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NFL Transactions

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

DENKelvin McKnightWRAdded to Practice Squad
DENTyler JonesGDropped from Practice Squad
HOUJavi EdwardsNTAdded to Practice Squad
HOUSteven Mitchell Jr.WRActivate from Practice Squad
MINDavion DavisWRActivate from Practice Squad
NWEAaron MonteiroTAdded to Practice Squad
NWEJustin BethelCBSigned
NWEEric TomlinsonTECut
NWEJordan RichardsSCut

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2019

ARIRamik WilsonLBCut
BALPernell McPheeLBOn IR - torn triceps
BALDemone HarrisLBAdded to Practice Squad
CARBraxton MillerWRAdded to Practice Squad
CARCaleb BenenochTCut
CARNatrell JamersonCBOn IR - foot
CARDeAndrew WhiteWRActivate from Practice Squad
CHIJonathan HarrisDTCut
CHIBrent UrbanDESigned
CLEEli AnkouDTActivate from Practice Squad
CLEElijah McGuireRBDropped from Practice Squad
CLEMontrel MeanderCBAdded to Practice Squad
DETKerryon JohnsonRBOn IR - knee
HOULogan PaulsenTECut
HOUJerell AdamsTEAdded to Practice Squad
JACDonald PayneLBSigned
JACGeoff SwaimTEOn IR - ankle, concussion
JACD.J. AlexanderLBOn IR - foot
JACSutton SmithLBAdded to Practice Squad
JACMalcolm SmithLBSigned
KANDe'Anthony ThomasWRCut
KANKyle ShurmurQBActivate from Practice Squad
KANBraxton HoyettDTAdded to Practice Squad
MINMarcus SherelsCBCut
NORRay-Ray ArmstrongLBCut
NORZach ZennerRBCut
NORJ.T. BarrettQBDropped from Practice Squad
NWEMichael BennettDESuspension Lifted
NWEMohamed SanuWRTraded - for 2020 second-round draft pick
NYGDeone BucannonLBSigned
NYGTuzar SkipperLBCut
NYGGarrett DickersonTECut
NYGDevante DownsLBActivate from Practice Squad
NYJMark MyersCBCut
NYJMark MyersCBOff IR
PHIAkeem SpenceDTCut
PHIAlbert HugginsDTActivate from Practice Squad
PHIAnthony RushDTActivate from Practice Squad
PHIOrlando ScandrickCBCut
SEAPenny HartWRAdded to Practice Squad
SEAQuandre DiggsCBTraded - w/ pick for 2020 fifth-round draft pick
SFOEmmanuel SandersWRTraded - w/ pick for two 2020 draft picks
SFOGarrison SanbornTECut
TAMJeremiah LedbetterDTAdded to Practice Squad
TENMatt DickersonDESigned
TENDerick RobersonLBCut

Monday, Oct 21, 2019

BALJustin BethelCBCut
BALJeremiah LedbetterDTDropped from Practice Squad
CARAndre ChachereCBAdded to Practice Squad
CINAnthony Zettel DECut
CINCordy GlennTSuspension Lifted
HOUGareon ConleyCBTraded - for 2020 third-round draft pick
HOUPhillip GainesCBOn IR - ankle surgery
JACJoe Giles-HarrisLBActivate from Practice Squad
JACParry NickersonCBCut
JACChase LittonQBDropped from Practice Squad
MIAAntonio GarciaTDropped from Practice Squad
SFOKyle NelsonTESuspension Lifted
TAMTerry Beckner Jr.DTSuspended - 4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs)
WASTravis VornkahlTDropped from Practice Squad
WASPaul AdamsTAdded to Practice Squad
WASCam SimsWRAdded to Practice Squad

Sunday, Oct 20, 2019

DETWes HillsRBDropped from Practice Squad
HOUKeenen BrownTEDropped from Practice Squad

Saturday, Oct 19, 2019

ARIBrett TothTReserve, Non-Football Injury - illness
DETPaul PerkinsRBAdded to Practice Squad
HOUAlex McGoughQBAdded to Practice Squad
KANMike PennelDTSigned
KANTerrell McClainDTCut
LARJake GervaseSActivate from Practice Squad
NORBrian ParkerTECut
NORDan ArnoldTEActivate from Practice Squad
PHIJalen MillsCBActivated from PUP
SEAWill DisslyTEOn IR - ruptured Achilles tendon
TENBrent UrbanDECut
TENMatt DickersonDECut
TENJeffery SimmonsDTReinstated
TENDerick RobersonLBActivate from Practice Squad
WASCam SimsWRCut
WASCraig ReynoldsRBActivate from Practice Squad

Friday, Oct 18, 2019

CINSamaje PerineRBAdded to Practice Squad
CINDarqueze DennardCBActivated from PUP
CINCordy GlennTSuspended - 1 game (internal disciplinary reasons)
CINDino BoydTDropped from Practice Squad
CLEJoe KerridgeRBOff IR
CLEJoe KerridgeRBCut
LACDerrick GoreRBDropped from Practice Squad
LACTyree St. LouisTAdded to Practice Squad
SEATerry WrightWRDropped from Practice Squad

