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NFL Transactions

Thursday, Sep 19, 2019

CLEElijah McGuireRBCut
GNBEvan BaylisTEActivate from Practice Squad
GNBKeon HatcherWRAdded to Practice Squad
INDTyree St. LouisTDropped from Practice Squad
INDChad KellyQBAdded to Practice Squad
LACLance KendricksTESigned
LACAndre PattonWRAdded to Practice Squad
MIABryan WitzmannGCut
MIATaco CharltonDEAcquired from Waivers
MINAde ArunaDECut
MINAde ArunaDEOff IR
OAKJuston BurrisSCut
OAKTrevor DavisWRTraded - for 2020 sixth-round draft pick
PHICraig JamesCBAdded to Practice Squad

Wednesday, Sep 18, 2019

BALCole HerdmanTEAdded to Practice Squad
BALMark ThompsonRBDropped from Practice Squad
BUFCurtis AkinsLBAdded to Practice Squad
CLEMalcolm PridgeonGAdded to Practice Squad
DALTaco CharltonDECut
DETJonathan WynnDEDropped from Practice Squad
DETNick BrossetteRBAdded to Practice Squad
INDDavid WilliamsRBAdded to Practice Squad
INDChad KellyQBCut
INDBruce AndersonRBDropped from Practice Squad
KANJoey IvieDTAdded to Practice Squad
LACMatt SokolTEDropped from Practice Squad
MIADoug MiddletonSSigned
NORKrishawn HoganWRAdded to Practice Squad
NORLil'Jordan HumphreyWRActivate from Practice Squad
NORJ.T. BarrettQBAdded to Practice Squad
NORRay-Ray ArmstrongLBSigned
NYGAustin WalterRBAdded to Practice Squad
NYJDavid FalesQBSigned
NYJTrevor SiemianQBOn IR - ankle
SEAElijah NkansahTAdded to Practice Squad
SEAJazz FergusonWRDropped from Practice Squad
SEAAdrian ColbertCBAdded to Practice Squad
SFOWill HoldenTAdded to Practice Squad
SFOJon CondoLBSigned, Unrestricted FA - One-year contract (through 2019)
WASDominique Rodgers-CromartieCBOn IR
WASNoah SpenceLBSigned

Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019

Tre' WilliamsLBSuspension Lifted
ATLMatt WilePAdded to Practice Squad
ATLRa'Shede HagemanDTOn IR - undisclosed
ATLAustin LarkinDEDropped from Practice Squad
ATLNate WozniakTAdded to Practice Squad
ATLCarson MeierTEDropped from Practice Squad
BUFTyron JohnsonWRDropped from Practice Squad
CINPharoh CooperWRCut
CINKeaton SutherlandGActivate from Practice Squad
CINDino BoydTAdded to Practice Squad
DALChris CovingtonLBAdded to Practice Squad
DENCorey LevinCAdded to Practice Squad
DETJosh JohnsonQBCut
DETJeff DriskelQBSigned
DETPaul PerkinsRBAcquired from Waivers
DETC.J. AndersonRBCut
HOUBryan AngerPSigned
HOUTrevor DanielPCut
LACAndre PattonWRCut
LACChris PeaceLBSigned
LACAdarius PickettSAdded to Practice Squad
LACAdrian PhillipsSOn IR - broken right arm
NORKeith KirkwoodWROn IR - hamstring
NORTerrell Williams Jr.SDropped from Practice Squad
NORTaylor StallworthDTCut
NWEIsaiah WynnTOn IR - turf toe
NWECaleb BenenochTSigned
NYGC.J. ConradTEDropped from Practice Squad
NYJBennett JacksonSAdded to Practice Squad
OAKJonathan CooperGCut
PHIAlex EllisTEActivate from Practice Squad
PHICraig JamesCBCut
PITSean DavisSOn IR - shoulder
PITPaxton LynchQBAdded to Practice Squad
PITMinkah FitzpatrickSTraded - w/ draft picks for multiple draft picks
SEACardale JonesQBDropped from Practice Squad
SFOColin HolbaCCut
WASDrew BelcherTEAdded to Practice Squad
WASDonald ParhamTEDropped from Practice Squad

