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Warriors Sun Dec 30 11:08pm ET
I want to thank everyone for a great year of Ffl. Sorry I couldnt win the Superbowl for our side. But I had a good year considering went to Superbowl and won year end points. The end points was won without the Warriors winning a weekly. Not too bad.
Commissioner Mon Dec 24 9:21am ET

The Cherokees defeated The Warriors 204.1 to 144.8 to claim their 3rd Super Bowl Championship. This marked the first time ever that the Warriors had made it to the finals. Congrats Cherokees and Warriors. If you'd like to make rule change recommendations for next year, submit them by January 15, 2019. Would like to take a league vote before the end of January.

Also, Blairwitch I will see if there is a way to be able to watch what the other side is doing for next year.



Blair Witch Sun Dec 23 9:03pm ET
Why can't we see the super bowl score? I'd like to at least be able to follow along?
Warriors Sat Dec 22 10:32pm ET
Also if a wr or rb throws a completion they should get the yardage for it
Warriors Sat Dec 22 10:30pm ET
Rule changes for next year. I would like to purpose thst the qbs bonus starts at 250 instead of 200 yds. Also all throwing tds are 6 pointers.
Kickers extra point miss only be minus 1.
Defense negative 3 pts after giving up 400 yds and 40 pts. Leave the rest the same
Commissioner Wed Dec 19 8:23pm ET

Super Bowl is set.

Red Division: #6 seed, Cherokees beat the top 3 seeds to get to the SB. He is seeking his 3rd ring.

Blue Division: #1 seed, Warriors has finally made it to the BIG DANCE. 

Congrats to both teams.  GOOD LUCK.



Warriors Tue Dec 18 9:53pm ET
Its seems everyweek someone on my teams steps up. I said b4 the 1st week it felt like my year. Superbowl bound baby. Cherokees could have his hands full
Burrheads Thu Dec 13 5:10pm ET
Wanna make a trade? LOL
Burrheads Thu Dec 13 4:57pm ET
Wanna make a trade? LOL
Burrheads Thu Dec 13 4:57pm ET
Wanna make a trade? LOL