Thursday, Oct 17, 2019

BUFJordan VeasyWRDropped from Practice Squad
BUFRay-Ray McCloudWRAdded to Practice Squad
CINSamaje PerineRBCut
CINAnthony Zettel DESigned
DETTra CarsonRBAcquired from Waivers
DETPaul PerkinsRBCut
JACParry NickersonCBSigned
LACT.Y. McGillDTSigned
LACTravis BenjaminWROn IR - quadriceps
NYJBrandon HitnerGDropped from Practice Squad
NYJArthur MauletCBAdded to Practice Squad
PHIAlex SingletonLBActivate from Practice Squad
PHIKeegan RenderCAdded to Practice Squad
TAMAmara DarbohWRActivate from Practice Squad
TAMKahzin DanielsLBAdded to Practice Squad

Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019

CARGreg DortchWRActivate from Practice Squad
DALJustin HamiltonDTSigned
GNBTra CarsonRBCut
GNBRyan GrantWRSigned
GNBDamarea CrockettRBAdded to Practice Squad
GNBEthan WolfTEDropped from Practice Squad
GNBTremon SmithCBAdded to Practice Squad
HOUSeantrel HendersonTReserve, Non-Football Injury
HOUChris ClarkTSigned
HOUKyle MurphyTAdded to Practice Squad
HOUAlex McGoughQBCut
LACDerrick GoreRBAdded to Practice Squad
LACTyree St. LouisTDropped from Practice Squad
LARJohn JohnsonSOn IR - shoulder
MIABrock OsweilerQBRetired
MIAJayson StanleyCBAdded to Practice Squad
NORBrian ParkerTESigned, Unrestricted FA
NORStephone AnthonyLBCut
NORZach ZennerRBSigned
NYJFrankie LuvuLBAdded to Practice Squad
OAKDarren WallerTERe-signed - Three-year extension (through 2023)
SFOMalik HenryWRDropped from Practice Squad
TAMIshmael HymanWRAdded to Practice Squad
TAMAnthony FabianoCAdded to Practice Squad
TAMAca'Cedric WareRBAdded to Practice Squad
WASJosh FergusonRBAdded to Practice Squad

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2019

ATLJohn WetzelTSigned
ATLCarson MeierTEAdded to Practice Squad
ATLMatt WilePCut
BALDeShon ElliottSOn IR - knee
BALBennett JacksonSActivate from Practice Squad
BALDenzel RiceCBAdded to Practice Squad
BALMarcus PetersCBTraded - for LB Kenny Young and 2020 draft pick
BALA.J. HowardSDropped from Practice Squad
CARRay-Ray McCloudWRCut
CARTyron JohnsonWRDropped from Practice Squad
CHIFadol BrownLBAdded to Practice Squad
CHIAlex BarsGActivate from Practice Squad
CHIAkiem HicksDTOn IR - elbow
DALTyrone CrawfordDTOn IR - hip surgery
DETTom KennedyWRAdded to Practice Squad
HOUMarcus HenryCDropped from Practice Squad
HOUDan SkipperTActivate from Practice Squad
KANBraxton HoyettDTDropped from Practice Squad
KANGehrig DieterWRAdded to Practice Squad
LACStephen AndersonTEAdded to Practice Squad
LACDetrez NewsomeRBDropped from Practice Squad
LACCole TonerGAdded to Practice Squad
LARNsimba WebsterWRAdded to Practice Squad
LARKenny YoungLBTraded - for CB Marcus Peters
LARJalen RamseyCBTraded - for 2020 and 2021 first-round picks
LARAustin CorbettGTraded - for 2021 fifth-round draft pick
LARJoseph NoteboomTOn IR - torn ACL, MCL
LARAqib TalibCBOn IR - fractured ribs
MIARyan LewisCBAcquired from Waivers
MINTashawn BowerDEReinstated
MINDavion DavisWRAdded to Practice Squad
MINTashawn BowerDECut
NORP.J. WilliamsCBSuspended - 2 games (NFL Substance Abuse Policy)
NWEBenjamin WatsonTESigned
NWEMichael BennettDESuspended - 1 game (Conduct Detrimental to Team)
NWEEric TomlinsonTESigned
NWETyler GauthierCAdded to Practice Squad
NWEDevin RossWRAdded to Practice Squad
NWEJason Vander LaanTEDropped from Practice Squad
NWECody KesslerQBCut
NWEYounghoe KooKDropped from Practice Squad
NYGConnor BarwinLBRetired
NYGJonathan HillimanRBAdded to Practice Squad
NYJCorbin KaufusiDEAdded to Practice Squad
NYJArthur MauletCBCut
NYJBlake CountessSSigned
OAKQuinton BellDEDropped from Practice Squad
OAKKendall DonnersonDEAdded to Practice Squad
PHIAlex EllisTEOff IR - knee
PHIAlex EllisTECut
PITL.T. WaltonDTSigned
PITStephon TuittDEOn IR - torn pectoral muscle
PITChristian DiLauroTAdded to Practice Squad
PITTony Brooks-JamesRBAdded to Practice Squad
PITBrian AllenCBOff IR - undisclosed
SEAAdrian ColbertCBAdded to Practice Squad
SEAParry NickersonCBDropped from Practice Squad
SEABrian AllenCBAdded to Practice Squad
SEAMalik CarneyLBDropped from Practice Squad
SEAChad WheelerTAdded to Practice Squad
SEATyrone SwoopesTEAdded to Practice Squad
SFODeontay BurnettWRAdded to Practice Squad
TAMDarius JacksonRBDropped from Practice Squad
TAMBobo WilsonWRCut
TAMDemone HarrisLBDropped from Practice Squad
TAMDevante BondLBCut
TENNigel HarrisLBAdded to Practice Squad
TENUkeme EligweLBDropped from Practice Squad
WASDrew BelcherTEDropped from Practice Squad
WASWes SaxtonTEAdded to Practice Squad
WASVictor SalakoTDropped from Practice Squad
WASMichael BurtonRBSigned
WASJerome CunninghamTEOn IR - knee

