the season is cancelled before our draft. Do we still hold our draft this year or do we have it next year?

Additional if we do draft this year what’s the order next year?

If we wait until next year to draft do we expand the draft and our roster size team for one year? Same amount of keepers.
The talent pool would be flooded.
All the above are what’s-ifs but these days anything could happen and having a “back-up plan” installed before the what-if becomes oh shit it happened situation. Thoughts?
Fire Byrds Mon Mar 23 4:58pm ET
Anyone interested in Elliot