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Commissioner Wed Nov 6 12:07pm ET

With 4 weeks left in regular season the playoffs look like this.

1 seed TD first round bye

2 seed Handjobs first round bye

3 seed ACon vs 6 seed Las Vegas

4 seed Say-Say vs 5 seed Groin Grabbing

Teams sniffing the playoffs

Funk and Hail Mary both 18 pts back from wildcard

Week-lee 38 pts back from wildcard

Rebel Alliance 1 game back


Sorry I accidentally dropped foles

FunkPhenomenon Thu Oct 3 12:56pm ET
Uhm, I accidentally dropped guice when I was trying to put him on IR. Please fix commish.
Acon Mon Jun 24 2:31pm ET
Ingram available, mack available.

Looking for young wr, future picks 1s and 2s
Acon Fri May 17 10:46pm ET

Trade Block Update

Draft Picks on the Block:

  • Round 1 Pick 1

Interested in trading back from 1.1 for 2 assets. Send offers. Open to 2020 1sts as well.

TD (TE) Fri May 17 10:23am ET

Trade Block Update

Players on the Block:

  • Matthew Stafford QB DET
  • Robert Woods WR LAR
  • Cooper Kupp WR LAR
  • Calvin Ridley WR ATL
  • John Ross WR CIN

Positions Needed:

  • Running Back
  • Tight End
Commissioner Mon Apr 29 12:24pm ET

Predraft roster cuts are to 20 this year. They will change to 22 starting in 2020. Please get your players off IR and rosters cut to 20 by this Sunday.

Acon Tue Apr 16 10:51am ET
Looking to pickup 2020 1st round picks. Send offers, willing to trade the 1.1
Acon Thu Apr 11 5:10pm ET

Trade Block Update

Players on the Block:

  • Tyler Lockett WR SEA
  • Dante Pettis WR SFO

Taking offers, Pettis for a 1 or 2020 1, Lockett for a 2

Say-Say My Name Wed Apr 10 3:05pm ET

Acon wrote:
No IR cuts to 25 didn't pass. I propose no IR cuts to 22 which serves to only add 2 more roster spots to each team instead of 5.

If we are going to vote again on the cuts I would like it to be clarified in the proposal that the cut to 22 would be for next season and that this season the cut would still be 20 - although i dont even know if we can vote on it again because the time for proposing rule changes is passed...?

I think that it will more fair to everyone to have a year's notice on something like this anyways so I will put up the new version and see if that makes any difference to the people that declined the rule change.