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FFL: Week 14 | NFL: Week 14

Lineup Changes

33 - Chris Holmquist

BenchedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLEOwnerSun Dec 8 10:55am ET
BenchedWRStefon Diggs, MINOwnerSun Dec 8 10:55am ET
StartedRBAustin Ekeler, LACOwnerSun Dec 8 10:55am ET
StartedWRMarvin Jones, DETOwnerSun Dec 8 10:55am ET

Arick AA 8 X - Jared Arick

BenchedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerSun Dec 8 11:26am ET
StartedWRA.J. Brown, TENOwnerSun Dec 8 11:26am ET

Breach of Auction Integrity 5.22.19 - Jason Calhoun

BenchedRBKalen Ballage, MIAOwnerThu Dec 5 8:22am ET
BenchedWRChris Conley, JACOwnerThu Dec 5 8:22am ET
StartedRBDevonta Freeman, ATLOwnerThu Dec 5 8:22am ET
StartedWRZach Pascal, INDOwnerThu Dec 5 8:22am ET
BenchedQBNick Foles, JACOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET
BenchedRBJonathan Williams, INDOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET
BenchedWRJamison Crowder, NYJOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET
StartedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET
StartedRBKalen Ballage, MIAOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET
StartedWRChris Conley, JACOwnerTue Dec 3 10:39am ET

cRunhappy - MM

BenchedWRJosh Gordon, SEAOwnerWed Dec 4 9:30pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerWed Dec 4 9:30pm ET

Donation nation3 - Paul Sheffield

BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerSat Dec 7 1:37am ET
StartedRBBenny Snell Jr., PITOwnerSat Dec 7 1:37am ET
BenchedDEFPhiladelphia Eagles, PHIOwnerTue Dec 3 7:01pm ET
StartedDEFMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerTue Dec 3 7:01pm ET
BenchedKBrett Maher, DALOwnerTue Dec 3 7:00pm ET
StartedKGreg Zuerlein, LAROwnerTue Dec 3 7:00pm ET

Gracchi - sherwin freeman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Hkm 2 - Jared Morgan

StartedRBTy Montgomery, NYJOwnerSun Dec 8 12:06pm ET
BenchedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerSun Dec 8 12:03pm ET
StartedRBJalen Richard, OAKOwnerSun Dec 8 12:03pm ET
BenchedRBLe'Veon Bell, NYJCommissionerSun Dec 8 4:36am ET

JW_draft 2 - Brad Worth

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Murtig05 - scott cobe

BenchedQBKyler Murray, ARIOwnerSun Dec 8 9:53am ET
StartedQBRyan Fitzpatrick, MIAOwnerSun Dec 8 9:53am ET
BenchedWRCalvin Ridley, ATLOwnerThu Dec 5 8:58am ET
StartedQBKyler Murray, ARIOwnerThu Dec 5 8:58am ET
StartedWRAllen Robinson, CHIOwnerThu Dec 5 8:58am ET

Truth-16 (PO) - Timothy Hutchins

StartedKMason Crosby, GNBOwnerThu Dec 5 12:55am ET

White Division Champion - AA 05 - John Martelin

BenchedRBJamaal Williams, GNBOwnerThu Dec 5 12:34am ET
BenchedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerThu Dec 5 12:34am ET
StartedRBJames White, NWEOwnerThu Dec 5 12:34am ET
StartedWRRobert Woods, LAROwnerThu Dec 5 12:34am ET

xxxSUPER8 - Kelly Ray

BenchedDEFBuffalo Bills, BUFOwnerWed Dec 4 4:55am ET
StartedDEFLos Angeles Rams, LAROwnerWed Dec 4 4:55am ET