Guest of the League
GSOFFL Est. 2010
FFL: Week 7 | NFL: Week 7

Power Rankings

TeamW/LPointsPower IndexW/LPointsSchedRoster
Stooges Leichts Out3-35551.0005122
Brighto's Ultimate Failure3-34820.8796255
Pardon My Backfire5-14620.8511618
Victim of Circumstance3-2-14780.83943107
Boss Blunder Boy3-34710.8127456
Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk4-1-14560.7922749
Ray's Dizzy Doctors2-44210.741111151
Curly Finger Poke4-24540.74038510
Whoop, Whoop, Soitenly!2-44350.7381010113
Press, Press, Pull2-44460.7189954
Dewey, Cheatam, and Howe3-34700.64285211
Why I Oughta1-53950.40712121112