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Lineup Changes

36 WhooDoggy $30 Managed / No Trade AU - Bryan Friedman

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

AA 33 - WC-122 - John Martelin

StartedRBBrian Hill, ATLOwnerThu Nov 14 1:45am ET
BenchedWRMichael Gallup, DALOwnerTue Nov 12 9:55pm ET
StartedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLEOwnerTue Nov 12 9:55pm ET
BenchedQBJameis Winston, TAMOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET
BenchedRBJamaal Williams, GNBOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET
BenchedWROdell Beckham Jr., CLEOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET
StartedQBJosh Allen, BUFOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET
StartedRBTrey Edmunds, PITOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET
StartedWRJulian Edelman, NWEOwnerTue Nov 12 10:19am ET

Arick AA 28 - Jared Arick

No starting lineup changes performed this week.

Benner 2 - Benjamin Barish

BenchedTEGeorge Kittle, SFOOwnerThu Nov 14 3:57pm ET
StartedTEMike Gesicki, MIAOwnerThu Nov 14 3:57pm ET
StartedKMatt Gay, TAMOwnerThu Nov 14 3:57pm ET
StartedDEFOakland Raiders, OAKOwnerThu Nov 14 3:57pm ET
BenchedQBKirk Cousins, MINOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET
BenchedRBDevonta Freeman, ATLOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET
BenchedTEMike Gesicki, MIAOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET
StartedQBTom Brady, NWEOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET
StartedRBJames Conner, PITOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET
StartedTEGeorge Kittle, SFOOwnerWed Nov 13 10:45pm ET

Cranebeaks 21 - Jason Keller

BenchedWRMike Williams, LACOwnerWed Nov 13 5:52pm ET
StartedRBLeonard Fournette, JACOwnerWed Nov 13 5:52pm ET

Drops - Charles Navratil

BenchedTEAustin Hooper, ATLOwnerTue Nov 12 7:59am ET
StartedWRDeAndre Hopkins, HOUOwnerTue Nov 12 7:59am ET


BenchedRBSony Michel, NWEOwnerThu Nov 14 8:02am ET
StartedQBDerek Carr, OAKOwnerThu Nov 14 8:02am ET
StartedRBMiles Sanders, PHIOwnerThu Nov 14 8:02am ET
BenchedQBAaron Rodgers, GNBOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
BenchedRBChris Carson, SEAOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
BenchedWRA.J. Brown, TENOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
BenchedWRTyler Lockett, SEAOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
BenchedWRZach Pascal, INDOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
StartedRBJordan Howard, PHIOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
StartedRBSony Michel, NWEOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
StartedWRD.J. Chark, JACOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET
StartedWRAlshon Jeffery, PHIOwnerWed Nov 13 12:42pm ET

InjectorV - Richard Brown

BenchedRBSaquon Barkley, NYGOwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET
BenchedWRDavante Adams, GNBOwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET
BenchedDEFNew Orleans Saints, NOROwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET
StartedRBAdrian Peterson, WASOwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET
StartedWRDeVante Parker, MIAOwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET
StartedDEFNew England Patriots, NWEOwnerTue Nov 12 10:45am ET

Money Makers 18 - Don Corleone

BenchedRBLeSean McCoy, KANOwnerThu Nov 14 6:54am ET
StartedRBTarik Cohen, CHIOwnerThu Nov 14 6:54am ET
BenchedWRD.K. Metcalf, SEAOwnerTue Nov 12 6:09pm ET
BenchedTEJack Doyle, INDOwnerTue Nov 12 6:09pm ET
StartedRBLeSean McCoy, KANOwnerTue Nov 12 6:09pm ET
StartedTEZach Ertz, PHIOwnerTue Nov 12 6:09pm ET

Mystical Force - Bert Jeffrey

StartedQBKyle Allen, CAROwnerThu Nov 14 12:59am ET
StartedKDaniel Carlson, OAKOwnerThu Nov 14 12:59am ET
StartedDEFDetroit Lions, DETOwnerThu Nov 14 12:59am ET
BenchedWRRobert Woods, LAROwnerWed Nov 13 4:37pm ET
StartedRBTevin Coleman, SFOOwnerWed Nov 13 4:37pm ET
BenchedWREmmanuel Sanders, SFOOwnerTue Nov 12 11:56am ET
StartedWRRobert Woods, LAROwnerTue Nov 12 11:56am ET


BenchedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerThu Nov 14 5:31pm ET
BenchedRBJaylen Samuels, PITOwnerThu Nov 14 5:31pm ET
StartedQBSam Darnold, NYJOwnerThu Nov 14 5:31pm ET
StartedRBRaheem Mostert, SFOOwnerThu Nov 14 5:31pm ET
BenchedQBSam Darnold, NYJOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
BenchedRBRaheem Mostert, SFOOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
BenchedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
StartedQBBaker Mayfield, CLEOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
StartedRBJaylen Samuels, PITOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
StartedWRSammy Watkins, KANOwnerThu Nov 14 8:57am ET
BenchedRBJaylen Samuels, PITOwnerThu Nov 14 12:43am ET
StartedRBRaheem Mostert, SFOOwnerThu Nov 14 12:43am ET
StartedDEFNew York Jets, NYJOwnerThu Nov 14 12:43am ET
BenchedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerTue Nov 12 3:10pm ET
StartedWRWill Fuller, HOUOwnerTue Nov 12 3:10pm ET
BenchedRBDerrick Henry, TENOwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET
BenchedRBAaron Jones, GNBOwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET
BenchedWRGolden Tate, NYGOwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET
StartedRBAustin Ekeler, LACOwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET
StartedWRD.J. Moore, CAROwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET
StartedWRDede Westbrook, JACOwnerTue Nov 12 10:00am ET

Slack Jaws - Cam Johnson

BenchedRBDavid Johnson, ARIOwnerThu Nov 14 7:25am ET
StartedWRRobby Anderson, NYJOwnerThu Nov 14 7:25am ET
StartedDEFDallas Cowboys, DALOwnerThu Nov 14 2:26am ET
BenchedWRRobby Anderson, NYJOwnerWed Nov 13 8:10am ET
BenchedWRDiontae Johnson, PITOwnerWed Nov 13 8:10am ET
StartedRBPhillip Lindsay, DENOwnerWed Nov 13 8:10am ET
StartedWRCourtland Sutton, DENOwnerWed Nov 13 8:10am ET