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Lineup Changes

AA41 - Justin Cox

StartedQBDrew Brees, NOROwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedRBChristian McCaffrey, CAROwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedWRAntonio Brown, OAKOwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedWRAdam Thielen, MINOwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedWRRobert Woods, LAROwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET
StartedTEEvan Engram, NYGOwnerTue May 28 10:56pm ET

Adams-Gurley-green-k. Johnson s4 - Dustin Lehman

BenchedWRA.J. Green, CINOwnerSat Aug 17 7:54pm ET
StartedTEAustin Hooper, ATLOwnerSat Aug 17 7:54pm ET
StartedQBRussell Wilson, SEAOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedRBTodd Gurley, LAROwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedRBKerryon Johnson, DETOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedWRA.J. Green, CINOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedTEEric Ebron, INDOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedKHarrison Butker, KANOwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET
StartedDEFLos Angeles Rams, LAROwnerWed May 29 7:46pm ET


BenchedRBMelvin Gordon, LACOwnerMon Jul 29 11:25pm ET
StartedWRTyreek Hill, KANOwnerMon Jul 29 11:25pm ET
StartedQBPhilip Rivers, LACOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedRBMelvin Gordon, LACOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedRBDerrick Henry, TENOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedRBMarlon Mack, INDOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLEOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedWRAllen Robinson, CHIOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedTEO.J. Howard, TAMOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedKKa'imi Fairbairn, HOUOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET
StartedDEFChicago Bears, CHIOwnerTue Jul 2 6:09pm ET

BreakinA AA2 - Anne Paddock

StartedQBPatrick Mahomes, KANOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedRBMatt Breida, SFOOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedRBDalvin Cook, MINOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedRBAaron Jones, GNBOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedWRGolden Tate, NYGOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedTETravis Kelce, KANOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedKDan Bailey, MINOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET
StartedDEFLos Angeles Chargers, LACOwnerWed May 29 8:20am ET

Brownie Boomers 2 - Timothy Dyke

StartedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedRBSony Michel, NWEOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedWRCorey Davis, TENOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedWRStefon Diggs, MINOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedWRDeAndre Hopkins, HOUOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedTEGreg Olsen, CAROwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedKJustin Tucker, BALOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET
StartedDEFDenver Broncos, DENOwnerTue Jun 4 3:06pm ET

DAS 4 - Dickson Martin

StartedQBSam Darnold, NYJOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedRBNick Chubb, CLEOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedRBEzekiel Elliott, DALOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedRBDerrius Guice, WASOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedWRChris Godwin, TAMOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedWRKenny Golladay, DETOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedTEZach Ertz, PHIOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedKAldrick Rosas, NYGOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET
StartedDEFNew York Jets, NYJOwnerTue May 28 10:58pm ET

Heat V4 - Kyle James

BenchedQBTom Brady, NWEOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedRBTarik Cohen, CHIOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedWRJulio Jones, ATLOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedWRD.J. Moore, CAROwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedTET.J. Hockenson, DETOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
BenchedKStephen Gostkowski, NWEOwnerThu Jul 18 4:30pm ET
StartedQBTom Brady, NWEOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedRBTarik Cohen, CHIOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedWRJulio Jones, ATLOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedWRD.J. Moore, CAROwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedTET.J. Hockenson, DETOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET
StartedKStephen Gostkowski, NWEOwnerWed May 29 10:14am ET

Jersey Shore Score 3 - Michael Clarke

BenchedWRSterling Shepard, NYGOwnerThu Aug 8 8:08am ET
StartedRBKenyan Drake, MIAOwnerThu Aug 8 8:08am ET
StartedQBDeshaun Watson, HOUOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedRBMark Ingram, BALOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedRBDavid Johnson, ARIOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedWRKeenan Allen, LACOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedWRSterling Shepard, NYGOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedWRJuJu Smith-Schuster, PITOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedTEHunter Henry, LACOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedKGreg Zuerlein, LAROwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET
StartedDEFHouston Texans, HOUOwnerTue May 28 11:15pm ET

Kraken x28 -

BenchedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerTue Aug 6 9:49pm ET
StartedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerTue Aug 6 9:49pm ET
BenchedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerSun Jul 21 9:08pm ET
StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerSun Jul 21 9:08pm ET
BenchedQBJameis Winston, TAMOwnerSat Jul 20 10:51am ET
StartedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerSat Jul 20 10:51am ET
BenchedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerTue Jul 9 7:52pm ET
BenchedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerTue Jul 9 7:52pm ET
StartedQBJameis Winston, TAMOwnerTue Jul 9 7:52pm ET
StartedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerTue Jul 9 7:52pm ET
BenchedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerFri May 31 2:09pm ET
StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerFri May 31 2:09pm ET
StartedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedRBChris Carson, SEAOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedRBAlvin Kamara, NOROwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedWRMike Evans, TAMOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedWRCooper Kupp, LAROwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedTEGeorge Kittle, SFOOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET
StartedDEFJacksonville Jaguars, JACOwnerTue May 28 10:49pm ET

Little red Corvette - Angelo Whittaker

StartedQBAndrew Luck, INDOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedRBLe'Veon Bell, NYJOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedRBDevonta Freeman, ATLOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedWRBrandin Cooks, LAROwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedWRAmari Cooper, DALOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedTEJared Cook, NOROwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET
StartedDEFMinnesota Vikings, MINOwnerTue May 28 10:54pm ET


StartedQBDak Prescott, DALOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedRBJames White, NWEOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerFri Aug 16 4:04am ET
BenchedQBDak Prescott, DALOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedRBTevin Coleman, SFOOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedRBJames White, NWEOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerMon Aug 12 6:42pm ET
StartedQBDak Prescott, DALOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedRBTevin Coleman, SFOOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedRBJames White, NWEOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerTue Aug 6 5:23am ET
BenchedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedRBTevin Coleman, SFOOwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerFri Jul 26 7:29am ET
StartedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedRBTevin Coleman, SFOOwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerThu Jul 18 6:19am ET
BenchedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedRBJames White, NWEOwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerMon Jun 24 6:41am ET
StartedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedRBJames White, NWEOwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerMon Jun 10 5:19am ET
BenchedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedWRSammy Watkins, KANOwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
BenchedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerSat Jun 1 5:58am ET
StartedQBJared Goff, LAROwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedRBJoe Mixon, CINOwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedWRMichael Thomas, NOROwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedWRSammy Watkins, KANOwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET
StartedTEVance McDonald, PITOwnerWed May 29 2:54am ET

Tobruk - sherwin freeman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.