Monday, Oct 14, 2019

ARIPatrick PetersonCBSuspension Lifted
BUFJordan VeasyWRAdded to Practice Squad
CHIKyle LongGOn IR - hip
CHIDax RaymondTEAdded to Practice Squad
CHIAbdullah AndersonDTActivate from Practice Squad
CINFred JohnsonGAcquired from Waivers
CINKerry WynnDEOn IR - concussion
DETJohn AtkinsDTActivate from Practice Squad
DETTom KennedyWRCut
GNBEvan BaylisTEActivate from Practice Squad
GNBTremon SmithCBCut
INDKemoko TurayDEOn IR - broken ankle
INDCarl DavisDTSigned
MIAJohnson BademosiCBCut
NWEJakob JohnsonRBOn IR - shoulder
NYGBennie FowlerWRSigned
NYGNathan StuparLBCut
NYJFrankie LuvuLBCut
OAKJames ButlerRBAdded to Practice Squad
OAKDamarea CrockettRBDropped from Practice Squad
OAKAnthony Ratliff-WilliamsWRAdded to Practice Squad
PHIZach BrownLBCut
PHIRyan LewisCBCut
PHIDe'Angelo HendersonRBAdded to Practice Squad
SEAJarran ReedDTSuspension Lifted
WASVictor SalakoTAdded to Practice Squad
WASMaurice SmithSAdded to Practice Squad

Saturday, Oct 12, 2019

ATLJohn WetzelTCut
ATLKasey RedfernPActivate from Practice Squad
LACJason MooreWRActivate from Practice Squad
LACStephen AndersonTECut
LARJohn KellyRBActivate from Practice Squad
LARNsimba WebsterWRCut
MIANik NeedhamCBActivate from Practice Squad
MIADoug MiddletonSCut
MINCameron SmithLBActivate from Practice Squad
MINDavion DavisWRCut
NYGJavorius AllenRBSigned
NYGJonathan HillimanRBCut
NYJSteve McLendonDTRe-signed - One-year extension (through 2020)
NYJLuke FalkQBCut
SEAAdrian ColbertCBCut
SEAEthan PocicCOn IR - back
SEAJordan RoosGActivate from Practice Squad
SEAJacob HollisterTEActivate from Practice Squad
WASJordan ReedTEOn IR - concussion
WASJeremy ReavesSActivate from Practice Squad

Friday, Oct 11, 2019

ARIChris JonesCBAdded to Practice Squad
ARIAndre ChachereCBDropped from Practice Squad
ATLSam Irwin-HillPDropped from Practice Squad
CLEDerrick WilliesWRDropped from Practice Squad
CLEEric DungeyQBAdded to Practice Squad
DALKasey RedfernPAdded to Practice Squad
DENAndy JanovichRBRe-signed - Three-year extension (through 2022)
NYGAlex TanneyQBSigned
NYGAustin WalterRBCut
PHIBoston ScottRBActivate from Practice Squad
PHICorey ClementRBOn IR - shoulder
PITPaxton LynchQBActivate from Practice Squad
PITFred JohnsonGCut
PITJayrone ElliottLBCut
PITTrey EdmundsRBActivate from Practice Squad
TAMNate TrewynCActivate from Practice Squad
TAMZack BaileyGOn IR - undisclosed
WASMalcolm BuncheGDropped from Practice Squad

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019

CHITyler BrayQBAdded to Practice Squad
KANRyan HunterGAdded to Practice Squad
KANMarcus MarshallRBDropped from Practice Squad
NYGAlex TanneyQBCut
NYGAustin WalterRBActivate from Practice Squad
OAKLester Cotton Sr.GAdded to Practice Squad
OAKJ.J. NelsonWRCut
OAKMarcell AtemanWRSigned
WASJehu ChessonWRDropped from Practice Squad
WASJester WeahWRAdded to Practice Squad