Monday, Sep 16, 2019

ATLRa'Shede HagemanDTSuspension Lifted
BALParker EhingerGAdded to Practice Squad
CLEDrew StantonQBOn IR - knee
CLEElijah McGuireRBActivate from Practice Squad
DALRobert QuinnDESuspension Lifted
DALDarius JacksonRBDropped from Practice Squad
DALJordan ChunnRBAdded to Practice Squad
GNBRaven GreeneSOn IR - ankle
GNBTremon SmithCBAcquired from Waivers
INDChad KellyQBSuspension Lifted
KANGreg SenatTAcquired from Waivers
KANJoey IvieDTCut
MINMark FieldsCBAdded to Practice Squad
NORAlex AnzaloneLBOn IR - undisclosed
NORCarl GrandersonDEReinstated
NYGKaden SmithTEAcquired from Waivers
NYGPaul PerkinsRBCut
NYJBennett JacksonSCut
NYJLuke FalkQBActivate from Practice Squad
OAKRichie IncognitoGSuspension Lifted
PITDevlin HodgesQBActivate from Practice Squad
PITBen RoethlisbergerQBOn IR - right elbow surgery
TAMAmara DarbohWRAdded to Practice Squad
TAMEmanuel HallWRDropped from Practice Squad

Saturday, Sep 14, 2019

BALGreg SenatTCut
BALMaurice CanadyCBActivate from Practice Squad
CARTorrey SmithWRRetired
DALChris CovingtonLBCut
DALCedrick WilsonWRActivate from Practice Squad
DENCorey LevinCCut
DENJake RodgersTActivate from Practice Squad
KANByron PringleWRActivate from Practice Squad
KANTremon SmithCBCut
LACChris PeaceLBCut
LACAndre PattonWRActivate from Practice Squad
MIABryan WitzmannGSigned
MINDevante DownsLBActivate from Practice Squad
MINMark FieldsCBCut
SFOJeff WilsonRBActivate from Practice Squad
SFOKaden SmithTECut

Friday, Sep 13, 2019

DETEric LeeDEAdded to Practice Squad
DETNick BrossetteRBDropped from Practice Squad
MIAJulien DavenportTOn IR - undisclosed
OAKJuston BurrisSSigned
OAKJohnathan AbramSOn IR - undisclosed
WASAaron ColvinCBSigned
WASDeion HarrisCBAdded to Practice Squad
WASDerrius GuiceRBOn IR - knee
WASCaleb BrantleyDTOn IR - foot
WASRobert DavisWRActivate from Practice Squad

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019

BUFTyrel DodsonLBSuspended - 6 games (NFL Personal Conduct Policy)
BUFNate HallLBDropped from Practice Squad
BUFNate BeckerTEAdded to Practice Squad
CHIAbdullah AndersonDTAdded to Practice Squad
CHIJames VaughtersLBDropped from Practice Squad
CLEColby GossettGAdded to Practice Squad
CLEDonnie Lewis Jr.CBDropped from Practice Squad
DETDavid WilliamsRBDropped from Practice Squad
DETNick BrossetteRBAdded to Practice Squad
GNBBen BradenGAdded to Practice Squad
HOUCornell ArmstrongCBAdded to Practice Squad
KANByron PringleWRAdded to Practice Squad
KANJimmy MurrayCDropped from Practice Squad
MIAJonathan LedbetterDEOn IR - undisclosed
MIATank CarradineDESigned
MINAlexander HollinsWRAdded to Practice Squad
MINJosh DoctsonWROn IR - hamstring
MINNate MeadorsCBActivate from Practice Squad
NORMitchell LoewenDEAdded to Practice Squad
PHIAjene HarrisCBAdded to Practice Squad
PHICraig JamesCBActivate from Practice Squad
PHIAlex EllisTEAdded to Practice Squad
SEAParry NickersonCBAdded to Practice Squad
TENLogan WoodsideQBDropped from Practice Squad
TENDalyn DawkinsRBAdded to Practice Squad
WASDonald ParhamTEAdded to Practice Squad

Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019

ARIDarrell DanielsTEAdded to Practice Squad
ARIAndre ChachereCBAdded to Practice Squad
CHIJ.P. HoltzTEAcquired from Waivers
CHIAbdullah AndersonDTCut
CHIDax RaymondTEOff IR
CHIDax RaymondTECut
CINJeff DriskelQBOff IR - hamstring
CINJeff DriskelQBCut
CLEKyle KalisCCut
CLEKyle KalisCOff IR
DALDarius JacksonRBAdded to Practice Squad
DALChris CovingtonLBActivate from Practice Squad
DENTim PatrickWROn IR - left hand
DENRiver CracraftWRSigned
DETDavid WilliamsRBAdded to Practice Squad
DETCharles KanoffQBDropped from Practice Squad
HOUAaron ColvinCBCut
HOUPhillip GainesCBSigned
INDAhmad ThomasLBOff IR
INDBruce AndersonRBAdded to Practice Squad
INDRolan MilliganSActivate from Practice Squad
INDAhmad ThomasLBCut
LACStephen AndersonTEAdded to Practice Squad
LACTevaughn CampbellCBAdded to Practice Squad
LACDontae JohnsonCBSigned
LACAnthony JohnsonWRAdded to Practice Squad
LACArtavis ScottWRDropped from Practice Squad
LACCurtis AkinsLBDropped from Practice Squad
LACTrevor WilliamsCBOn IR - quadriceps
MIAT.J. RahmingWRAdded to Practice Squad
MIAChristian SamLBDropped from Practice Squad
MINBrandon DillonTEAdded to Practice Squad
NWEMarshall NewhouseTSigned
NWENate BrooksCBAdded to Practice Squad
NWEObi MelifonwuSAdded to Practice Squad
NWEColby GossettGDropped from Practice Squad
NYGT.J. JonesWRSigned
NYGKareem MartinLBOn IR - knee
NYGAlex WesleyWRCut
NYGAlex WesleyWROff IR
NYJJordan WillisDEAcquired from Waivers
NYJQuincy EnunwaWROn IR - neck
NYJBen BradenGDropped from Practice Squad
NYJJames BurgessLBAdded to Practice Squad
PHIAkeem SpenceDTSigned
PHIRichard RodgersTEOff IR - lower leg
PHIRichard RodgersTECut
TAMJeremiah LedbetterDTCut
TAMJeremiah LedbetterDTOff IR

Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019

ARIPita TaumoepenuLBCut
ARIMarcus GilbertTOn IR - knee
ARIPita TaumoepenuLBOff IR
ARIDante BookerLBDropped from Practice Squad
ARIJordan MillsTSigned
BALAlvin JonesLBOff IR
BALTerrell BondsCBAdded to Practice Squad
BALAlvin JonesLBCut
BALSean ModsterWRDropped from Practice Squad
BALMark ThompsonRBAdded to Practice Squad
BALDonald PayneLBDropped from Practice Squad
CINJordan WillisDECut
CINLaRoy ReynoldsLBSigned
CLERico GathersTECut
DALJordan ChunnRBCut
DETTre LamarLBOff IR - undisclosed
DETTre LamarLBCut
HOUAlex McGoughQBActivate from Practice Squad
HOUCornell ArmstrongCBCut
INDDevin FunchessWROn IR - broken left clavicle
JACTerry GodwinWRAdded to Practice Squad
KANByron PringleWRCut
LACVince MayleTECut
LACKemon HallCBDropped from Practice Squad
LACVince MayleTEOff IR
LARAaron NearyCCut
LARDominique HatfieldCBOff IR
LARDominique HatfieldCBCut
LARTrevon YoungLBOff IR
LARTrevon YoungLBCut
MIAZach SterupTDropped from Practice Squad
MIAChidi OkekeTAdded to Practice Squad
MINBrett JonesCSigned
MINChase McLaughlinKDropped from Practice Squad
MINBrandon DillonTECut
NORMatt DayesRBCut
NORMatt DayesRBOff IR - undisclosed
NORMitchell LoewenDECut
NYGScott SimonsonTEOff IR - ankle
NYGScott SimonsonTECut
NYGVictor SalakoTOff IR
NYGVictor SalakoTCut
NYGRod SmithRBCut
NYGRod SmithRBOff IR - abductor
NYJNathan ShepherdDTSuspended - 6 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
NYJBrandon BryantSCut
NYJBrandon BryantSOff IR - undisclosed
NYJDemaryius ThomasWRTraded - for 2021 sixth-round draft pick
NYJKaare VedvikKCut
NYJSam FickenKSigned
PHIAlex EllisTECut
PHIMalik JacksonDTOn IR - Lisfranc injury
PITDevlin HodgesQBAdded to Practice Squad
PITJayrone ElliottLBSigned
SEAJamar TaylorCBSigned
SEAParry NickersonCBCut
TAMJustin EvansSOn IR - Achilles
TAMCaleb BenenochTCut
TAMAndrew AdamsSSigned
TAMJosh WellsTSigned
TENHroniss GrasuCSigned
TENDalyn DawkinsRBCut
TENKalif RaymondWRAdded to Practice Squad
WASGreg StromanCBCut
WAST.Y. McGillDTSigned
WASJ.P. HoltzTECut
WASDarrell WilliamsLBDropped from Practice Squad
WASRobert DavisWRAdded to Practice Squad
WASSimeon ThomasCBActivate from Practice Squad

