Guest of the League
A Bunch of Losers Playing Fantasy Football Est. 2001
FFL: Preseason | NFL: Week 1

Power Rankings

TeamW/LPointsPower IndexW/LPointsSchedRoster
Quarterback for a Buck0-000.00014141515
Juju Know What I'm Saying?0-000.00013131515
Team Trash - Fournette me not0-000.00012121515
Buck's BoneCrushers0-000.00011111515
Anthem of the Peaceful Army0-000.00010101515
Father Knows Crap0-000.000991515
Violent Vegans0-000.000881515
Kessler's Kowboys0-000.000771515
Welcome To My Neighborhood0-000.000661515
Bill's Barracudas0-000.000551515
Butler's Beancounters0-000.000441515
Scooby Doo Scobee Don't0-000.000331515
Make the Cowboys Great Again!0-000.000221515
Joey Bev0-000.000111515