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"G" $ Sun Dec 29 1:21pm ET
Wentz not when
"G" $ Sun Dec 29 12:32pm ET
Watson out went in
Landsharks Sat Dec 28 8:25pm ET

ridley is IR along with half of my team. a good replacement would be T. Boyd

Tittsburg Feelers Sat Dec 28 11:20am ET
Weak sauce 🤣🤣
Fire Byrds Sat Dec 28 11:11am ET
Watson. Wilson. Rodgers. Ryan.
Howard. Elliot. Barkley. Gurley. White. D. Williams
Kupp. Ridley. Edelman. Hill. Sutton. Samuel.
Hooper. MacDonald.
Tucker. Butker.
NE. Clv
Fire Byrds Sat Dec 28 11:05am ET
We got more I guess
Fire Byrds Sat Dec 28 9:31am ET
All we got
Tittsburg Feelers Fri Dec 27 6:06pm ET
Shits weak son 🤣🤣
Fire Byrds Fri Dec 27 6:05pm ET
Fire Byrds Fri Dec 27 6:04pm ET
Watson. Jones. Wilson. Prescott. Howard. Williams. White. Elliot. Barkley. Gurley. Edelman Thomas. Samuel. Hill. Sutton. Golladay. Hooper. McDonald. Butker. Elliot. KC. NE.