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GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Preseason | NFL: Week 1


College: Miami (FL) | 3 years
Height: 5'10" | Weight: 183 lbs
Birth Date: 7/28/1995
2020 Bye Week: 12

Total Pts: 64
Avg Pts: 4.00
Rank: 31 K

Free Agent

Fantasy Week
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 916Michael Badgley 2 made PATs (2 pts)
Michael Badgley 4 made FGs (12 pts)
Michael Badgley 40 yd FG (1 pts)
Michael Badgley 43 yd FG (1 pts)
Week 106Michael Badgley 3 made PATs (3 pts)
Michael Badgley 1 made FG (3 pts)
Week 1110Michael Badgley 3 made FGs (9 pts)
Michael Badgley 49 yd FG (1 pts)
Week 12
Week 139Michael Badgley 2 made PATs (2 pts)
Michael Badgley 2 made FGs (6 pts)
Michael Badgley 46 yd FG (1 pts)
Playoff Week 110Michael Badgley 6 made PATs (6 pts)
Michael Badgley 1 made FG (3 pts)
Michael Badgley 40 yd FG (1 pts)
Playoff Week 25Michael Badgley 1 made PAT (1 pts)
Michael Badgley 1 made FG (3 pts)
Michael Badgley 41 yd FG (1 pts)
Playoff Week 35Michael Badgley 2 made PATs (2 pts)
Michael Badgley 1 made FG (3 pts)
Playoff Week 43Michael Badgley 3 made PATs (3 pts)
No Playoff Match Up
Player Notes
Dec 30 3:30am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley may have had some early hiccoughs on field goals as he came back from a lingering groin injury, but extra points were never a problem. Badgley knocked three more through the uprights on Sunday against the Chiefs, bringing his season stats to a perfect 19-for-19 on the freebies. Badgley's perfection is a rare feat indeed, and between that and the four straight field goals to finish the year, he's expected to be retained next season. With the Chargers having a long history of difficulties in the kicking game, Badgley brings some welcome consistency.

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Dec 28 2:50pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley will try to make it four straight games of perfection on Sunday when he faces the Chiefs in the team's final game of the season. Badgley has made 13 straight kicks heading into the last game of the year, and he remains perfect for the entire season from within the 40-yard line. Badgley spent the first half of the season sidelined with a nasty groin injury, but he's proven to still be a pretty successful kicker for the Chargers the rest of the way. A big game against the Chiefs to close out the season would be a wonderful way to finish and keep good memories in management's head for the offseason.

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Dec 23 3:10am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley couldn't be asked to do more than be perfect, and he did just that on Sunday. Unfortunately, he just didn't have very much to do. The Chargers struggled offensively once again, and Badgley was left with a lot of time to kill on the sideline. He knocked through the one short field goal opportunity he had, and he made a pair of extra points. LA fell to Oakland once again, and Badgley is done kicking in southern California for the year. He'll get one more opportunity in Kansas City, but between a struggling offense and the weather in KC this time of year, he's unlikely to be putting up a big day next week.

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Dec 20 7:50pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley was able to bring his streak home, and now he'll try to continue it against the Raiders on Sunday. Badgley has gone three straight weeks without missing a single kick from less than 50 yards, and he can hopefully keep headed in that positive direction. Between field goals and extra points, that's 13 straight kicks from less than 50 yards, and the move has been ticking his season average back up near the mark he set last season. Badgley is still just at 80% on the year, but he could end up in the mid-80s, giving LA plenty of hope for the future. The Chargers have famously been a spot where special teams have been atrocious, so Badgley has been a breath of fresh air either way.

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Dec 15 1:00am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley is back in sunny southern California for Sunday's game against the Vikings, and he's been on a bit of a hot streak. Badgley isn't known for his power, but his accuracy has returned after a shaky start. Badgley is 10-for-12 from less than 50 yards over the last five weeks, pushing his season stats up closer to his career numbers now that he's healthy. Badgley's groin injury put him behind when he returned to the team, but the further he gets away from the issue, the better he's getting. He should be considered a highly accurate kicker from here on out.

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Dec 9 3:20am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley knocked through the only field goal try he had all day, but it turned out that it wasn't much needed. The Chargers walloped the Jaguars for 45 points, topping their last two performances combined, and Badgley found himself drilling extra points all day instead of field goals. Badgley knocked six extra points through without incident, and his 40-yarder was no sweat either. Badgley has now made seven of his last eight kicks from within 50 yards, and he hasn't missed an extra point all season. He's not going for any records, but he's still been one of the best kickers in Chargers recent history.

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Dec 7 4:00pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley was booming balls a mile up in the sky last week, but he'll be back down near sea level this go around. Badgley missed a 55-yarder in Denver last week, and he'll be just 16 feet above sea level in Week 14 when he is kicking in Jacksonville. Badgley is a far cry from where he was last season, making just 76% of his kicks this year as compared to the 93.8% he knocked through in 2018. Also, while he was perfect in kicks less than 50 yards in length last year, he's missed two such kicks this season. Badgley isn't a terrible kicker, especially compared to some in LA's history, but he certainly hasn't lived up to his billing.

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Dec 2 2:10am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley got the chance to take advantage of the thin air of the Rockies on Sunday, but he pulled his critical kick a bit to the left. Badgley was given the opportunity to try to knock through a 55-yarder late in the game, but he ended up drilling the left upright instead. LA would go on to lose by three points when Denver's kicker drilled a last-second field goal. Badgley doesn't really deserve much of the blame for the loss as the Chargers continue to find a million different ways to lose close games, but he'll still get some grief about it. He did end up making two other field goals, including the game-tying one with less than a minute left, and a pair of extra points.

