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Commissioner Thu Nov 14 2:27pm ET

ATTENTION OWNERS: If you need to IR a player, notify me.  Don't attempt to do yourself.  IR's take priority over waivers. We've had a transaction where the owner attempted to IR player himself and it didn't process.  I've had to modify two team rosters. If you're player returns from IR, you must drop the player you picked up (no charge) or if you keep the player you picked up an drop the IR'd player, there is a waiver charge.


Predators Tue Oct 29 1:15pm ET
Anybody need anything. Make me an offer.
Burrheads Thu Oct 17 8:40pm ET
Tack wouldn't try trading a hurt guy.
Warriors Thu Oct 17 8:31pm ET
It was more like a Tack offer thank you
Burrheads Thu Oct 17 8:29pm ET
I'll look
Burrheads Thu Oct 17 8:29pm ET
After that Rod Coffey offer, really.
Warriors Thu Oct 17 8:28pm ET

Burrheads wrote:
Make me an offer.
no counter offer



Burrheads Thu Oct 17 8:02pm ET
Make me an offer.
Warriors Thu Oct 17 8:00pm ET
What the hell all these trades and Iam not involved. Losing my touch
Predators Thu Oct 17 5:33pm ET
Who needs a receiver. I need a running back send me an offer