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Lineup Changes


No starting lineup changes performed this week.

AngryLittleElf5 - PAUL HANEK

BenchedRBDuke Johnson, HOUOwnerThu Sep 19 1:31am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders, PHIOwnerThu Sep 19 1:31am ET
StartedDEFGreen Bay Packers, GNBOwnerThu Sep 19 1:30am ET

Bobos Monkeys1 - robert offerson

BenchedRBJosh Jacobs, OAKOwnerThu Sep 19 12:58pm ET
StartedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerThu Sep 19 12:58pm ET
BenchedTEDavid Njoku, CLEOwnerWed Sep 18 6:26pm ET
StartedTEKyle Rudolph, MINOwnerWed Sep 18 6:26pm ET

CIFloors19 - James Abrahamson

BenchedRBDamien Williams, KANOwnerThu Sep 19 5:33pm ET
StartedRBDavid Montgomery, CHIOwnerThu Sep 19 5:33pm ET

DementedCircusMonkey - RYAN LARUSSA

BenchedQBDrew Brees, NORCommissionerThu Sep 19 5:09am ET

Destroyerofworlds2 - Todd Yost

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Hilarious lizards - Bryan Druktenis

No starting lineup changes performed this week.


BenchedWRCalvin Ridley, ATLOwnerThu Sep 19 6:21am ET
BenchedDEFBuffalo Bills, BUFOwnerThu Sep 19 6:21am ET
StartedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerThu Sep 19 6:21am ET
StartedDEFSan Francisco 49ers, SFOOwnerThu Sep 19 6:21am ET
BenchedQBMatt Ryan, ATLOwnerWed Sep 18 11:17pm ET
StartedQBLamar Jackson, BALOwnerWed Sep 18 11:17pm ET
BenchedWRJohn Brown, BUFOwnerTue Sep 17 7:34am ET
StartedWRCalvin Ridley, ATLOwnerTue Sep 17 7:34am ET

Ribeye Express 7.19 - Robert Lucas

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Ricky Ruff Nuts - Rick Nelson

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Suncoast 59 - Ralph Schiavon

BenchedWRTyrell Williams, OAKOwnerWed Sep 18 7:45pm ET
StartedWREmmanuel Sanders, DENOwnerWed Sep 18 7:45pm ET

The Mayberry Smackdown - KELLY THOMPSON

BenchedRBMark Ingram, BALOwnerThu Sep 19 12:46pm ET
StartedWRLarry Fitzgerald, ARIOwnerThu Sep 19 12:46pm ET
BenchedDEFNew England Patriots, NWEOwnerThu Sep 19 12:46pm ET
StartedDEFDallas Cowboys, DALOwnerThu Sep 19 12:46pm ET