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Nov 29 9:10pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley will be booting the ball a mile high this week when he faces the Broncos in Denver on Sunday. Unfortunately, the increased elevation hasn't done wonders for Badgley's kicking prowess in the past. When the team recently played in Mexico City, which is even higher than Denver, Badgley made a 49-yarder but missed another long try. Last year in Denver, Badgley didn't get to attempt any field goals. It's still a wonderful situation for a kicker to be in, but don't expect him to be bumping up against any NFL records this week.

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Nov 19 2:50am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley took advantage of the thin air in Mexico City and drilled a 49-yarder, the second longest good kick of his career. While Badgley did barely miss a 40-yard shot in the first quarter, he was able to make kicks from 27, 26, and 49 yards on the night. Badgley's leg kept LA in the game since their offense sputtered terribly once they were staring down the goal line, but unfortunately, the Chargers fell to the Chiefs anyway. Badgley has made 80% of his field goal tries and all of his extra points since he returned from a severe groin injury. He's not a superstar or Mr. Dependable, but he's getting the job done well enough for an LA franchise that struggled with kicking woes for years.

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Nov 16 1:40pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley was perfect in Oakland last Thursday, and he'll look to keep it up in Mexico on Monday. On top of that, he'll get the opportunity to kick in the thinnest air possible in an NFL game as he'll be kicking at approximately 7,000 feet above sea level. It's the type of setting that allows kicking records to be set, and though Badgley isn't known for having the strongest leg in the league, even he should be more comfortable hitting from a few yards further out than normal. With a high-scoring affair expected, Badgley should get plenty of opportunities to test his mettle against the all-time greats this week.

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Nov 8 1:50am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley did everything that was asked of him on Thursday night. The team just couldn't get him into range for one final kick. Badgley nailed his one field goal attempt and three extra points, but it all came down to the final minute when LA could have won the game with a field goal. Instead, Philip Rivers was unable to complete a single pass in eight attempts, and the drive ended with a failed Hail Mary from the Chargers' 30-yard line. Badgley should remain a solid kicker moving forward, but offensive struggles from LA's uber-talented squad would severely limit his value.

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Nov 7 3:50pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley finally recovered from his groin issue last week and knocked down four of the five field goal chances he got in his very first game back. He should see plenty more work this week as LA picks up the Thursday night game in Oakland. With the Chargers offense firing on all cylinders as of late and an Oakland defense that is allowing a whopping 390 yards per game on average, the team will likely be spending plenty of time in Raiders territory. That should give Badgley a host of opportunities, and he proved last year that he'll be able to knock those down without much concern.

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Nov 4 2:50am ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley finally made his 2019 debut on Sunday after being sidelined all season with a groin injury. Badgley picked up right where he left off by drilling four of the five field goals he attempted. He also made both the extra points he was presented with, and he looked like he was ready to help guide LA to more steady kicking moving forward. For a team that loses so many one-score games, the kicking aspect is hugely important to the Chargers, and Badgley has shown that he can be that consistent force that the team can depend on. Expect him to be a top-notch option moving forward.

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Oct 25 5:00pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn said that kicker Michael Badgley (groin), who is questionable for Week 8 against the Bears, won't play on Sunday. Chase McLaughlin will get his fourth start at kicker but should be avoided in fantasy for a struggling offense in a tough matchup on the road in the Windy City. Badgley has yet to play this year and is running out of time to make a case to stick on the Chargers injury-depleted roster.

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Oct 25 2:40pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen (hamstring) and kicker Michael Badgley (groin) are both listed as questionable for Week 8 against the Bears. Allen suffered a mid-week injury and missed practice both Thursday and Friday, so he's in serious danger of missing Sunday's game or being limited. Allen will be a bust candidate against Chicago's strong defense if he's active. If he can't play, the Bolts will lean on running back Austin Ekeler, tight end Hunter Henry and wide receiver Mike Williams. Badgley has yet to play this year, but he has practiced in full this week and has a shot to make his season debut. You'll want to continue avoiding LA's kicking game in fantasy, though.

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Oct 20 3:00pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley (groin) has been ruled out for Week 7 against the Titans. Badgley has returned to practice but isn't yet ready to make his season debut. The Chargers will continue to roll with rookie Chase McLaughlin as their kicker, but he's been predictably inconsistent and should be avoided for fantasy purposes. There's a chance that Badgley will be able to make his season debut in Week 8 if he doesn't suffer any setbacks.

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Oct 18 8:40pm ET

Los Angeles Chargers kicker Michael Badgley (groin) practiced in full the last two days and is listed as questionable for Week 7 against the Titans. Badgley has been out all season but looks to have a good chance to make his season debut on the road in Tennessee. As usual, the Bolts have had a nightmare on special teams in the kicking game this year and were using their punter, Ty Long, for field-goal duties earlier this year with Badgley sidelined. They've been using rookie Chase McLaughlin in recent weeks, but he's predictably been unreliable in the kicking game. The Chargers will give Badgley a shot to win his job back, but he should be avoided in fantasy for the time being if he's active.

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  • 01-Nov-2018: LAC - Added to Practice Squad
  • 30-Oct-2018: LAC - Cut
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