Monday, Sep 9, 2019

ARIJeremy VujnovichGSigned
ARIDarrell DanielsTECut
ATLJohn WetzelTSigned
ATLChris LindstromGOn IR - foot
CLERico GathersTESuspension Lifted
DALJameill ShowersSCut
DALJameill ShowersSOff IR
INDMarcus JohnsonWROff IR
INDMarcus JohnsonWRCut
JACJoshua DobbsQBTraded - for 2020 fifth-round draft choice
JACNick FolesQBOn IR - broken left clavicle
KANDe'Anthony ThomasWRSuspension Lifted
NORWes HortonDECut
NORDavid OnyemataDTSuspension Lifted
NORMitchell LoewenDEActivate from Practice Squad
NWEStephen AndersonTEDropped from Practice Squad
NWELance KendricksTESuspension Lifted
NWEObi MelifonwuSCut
NWELance KendricksTECut
NWEAntonio BrownWRSigned
NYGChad WheelerTOff IR
NYGBrittan GoldenWROff IR - calf
NYGChad WheelerTCut
NYGTuzar SkipperLBAcquired from Waivers
NYGBrittan GoldenWRCut
NYGJonathan AndersonLBOff IR - knee
NYGJonathan AndersonLBCut
OAKKeelan DossWRActivate from Practice Squad

Saturday, Sep 7, 2019

ARIJeremy VujnovichGCut
ARIDarrell DanielsTEActivate from Practice Squad
ATLJulio JonesWRRe-signed - Three-year extension (through 2023)
CLEDonnie Lewis Jr.CBAdded to Practice Squad
CLEPhillip GainesCBCut
CLEPhillip GainesCBOff IR - undisclosed
CLEPaul AdamsTDropped from Practice Squad
DALAlfred MorrisRBCut
INDTyree St. LouisTAdded to Practice Squad
INDPenny HartWRCut
INDQuinton FlowersRBDropped from Practice Squad
INDPenny HartWROff IR
KANGehrig DieterWROff IR - undisclosed
KANGehrig DieterWRCut
LACBrant WeissTOff IR
LACBrant WeissTCut
MIAJesse DavisGRe-signed - Three-year extension (through 2022)
NWEJonathan JonesCBRe-signed - Three-year extension (through 2022)
OAKAntonio BrownWRCut
PHICharles JohnsonWROff IR - ankle
PHICharles JohnsonWRCut
PITTuzar SkipperLBCut
PITJohnny HoltonWRActivate from Practice Squad
SEAElijah NkansahTDropped from Practice Squad
SEACardale JonesQBAdded to Practice Squad
TENKalif RaymondWRCut
TENAaron StinnieGActivate from Practice Squad
WASJ.P. HoltzTEActivate from Practice Squad
WASRobert DavisWRCut