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Appleton Papermakers Blue Est. 2004
FFL: Playoff Week 3 | NFL: Week 15
Burrheads Sun Dec 8 7:51pm ET
It happens
Warriors Sun Dec 8 7:43pm ET
Burrheads might be right. Worst week of the year.
Burrheads Sat Dec 7 6:45pm ET
One in done Warriors? Last year was a fluke. LOL
Warriors Sat Dec 7 6:36pm ET
Well here we are in the playoffs again. Working my way back to the Superbowl. I will do my best to win it this year
Commissioner Tue Nov 26 2:40pm ET

Playoff Bracket is set.

For those who didn't make the playoffs, we still pay a weekly winner.

Good Luck



Renegades Fri Nov 22 12:57am ET
U no u have to trade position for position make a trade
Team 8 Thu Nov 21 9:55pm ET
Who wants dak and zek
Commissioner Thu Nov 21 7:29pm ET

5 out of 6 playoff spots have been set.  One spot remains with potentially 4 teams shooting for that spot.  Good Luck.



Predators Tue Nov 19 4:09pm ET
Send me an offer
Team 8 Tue Nov 19 3:44pm ET
I will do Ingram and Diggs for dak