Guest of the League
RTS Top Dogs Est. 2011
FFL: Preseason | NFL: Week 1

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Commissioner Mon Mar 9 11:18am ET

January 1st - April 4th: Rule change proposals -
April 5th - 12th: Vote on rule changes - 
April 23rd: NFL draft - 
May 3rd: Cut rosters to 22 no IR - 
May 10th: Deadline for Leaguesafe payment - 
May 16th: Top Dog rookie/fa draft - 
August 29th: Cut rosters to 25 plus IR
September 2nd: 1st blind bid waivers run (you can submit bids during the week leading up to this date)
September 5th: Noon Easter Saturday FCFS are set to open
September 10th: NFL season begins


  1. House of Cards
  2. Rebel Alliance
  3. High Octane
  4. GGGreatness
  5. FunkPhenomenon
  6. Week-Lee
  7. Say Say
  8. Hail Mary
  9. TD
  10. LV Traitors
  11. Handjobs
  12. Acon